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  • Posted :   Aug 31st, 2011

    Little leather dresses is that one thing that got a little more sexier than little black dresses and this is one of the biggest trends ever to be followed by our very own Hollywood celebrities. Leather dresses have actually been the discreet designer material this season. They are available in various patterns and styles and have actually flooded the fashion market not because they are famous, but they are just god damn stylish.

    Leather has always played an important part in a women’s wardrobe, leather has always dictated the fashion industry and the leather dress style ahs been followed from ramps to celebrities and then to the high street fashion; well! Now you have the opportunity to be a star too; just get into one of the finest leather dresses and don the high street fashion in style and be the cynosure of all eyes. Leather is also available in many colors making it hot, sexy and subtle. Leather dresses have one ability they can make you look professional in board room and can make you look sexy at the same time in a night club and no other fabric can offer this kind of versatility.

    Leather dresses are a treat for curvy girls they can actually opt for bare shoulder dress which is lengthy and should not go below the thigh region. The bare shoulder dress which has a diagonal cut over the waistline exposing your belly button looks awesome. It’s a perfect outfit to reveal your curves bringing out that naughty girl look in you while revealing your wild side…see to it that the dress does not hang loose or it may make you look ugly and the trendiest fashion may go wrong.

    Here is special news for all you overgrown beautiful ladies; whenever you go for shopping always take time to look at the mannequin and observe them nicely and….and please do not be depressed because that is the way mannequins are designed they are never made for plus size wear. The good news is that leather has this quality that make you look extremely charming, deviously sexy and yes you get that right……super super slim…..

  • Posted :   Aug 29th, 2011

    Leather clothing always come back stronger every season and this is one piece of clothing which you can call it an investment. Leather is never worn from head-to-toe but they are always combined with different piece of clothing like denims, floral prints, pencil skirts, cigarette trousers.

    It has been an accepted fact that leather has no age and this is one fabric which has enjoyed history. Eve in the Paleolithic age you can find painting where you can notice out ancestors wearing animal skin.; though its not designers but its hand made, the reason being is simple leather is a rugged fabric which lasts for a very long time…unless you grow out of your favorite leather clothing. You know the history about Greeks and Roman who conquered the whole world and used leather for military purposes.

    Leather only got famous because of cinema; remember the movie “The Wild One” in 53 where Marlon Brando was seen wearing a leather jacket and then it was an instant fashion rage.

    When you are plan on buying a leather jacket the best option would be to go for a classic style. Opt for a style that can make any dull outfit look vibrant; it should be like a soul of the outfit. Keeping the classic style leather jacket as a back up you can also opt for a customized fit and style which can be tailored as per your size and will fit you perfectly.

    You can always pair a biker leather jacket with skinny jeans; flare pants with a pair of flats or platform shoes this is ideal for casual fit, you can also wear a leather jacket wit pencil skirts and formal trousers top create a formal attire. Leather is nowadays even accepted as a formal wear….. Well! This is an update…just in case you did not know this.

    The other option would be to pair your leather jacket with a long dress or a pair of shorts combined with short boots; do not forget to accessorize your outfit with a trendy clutch bag and a necklace just to soften the rugged look of leather and make it look more feminine.

  • Posted :   Aug 28th, 2011

    Leather has always played an important part in History even during settler times the durability of leather has always played an important role. Leather was earlier associated with cowboys and rail road workers as they used to work in tough conditions so they needed a fabric which would not wear and tear during work, leather being the rugged fabric was definitely the best choice. Air force pilot used leather jackets to protect them for cold winds they used to face at high altitudes. These are some of the examples that give leather an edge over other fabrics, but many colleagues in my office still wish if they could wear something fashionable to office.

    So here we go friends….I decided to write an article for them so that they could find what the current office trend is and to make them aware of the trendy casual wear which is fashionable and stylish. Some of my colleagues feel that these fashion trends are often inappropriate for office wear and not suitable for traditional work attire.

    Well my friends….leather is the right material that can be incorporated in today’s office attire unless you work for a government office where you need to strictly dress up in well dressed sits and look like government slaves. Let us be corporate slaves and follow your heart. Leather has the ability to go with any formal attire, but you should strictly keep it formal do not opt for something that is moto-esque or distressed. Lightweight leather jackets can be worn inside the office over formal instead of blazers or cardigan.

    Pleather or leather jackets form perfect form attire. Leather jackets can be easily matched with the pencil skirts to slim shaped pants which will still make you look like a professional. Most of my business clients have now switched to leather tops some war leather jackets during casual days like casual Fridays.

    I vote for leather jackets for formal wear, but the conditions applied would be that they need to be refined, lightweight and trendy, you can wear leather for corporate business casual attire settings….Le t me know your verdict on this………?

  • Posted :   Aug 25th, 2011

    Most women and an even larger number of men spend plenty of hours wondering if they should wear a pair of leather pants. Rule number one – stop wondering. The age of stereotypes is far behind us. Leather pants no more belong to particular section of people. Leather pants are now sleek, sexy creations meant for both men and women. They are comfortable, gorgeous and most of all stylish. When a person wears leather pants confidence radiates off him and her and everyone knows that there is no better accessory than confidence.

    Selecting the ideal leather pant is easier than you think. Both men and women have plenty of options and variety. The easiest way to pick out a style is to base it on your choice of denims. If you usually wear slim fit denims, then pick out slim fit leather pants. Even baggy denims can be matched. Just look at Kanye West and his collection of leather pants. Black, of course, is the most preferred color when it comes to leather pants and a wonderful way for beginners to start but if you feel a little more adventurous try out one of the colored varieties.

    To get your leather pant look right you basically need to get your combinations correct. Ladies, combine your leather pant with a simple top in a light fabric. The neckline is your choice of course. Wear something loose and frilly or you could wear something fitted like a corset as well. Keep in mind the style of your pants though. A tapered leather pant would emphasize your hips as opposed to a straight fit one.

    Men, simply combine your leather pants with a semi casual shirt or a polo neck tee shirt. If you are wearing leather leggings, then combine it with a casual tee shirt. Avoid long sleeves then. Accessorize your entire look. Long chains or delicate jewelry – everything suits leather pants. It all boils down to the look you wish to achieve. Care well for your leather pants to ensure that they last a long time.

  • Posted :   Aug 24th, 2011

    The leather jackets do not always look chic as the ramp models make it look so. Leather jackets are the most versatile outfits than can be combined with any outfit and it still looks marvelous; but in case if you wish to be the boho chic then you need to strike a balance between your feminity and the masculine biker chic look.

    Pairing a classy leather jacket with the stylish mini skirt or wide legged pants, this combination will definitely turn some heads. Fashionista’s whether they are in the spotlight or no, they prefer to wear leather jackets with their outfits, it gives them a masculine and this is what some have even confessed.

    You can even team your cropped biker leather jacket with a shift dress to give it a more feminine appeal. The skinny pants look great with leather jackets; it is also a kind of uniform that the fashion elites have adorned. Many even swear that they don’t even need a leather jacket; but they en up wearing one, well this is the charm of a leather jacket you can hate it but cannot avoid it.

    To don the most casual look, it’s better to go the men’s way and dress like them.  The men style pants offer a more neutral look and combine it with a neck tie, leather gloves and a smart hat for maximum effect.

    Pair ankle boots with pleated skirts and pants to go the Britt way. You can even pair a leather jacket with metallic accessories and trendy pump shoes. The idea here is to not top play it safe but be upfront and don the look of the year.

    How to invest in a biker leather jacket: –

    •    Prefer to opt for genuine leather as they last longer, but are bit expensive.

    •    Opt for a fitted leather jacket and go with the one which actually accentuates your waist.

    •    Have a clear picture as to what you wish to wear and what you wish to pair it with, always go with universal color of the jacket as they can match any outfit.

  • Posted :   Aug 23rd, 2011

    Leather is evergreen apparel. Both men and women wear leather these days. But leather never disappeared from the fashion market, it was always there. Only-that some people stopped wearing them. But right now its again back like never before.

    Leather skirt is the ultimate apparel that many ladies prefer wearing to parties. It looks sexy, sober, hot and funky too. All that depends on what styles and patterns one goes for.

    Leather skirts have many options available. Here are a few tips to pick the right leather skirt especially or night parties.

    If you are planning to go to casual party then you can wear a short or a mini leather skirt. Red, pink and blue are some of the colors one can opt for. They look really sexy and hot. In mini leather skirts, you will surely be the centre of attraction.

    However if you are planning to go for a formal or a semi-formal party, keep the length of the skirt a bit longer. Pair it up with a nice and sober shirt. And keep the accessories to minimum.

    Before choosing a leather skirt ensure you are well familiar to your body type. If you have heavy or big backside, do not wear a lather skirt that would be tight- fitting. If you have great legs go for minis and if you are not confident about your legs keep the skirt long enough.

    The color and styles can be experimented. But do not go overboard. Leopard prints and any other patters may not necessarily suit everyone. So whatever you pick, should suit you enough.

    Sizes should always be ordered in one size bigger. Because leather skirts are never the usual size. So getting 2 size bigger would be comfortable and the same time fashionable.

    You can team up a leather skirt with anything from tops to shirts and even halters and tubes.

    Leather skirts are a very bold statement to make. So whatever leather skirt you opt for, please do ensure that it suits and you don’t look cheesy in it.

  • Posted :   Aug 22nd, 2011

    It does not matter as to how much you earn, but when it comes to shopping it is always advisable that you be a savvy shopper. Let’s check out how you can make your shopping to be fun and thrilling. Here are a few tips that will get you through, save you not some but a lot of money and will make your shopping fun.

    The store should be the last stop:-

    This is first thing what everyone thinks of when it comes to shopping for new items. check out the options that you can opt for: –

    •    Get it for free if you can: – The best way to avail for free clothes is to check out the local community center, incase if you are in need of something urgently. Check out various websites which do offer things for free provided by people who do not need those products what you might be looking for.
    •    Borrow: – If there is something that you need and you are going to use it only once then borrowing it is the best option you have get it, use it and return it with a smile but see to it that you do not break it in case you plan to borrow in future.

    Always Negotiate: –

    •    Negotiations always save you some money whatever maybe the price of the product and how much ever bigger the store is it happens many times that a small refurbished laptop is sold for less price because the store is willing to put a discount on it anyway so always negotiate.

    Wait till you need it: –

    •    It is better to time your purchase do not buy a product unless and until you actually need it. The very first thing that you need to do is check for sales in your area; this is definitely going to save you some money.

    Find Alternatives: –

    •    Having an alternative is a good option; if something that you wish to buy dos not suit your budget then go for a cheaper alternative, but do not budge on your budget.

    You always have an option: –

    •    Garage sales and moving sales always offer items at cheaper rates. Opt for these sales rather than going for the bigger stores.
    •    Purchase in bulk does not always suit many people but I you buy things in bulk they are definitely going to be cheaper

  • Posted :   Aug 21st, 2011

    A dress is that exclusive creation which sets apart the girls from the boys; the women from the boys! There are a whole range of dresses for you to explore and delve into. On particular fabric that stands out and is becoming increasingly popular is leather. Leather dresses are smart, chic and elegant. They can be worn to numerous occasions from christening ceremonies to parties to casual evenings out. Beware though – leather dresses are eye catchers and is bound to get you plenty of attention. Pick out a gorgeous leather dress for yourself only if you are prepared to deal with that kind of envy.

    Leather dresses come in a whole range of colors and designs and prints. The trick is to pick out one that suits you. If you are blessed with a body like Kim Kardashian, then you could pick out one of those super hot, stretch leather numbers. If a super tight dress is not your cup of tea then there are plenty or options for you. Select a beautiful one piece a line leather dress. It’s smart, it looks elegant and makes you look wonderful. Colors are aplenty. You could select from the traditional black or rugged browns and if you feel a little brighter then choose from fun colors like reds, blues, greens, pinks and so on.

    Leather gowns are quite fascinating too. Full length leather dresses that sweep the floor look elegant and attractive. Sweep you hair up into a bun, add a pair of heels and carry along a beautiful glittering clutch and you’re set to make an impression. Do remember that a leather dress in itself is powerful and attractive. Make sure that you combine it with subtle jewelry. Go light on your make up as well. Leather dresses are smart and you must know how to carry them off. Leather as a material is graceful and lends personality and confidence to the wearer. So when you choose to purchase or wear a leather dress make sure that you carry it off correctly.

  • Posted :   Aug 19th, 2011

    Leather jackets are designed to save the rider from abrasion and cold harsh winds; the fundamental use would be to shield the rider so that he/she enjoys the ride and have a peaceful journey. To protect the rider from various other factors the rest of the products include a helmet, leather boots and leather pants. Leather is used to protect the motorcyclists from injuries in case of accidents or crashes.

    Leather jackets are versatile and can be worn to any function; they look good on all occasions. This is one outfit which offers style with protection. This is one outfit which is must have in every wardrobe. There are is huge variety available in leather jackets. The best option for any rider would be to wear a customized leather jackets as they are designed up to perfection for a particular person.

    The leather jackets have always fascinated the fashion arenas dominating each and every fabric.  Biker leather jackets are the ones which have always created an aura and left the opposite sex weak on their knees. Leather jackets are stylish which can fit any style and any genre. Leather jackets are not only stylish but also breathable and classy. The biker leather jackets are versatile and they are designed to leave an impression.

    The motorcycle leather jackets have two main types the multi colored and the one piece ones. The multi colored leather jackets are often seen on race tracks and the single color leather jackets are preferred for more formal occasions. Leather jacket with metal studs are usually preferred by the biker gangs. The basic leather used for designing leather jackets is the cowhide leather; cowhide is one of the most durable form of leather to be used in leather jackets. Some leather jackets have paddings on the shoulders and elbows.

    If you are looking for a motorcycle leather jacket then see to it that it features fully functional pockets, has weather protection and is durable. The light leather jackets use just a millimeter of leather; Motorcycle leather jackets are available at various web stores, just log on to one and shop for your own style.

  • Posted :   Aug 19th, 2011

    Its time to get rid of the classic little black dress and emphasize your feminity wearing leather clothing. The hot favorite being the leather dress. There was a time only when biker chicks were spotted wearing leather apparels. Today our famous celebrities are spotted wearing leather. The have revamped the girls fashion statement made it look more sexy and rugged. From the likes of lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez they have all been spotted wearing leather on the red carpet.

    Many celebrities have accepted the fact that leather makes them look more rugged and sexy enhancing their sex appeal. The attractiveness offered y leather dress cannot be offered by any other style. It’s sometimes even called as an attraction magnet. Leather dresses are also known to bump up the confidence of women whether she is a celebrity or any drab girl.

    Jennifer Anniston was recently spotted wearing a leather dress which made her look not only appealing but also exotic. The leather dresses are not only sexy but also fascinating and sexy but also sophisticated. Leather has always dominated the fashion world I style and it continues to do so. Women not only look confident in leather but they also look glamorous, stylish and highly desirable.

    These days leather dresses are affordable is available in many hot patterns and colors. Today the markets are flooded with designer and custom made leather jackets and dresses which are liked and loved by everyone. Leather is supple and soft and gives a smooth buttery touch when brushed with the body. The latest I leather dresses are the tight one called the figure hugging dresses.

    To create a bold statement wear leather dresses and accentuate it with classic silver jewelry which will be a definite addition to your glamour quotient. Some people do not prefer to wear any jewelry with leather dresses as the jewels do not tend to get noticed, as leather takes away al the compliments.

    If you plan on going to a night club or for an exotic diner party then the leather dress is the best choice to dazzle everyone at the party. Leather dresses and apparels is a must have item in every wardrobe.

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