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  • Posted :   Nov 25th, 2009


    Are you one amongst those who cannot resist shopping even if you do not need it urgently? Does shopping releases you from stress? Do you become furious if you do not get chance to shop? Do you feel weekly shopping is mandatory for you? If all answers are yes then you are a victim of shopping addiction.

    Shopping is very good activity which refreshes your mind and takes mind away from mundane work but shopping addiction is a serious problem. Do not take it lightly as this may harm you seriously in near future. An effort made to come out of it is the only solution. Below are given some tips which can help you to come out of this bad addiction.

    Accept your problem

    Self confessing is a very big thing and very few dare to do it. But at the same time it warns you for future and helps you in not repeating the same mistake again. Thus accept that you have problem of shopping addiction. Next time when you go for shopping will try to curb overspending.

    Stick to monthly budget planned

    Planning budget for an entire month is very good thing and more good is to stick to it. Those having control over them never become slave to shopping addiction. Ya at the same time don’t be a miser also. Have sense of spending.

    Plan purchases in advance

    Whether you are going to do big purchases or small ones plan them in advance. This is for getting fair idea about how much you are going to spend and do not cross that limit. Apart from what you have planned does not purchase even a single thing.

    Set aside certain amount of money

    While going for shopping set aside certain amount of money and in any case does not spend even a penny over that. If you find anything pleasing then also do not purchase. This will help you to come out of habit of overspending.

    Do not take extra money with you

    Not carrying extra money with you is one of the best ways to slash down on overspending. It is like cutting problem from the root. When you will not have extra money you will not spend extra.

    Keep doing something

    Mostly shopping addicts feel for shopping when they are free and have nothing to do for doing. It increases craving more. Thus it is highly advised to shopping addicts to keep them busy in some or the other work at all times. Just sleep if you don’t have anything to do

    Stop going markets

    Best way to avoid anything is to start neglecting it. Like if you do not want to talk anyone just neglect them. In the same way decrease visiting markets as much you can in order to stop habit of overspendin.

    If all the above formulas do not work it means there is some much severe problem. In that case it is better to consult a therapist. < ><–>

  • Posted :   Nov 24th, 2009

    boots-butterboomAccessories are most important in dressing for shining personality. Scarves, sunglasses, bracelet, earrings, necklaces etc. all are destined for it. But accessory that is ruling the runway for 2009 is leather boots. They are on the top in this year accessories list. Rage amongst men and women have raised a lot for them.

    Leather boots imparts pulled together look being fashionable and exude a strong confidence in appearance. They also indicate boldness and firmness, thus making their distinct fashion statement. It does magic even to simple looking dress by oozing out grace through it. Like wear simple leather skirt with chiffon top and pair it with earrings and leather boots. You are all set to blow fire on stage.

    Leather boots are not new to the fashion world. They are adorning appearances since long before but latest haute couture trends in them has what made them highest in demand. This fashionable accessory is just amazing. Especially for winters leather boots are perfect. With being covered fully it is quite difficult to flaunt style, thus wear leather boots to fulfill the desire. Wear jeans teamed with coat and knee high leather boots, gosh you will look awesome being chic. Leather boots are just ideal for winters.

    Leather boots covers not just feet but goes high up to your ankle or even more till thighs. Leather boots having high heels are much more gorgeous. They come in shoe style also called bootie and are absolutely flat.

    Whether opting for high heel boots or flat ones they should lend perfect grip and support and for accomplishing them boot should be of right fitting. Thus look for right fitting ones as it gives space to toes to breathe. Also too much softness and too hardness is not good. Too soft leather boots causes ankle sprains and too hard ones causes limping and affects walking. Go for medium leather boots that are blend of softness and hardness. Other factors to be kept in mind while selecting leather boots are weight, climate and the place you are going to wear them.

    Leather boots are highly seen amongst celebrities and super models, which proves their popularity. Flaunt your style with trendy boots but it should reflect that you have made an intelligent choice.

  • Posted :   Nov 19th, 2009

    leather_clothingEvery body whether men or women wants to look like a movie star. They want to exude the same style like them. Their way of dressing, walking, talking, accessories everything people are greatly attracted to and want same in their own lives. It is a very good practice because this is really true that presentation of movie stars and celebrities is awesome. Looking like them is good for personal growth also and gives meaning to life.

    For looking like stars you need to groom you exactly like them. But remember it is not an easy task. As stars do lots of efforts for looking gorgeous same is expected from you. Foremost step in this direction is start studying in internet, books, fashion catalogs etc. about the current fashion trends among the celebrities in relation to their attire, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, footwear etc. and grasp as much as you can. This is a major step. For more knowledge read the full article below.

    After studying about the latest celebrity fashion trends, next is to start applying them in you from head to toe.

    Check out hairstyles followed by celebrities but before doing the same haircut makes sure it suits you. Otherwise in spite of looking like a celebrity you will end up looking like a cartoon. There are many latest celebrity hairstyles. Do the cut that makes you look like a star?

    Stars take very good care of their face. You also do the same. If you have good face half of your work of looking like a celebrity is done. Get a facial done. Do cleaning up of face on regular basis.

    For women applying make up like actresses is must. Make up is very essential part of actresses get up. Check out from where your favorite stars get the make up done. Buy the similar brand cosmetics etc.

    Most important is to fill wardrobe with latest fashion clothes. It is very easy to know what your favorite star wear and you also follow the same. But at the same time do not wear too tight or too loose clothes just for the sake of looking like a star. Right fitting is the main thing seen in stars dresses. Dress is the main eye catching thing that makes you look like a star.

    If you are a women do accessorize your attire with jewelry, sunglasses and a chic handbag. No actress is found without these things.

    Wear footwear that makes the latest style statement. Stars greatly follow this pattern. However also make sure it is comfortable as well.

    Last, but not the least, attitude is must to look like a movie star. It does not mean follow the same gestures like stars but have confidence and feel you are looking outstanding.

    Remember more than looking a star it is important to feel like a star. This will project your true emotions out which will automatically make you look like a star.

  • Posted :   Nov 17th, 2009

    motorcycle_jacketOutfit studded with silver hardware, big flap pockets and with buckle is favorite of every man. Name of that exclusive outfit is biker jackets. Biker jackets are in the hit list of men in these times. As their name suggests they are worn while riding a bike but nowadays they are worn for fashion purposes also. Material which they prefer the most in biker jackets is leather. Leather biker jackets have special appeal.

    Unlike before, when men used to pick biker jackets just on the base of how sturdy they are, today they are chosen on the basis of many other pointers. This article will take you in deep in those pointers to look for when shopping for men leather biker jackets.

    First most important thing is choose what you like. Many times we don’t purchase things not because we don’t like but the person accompanying us do not like. It is not right. Always pick things appeals you. In case of leather biker jackets also it’s the same. After all, you are going to wear it and what you like is matters most. If you don’t like there is no point of purchasing it.

    Second essential thing is to look for quality. Top quality leather is basic requirement of leather biker jacket because mainly it is worn for practical purpose. Certainly they make fashion statement also but more than that they are worn for protection. Leather of your biker jacket should be tough, durable, and long-lasting. Also leather jacket should be 1.2 mm thick. Do not end up getting a paper thin jacket. As you have to wear it during rides thus hardware’s present should be built to last.

    Right size is absolutely necessary requirement. Even if you get a size or two bigger it is ok because you may need your biker jackets for colder months also, thus you may want extra layers underneath.

    Men leather motorcycle jackets are available in various styles. Single breasted leather biker jacket, double breasted leather biker jacket, zip fly leather biker jacket, snap collar leather biker jacket, designed leather biker jacket etc. are some of the styles. Buy the one that truly portrays your personality and persona attitude.

    Keep in mind the above steps while shopping for men leather motorcycle jackets. You will be proud of your purchase and will also know why leather biker jackets are highly liked by men.

  • Posted :   Nov 12th, 2009

    women_leather_jacketA Leather Jacket is great statement making outfit and every fashionable outfit is always dear to women. For portraying style or for fun or casually or while riding a bike, in all cases leather jackets are perfect to be worn. With style they provide comfort also, which is an added advantage. Leather jacket speak about women’s personality. Thus it can be said that leather jacket for women is a great way of displaying lifestyle, personality and attitude in the world of fashion and also considered as a symbol of status.

    Women are luckier with respect to styles in leather jackets. They have whole wide range of jackets for them. Some of them are Single Breasted Leather Jackets, Double Breasted Leather Jackets, Zip Fly Leather Jackets, Button Front Leather Jackets, Band Collar Leather Jackets, Without Collars Leather Jackets, Shirt Collar Leather Jackets, Long Leather Jackets, Short Leather Jackets, Hip Length Leather Jackets, Beaded Leather Jackets, Nickel Studded Leather Jackets, Snugly Fitted Leather Jackets, Loose Leather Jackets, Fur Leather Jackets, Hooded Leather Jackets and so on. Women leather jackets are chiefly designed keeping beauty of woman in mind.

    With myriad styles women can also have leather jackets in numerous colors. Like men they do not need to stick to Black and Brown only. Red, Green, Pink, Orange, Silver, Blue, Purple, White, Black, Brown, Lemon etc. are whole range of colors in which leather jackets are available for women.

    Popular fabrics are Lambskin Leather, Cowhide Leather, Buffalo Leather, Suede Leather, Faux Leather, Crocodile Leather, Snake Skin Leather etc. Jackets made out of them are classy, elegant and represent grandeur on wearing. Women appearance looks chic, smart and portray elegance by virtue of being fashionable.

    Leather jackets showcase social status apart from providing you protection in different weather conditions. These all stands have compelled women to encompass leather jacket in their closet. Not only have others but they had them felt incomplete without leather jackets. The leather jacket has simply become a statement of attitude and personality in today’s unisex fashion world.

    Women Leather Jackets are available at many stores but best way to purchase them is over the Internet. Online stores encompass various types of jackets. Just pick the one show your attributes.

  • Posted :   Nov 10th, 2009

    leather_bootAccessories world is highly touched by leather items. Leather boots are very essential part of accessories. They have become a great way nowadays to make fashion statement. Even you do not need highly fashion dress with them. They are charming enough to turn your attire into elegant and stylish look.

    They come in various styles so as to meet every individual choice. But like leather clothing leather boots also need a great care. For their looking new all the time taking care of them is must. Here are some tips to help you how to take care of your leather boots.

    Purchase a solution of weather resistance coating and apply it all over leather boots. It helps in minimizing damage that can be encountered on the road.

    Clean leather boots with clean cotton cloth after wearing every time. It removes loose dirt.

    Never use cleaning solutions containing strong chemicals. They discolor boots.

    Use mild cleanser or saddle oil for removing hard dirt. The saddle oil will not only help in removing dirt but also act as a protective coat for your boot.

    Drying of leather boots can appear cracks on it. Prevent them from getting drying by applying conditioner on boots. Conditioner also keeps them soft. When applying leather conditioner, be sure to apply two thin coats instead of one thick coat.

    Water is big enemy of leather and it is very obvious for boots to get wet when in road. Thus it is safe to boots waterproof by applying water protector so that leather boots will not absorb water. Different protectors come for different leathers thus before doing a purchase read the label to see if the spray can used on the material of which your boots are made.

    Leather boots do not need polishing but if you want to make them shine use boot cream polish and a boot shining cloth.

    After cleaning let leather boots dry completely. Use air drying method or use a boot dryer. Never use heat sources like a stove or a fireplace as they harm leather badly. Also keep leather boots away from sunlight.

    Your boots are a worthy investment to be in style. Take care of them properly so that you can flaunt style in them for longer time.

  • Posted :   Nov 5th, 2009

    leather_womens_pantsWinter season is going on and every season brings with it new trend. This winter in the rage is leather pants. Leather pants are a blend of fashion and protection. It means they greatly flaunt women personality while shielding them against cold and chilly wind. Thus women be happy as for you diva look imparting attire is right here for winters.

    In chilly winters also you can look like a star wearing leather pants. Leather pants are very fashionable to look at and impact making outfit. It oozes sensuality beyond comparison and this it does for all figures. Leather pants look good on all figures. Though their silhouette varies from figure to figure but at the end they lend lasting impression for all. Its different silhouettes are straight legged leather pants, bell bottom leather pants and skinny leather pants. So if you have got a slim hot body, then skinny leather pant is perfect for enhancing it. If you are quite heavy at hips and thighs then straight legged leather pants are good option. Leather pants are sexy, intimidating and rebellious. They are hit this winter and especially suede leather and embossed leather.

    Leather pants also come decking in various details. Nickel studs, side interlacing, embroidery etc. are some of the embellishments used over them. They make them look more fashionable and add great to their looks. Women in leather pants look ultimate sex symbols. Alluring, tempting, magical, charming etc. all such adjectives can be used for women. Thus discerning style statement can be made in leather pants.

    For luxe look in leather pant team it with high heels or ankle leather boots and metal accessories. Above wear t-shirt or open jacket for a sexy look. For exuding more femininity wear a floaty dress over leather pant. With them you can carry leather pants with dash.

    Leather pant will really look cool in winters being hot from inside. Give your appearance a chic edge and look out of the box. Go and buy leather pant, the latest trend, and look the best.

  • Posted :   Nov 3rd, 2009

    mens-fashion-accessoriesMen are equally associated with fashion today as women. They are no less in any regard. And this proved by large fashion ensemble of men. It consists of everything ranging from stylish outfits, trendy footwear, designer watches and leather wallets to fashionable belts, trendy sunglasses to fragrant perfumes etc. You will find all this in their closet. Thus fashion is everybody’s cup of tea today. This fashion driven world has pulled everyone towards it.

    The above accessories can be worn at anytime of the day by men. They are all time enhancers. But men have separate accessories for winter time also. Their winter fashion accessories list is also long. It includes woolen scarves, stoles and mufflers. Pashmina and Cashmere shawls, leather fur jackets, leather coats, leather gloves, boots etc. For preserving head against cold there are warm hats and caps. The winter accessories of men are in great vogue and impart stylish look even in winters.

    Watches and wallets have become must have fashion accessory of men. Their look and feel should be in accord with latest fad. Digital watches are selling like real hot cakes. Watches are also hitting markets in exclusive styles. Also watches are different in types like sports watch, dress watch, casual watch and celebrity style luxury watch.

    Leather wallets are another highly momentum gained fashion accessory. Men taking them out look fashionable and smart. They have gained much popularity among men. Leather briefcase are also great in demand and considered extremely stylish. They add on to the look and indicate boldness and style.

    Men also wear jewelry nowadays to add a touch to elegance to personality. They are very eye catching too. Bracelets are in rage amongst men. Full name or initials can also be carved on them. Earrings are another way of accessorizing. Chains are also greatly worn by men which can be further enhanced by hanging pendants in them.

    Accessories are an integral part of a man’s wardrobe and are a blend of style and comfort. They impart rocking appearance to men. Also they are good at winning women’s heart.

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