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  • Posted :   Jan 31st, 2012

    Leather jackets where the outfits that entered the fashion world for the first time to introduce leather fashion in the world of fashion. Trendy leather jackets have always been one among the preferred leather clothing among the wide range of outfits in the market place. One of the peculiar things about leather jackets are they tend to change in style as per shift style and season, which allow every individual to walk with the happening trend in the market.

    Now being breezy winters, winter leather jackets are being brought into the market to allow every individual bask the ambience in a cozy and stylish way. But if you really want your leather jacket to stay with you for a longer period of time there are some tips which need to be strictly followed-
    •    The first and the foremost thing is you have taken the right decision of opting for winter leather jackets, as they are the only outfits that always stay on trend in the market.
    •    When it comes to buying modish leather jackets always opt for a high quality leather jacket made using the legitimate leather material. As, these pieces will bring out the royal appeal in you when teamed up with any haphazard outfit.
    •    If you decide to buy stylish leather jackets online boutiques are the perfect ones to opt for, which may offer you the outfit in varied genre and shades that you may never get in the common outfit stores.
    •    There are n-number of online companies that are into manufacturing leather jackets these online shops include outfit designed using faux leather and genuine leather. Hence, keep it a note to pick up the renowned online store, which manufactures good quality leather jackets at a very nominal price.
    •    Winter leather jackets are styled in assorted size and style so choose for the one, which matches to your personality and taste.
    •    Among the overflowing trendy colors in leather jackets select for the shades that goes with your skin tone to give you a glamorous look.
    •    One of the important things that you need to follow is to go for the one, which is at the happening trend among most of the masses worldwide.
    •    If you want to possess a leather jacket that can be worn for versatile occasions then choose for a sophisticated and classy piece that may help you in adorning it for casual as well as any kind of formal function.
    •     The best thing about leather jacket is its being made in a very universal manner which can not only be used during cold winters and autumn but also can be worn during hot summers with the perfect outfit and accessories.
    •    Now being the festival time there are various well-known online stores that are supplying leather jackets in a discounted rate. So, hurry up and shop for the one that will make your every dream come true.

  • Posted :   Jan 30th, 2012

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    Today if you go to research on which are the outfits that are at the top of the fashion world you will come across large count in leather apparels. Among which leather pants are the one that has bagged the top most place in the marketplace with a diverse variety in outfit that allow every customer to choose the one which matches to their charisma. There are countless outfits including pants in leather that have recently entered leather fashion from which leather pants have gained ample amount of loyalty from the masses.

    During the initial stage leather pants were produced in some of the basic styles that easily were accepted by most of the customers. Hence, to bring in some different genre in leather pants some of the online stores that are at the leading position in the marketplace brought in variations in trendy leather pant as per the changing occasion and season. This made leather pant one among the basic necessity for every customer.

    Do you know which are the happening styles in leather pants? Modish leather pants are produced in assorted styles and shades among which there is a set of outfits that are adored by most of the people. Skinny leather pants, tight leather pants, leather leggings are the styles in leather pant favored by most of the women worldwide. These types of leather pants are made in a very universal manner that allow the wearer to team it up with any kind of outfit and accessory. If you really desire to possess a versatile leather pant, choose for classy leather leggings that has its sales graph at the highest place.

    One of the best things about the above mentioned styles in leather pants is they play miracles with blending themselves as per the shifting ambience and backdrop. The owner of the leather pant has the liberty to mix it up with any kind of casual as well as an office outfit to bring out the sophisticated and stylish appeal in them.

    If you really want to stand with the latest trend in the market choose for a leather legging which may surely bring out the red-hot appeal in you.

  • Posted :   Jan 25th, 2012

    2012 is here! Hope you had a blast on the 31st and will continue to do so throughout this year. Well you should, as it is considered to be an auspicious year as per the Chinese calendar (year of the dragon and all). As far as I am concerned, being in the fashion industry and dealing with leather products for a long time, I wonder whether 2012 will still see leather at the helm of fashion. Well, 2011 was a good year for leather apparels especially jackets.

    Jackets were always in vogue right from the start of the nineteenth century. Combine it with leather and we get a fashion icon, a vogue that is not going to fade soon. Leather products that weren’t affordable are now not only affordable but easily accessible. The advent of all-season or all-weather leather aided the influx of leather into the world of faddism. The merits of leather can be found galore, they are:

    •    Durable
    •    Comfy
    •    Stylish
    •    Versatile

    Leather jackets and coats do not get worn out after years of rough usage and it is one outfit that defines your attitude, in a way you can cay say it defines you.

    Its versatility is commendable; it gives a hunky look to motorcyclists, it warms you up in style during winters and can look hip on both the genders. Leather blazers, leather cycle jackets and leather bombers fill in the missing links of the fashion armor. And the best part is that they all come for men and women both.

    Leather outfits helps you make a statement, so whether you are going on a date, a party, a wedding or going partying in town a leather outfit takes you there in style. Why, you ask? Well it’s because leather goes with everything, be it jeans, suit, trousers or pants; a leather jacket on top helps enhance your style quotient.

    So the question of whether leather will go out of fad, well the answer is maybe NEVER!

  • Posted :   Jan 19th, 2012

    Crystal glints on snow, icy ponds surrounded by green pines, skaters in red hats and mittens, indicates the winter season. This season is all about blocking and overlapping to cease the cold breeze. It’s the season for jackets; it’s the season for wool and leather. So hit the shops and grab on a cool leather jacket that keeps you warm.

    Leather jackets have always been a trend setter on and off the seasons. Heading apart from the cliché of bikers donning it, it’s now become a fashion statement in the glamour world. The array of available brands and styles will leave you awestruck. This season, it’s the most essential part of clothing, so get your hands on some comfy yet stylish pieces.

    While selecting a perfect winter leather Jacket there arise a few essentials to avoid a faux pas. Just donning on something cheeky and stylish which does not compliment your body, may just leave you  a fashion victim.

    The essential consists of the following:
    •   If you have a broad shoulder or large Bust, a double breasted jacket will be a perfect match.
    •   Women looking for a curvy look can opt for belted jackets. A belt clinches at waist creating an hour glass figure. For men short belted leather jackets give a very stylish look.
    •   To look tall, jackets that don’t go beyond your knees will do wonders. These long jackets create the illusion of an elongated leg line. In this case the hemline can end an inch above the knee level.
    •  Top heavy individuals can opt for single breasted jackets while the ones who are bottom heavy can try long leather jackets.
    •   If electric and vibrant color scheme don’t match your personality go ahead with neutrals like grey. You can never go wrong with black.
    •   Avoid polo necks; this will make you look short. Instead accessorize it with a trendy scarf for a glamorous look.

  • Posted :   Jan 9th, 2012

    Quality and genuine leather jackets are expensive and with a little care this beautiful piece of fashion can last for a lifetime. Leather jackets a just like a chunk of change in your wardrobe which do not keep you warm but also get you loads of attention.

    It is important that you understand how to take care of your leather jacket, it does not matter that if you planning to take care of your new leather jacket your old leather coat, with proper care these fashionable items can last a lifetime. Many know that leather should be away from moisture or it will lead to formation of mildew, but if it is kept too dry then it can lead to cracking. Leather breathes and should be kept in a place that is free of moisture; it should be well hidden from direct sunlight and must be away from a heat source. Do not store leather in plastic bags or other non porous packaging material. Select a hangar that is sturdy and does not allow the jacket to bend as it will prevent the jacket from sagging and stretching.

    Dirt: Leather soap should be used to get rid of dirt from your leather jacket, add a bolt of cold water to remove the soap with the help of a clean cloth.

    Grease: Use talcum powder or sprinkle some corn starch with little water and wait for few hours, after four hours wipe it with a clean cloth and the grease will be gone.

    Mildew: Use rubbing alcohol 1 cup with 1 cup water, your anti mildew solution is prepared now just rub it with a clean cloth and dry.

    Gum: Apply ice pack, as it will harden the gum, once hard enough remove the gum by chipping it off, add a little heat for residue with the help of a hair dryer and wipe it with a clean cloth.

    Salt: Salt can be removed by adding 3 parts of vinegar to 1 part water, dip a cloth in it and wipe the salt off your jacket.

    Discolorayion: Purchase a spray designed for leather color restoration and follow the directions.

  • Posted :   Jan 6th, 2012

    Motorcycle leather jackets are a must have for ever motorcyclists. There has been huge debate as to what is the difference between a motorcyclists and a bike. The conclusion is yet to be drawn, whereas to me a biker is a lot like a lifestyle and a motorcyclist is more about passion, more miles, interest or hobby. Every rider seems to wear a leather jacket, as leather is all about passion and interest and it suits the motorcyclists. Whenever you think of leather jackets you think of those motorcycle gangs riding together and sticking around with each other outside a bar.

    These leather jacket are not only limited to men but they are also owned by women who look much better in these leather jackets as compared to men. There are various styles that are available in motorcycle leather jackets and are also offered in various colors. The leather bomber jackets, racing leather jackets available in brown, black and much more colors.

    The leather motorcycle jackets are just an extension of the style that you carry, but it’s also an important part of your biking gear. Leathers are rugged and tough and can protect riders from the dangerous road rash and save them from abrasion. It’s time that you add this beautiful piece of clothing to your wardrobe and enjoy the comfort of the rugged fabric in style.

    Types of Motorcycle Leathers
    There are one piece and two piece leather jackets

    One Piece Leathers
    He one piece leather jackets is like leather jumpsuits. The one piece leather suits are available in amazing quality of leather and trendy and eye catchy colors and they hug body in a much better way than two piece leathers, The one piece leather suits offer better.

    Two Piece Leathers
    The two piece leather apparels offer the same type of protection as compared to one piece. The only difference between one piece and two pieces is that the two pieces will have two clothing’s for upper and lower part of the body. The best thing about two piece leathers is that they are versatile, trendy and comfortable.

  • Posted :   Jan 4th, 2012

    No other material unlike leather has more benefits like leather does. Leather is one material that gets better and better with age. It is a luxury that everyone must invest in once in a life time. The durability of leather is well known and it cannot be questioned. Leather has the ability to take the shape of your body as it gets more comfortable with each and every wear. The leather gets softer and much better with age and looks more stylish.

    To learn about the quality of leather, you need to understand the animal hide that it has been created from. The top layer of the animal hide is the best leather and the lower layer is the lower quality leather known as the suede leather.

    The dyeing process that is involved in the making of the leather has an important part to play. There are different dying processes which can actually create better leather that is supple and soft quality leather, whereas other dying processes make the other leather stiff or inflexible. The leather products are around and they have proven their worth time and again. Leather items are not one of type as they are here to stay and will last for a longer period of time. The quality leather products have been tested in time and they never go out of style.

    Man has used leather since ages will always use this epitome of fashion even in today’s modern age of fashionable electronics like mobile phones, tablet pcs, internet etc…There have been innumerous attempts that have been made in the fashion industry to replace leather but none of them ever came forward and leather was never replaced. Leather has the ability to breathe and this is what makes it even more unique, soft and stylish fashion statement.

    There are various colors that leather is available in, thanks to the various dying techniques. There are various colors that a leather enthusiast can actually select from like from the classic black to white, grey, brown, red etc. The color difference is what makes the leather products even more fashionable and stylish and it also creates its own style statement.

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