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  • Posted :   Aug 27th, 2009

    tips-shoppingShopping everybody does but smart shopping is called actual shopping. Whether you are shopping online or offline if you are aware of how to do smart shopping you will never be duped. Here are mentioned some smart shopping tips, which is of much use wherever you shop. They are of great help in saving money as well guide you in strengthening your purchasing power. It also ensures your privacy, safety, and satisfaction. Below are some suggestions on smart shopping.

    * Smart shopper is the one who plans his or her spending month in advance. Avoid impulse buys.

    * Do not attract towards advertised items without proper knowledge about them.

    * If you do not like crowd shop on working days.

    * Look for clearance sales or sales. It will help you in buying items at lesser rate than regular ones.

    * But merely because an item is on sale, it is not necessary you have to purchase it. Purchase only if it is of your use.

    * Due to volume discounts, larger stores are generally cheaper than smaller stores.

    * Shop at the end of the season.

    * Buy when prices are low.

    * Keep changing your shopping places. May be you get something better. Try at shop salvage stores, thrift stores, consignment shops, warehouse clubs, yard sales, and garage sales.

    * If possible it is better to shop alone.

    * Go through every item and its alternative then finalize.

    * Do not feel shy to ask questions regarding product, if any.

    * Keep yourself updated with market knowledge.

    * Look at unit prices.

    * Never pay full price.

    * Shop defensively.

    * Shop for generic brands.

    * Return item that do not meet your expectations.

    Follow these tips and get the best quality for the best price. After all smart shopping is all about it.

  • Posted :   Aug 25th, 2009

    long-leather-glovesAmongst fashion accessories one name that has recently added is long leather gloves. Though their origin is years before but as a fashion accessory they have emerged lately. A long leather glove is a fashion piece of clothing that covers a hand.

    Long gloves come in various materials like silk, satin etc but leather is the most sought after fabric as it gives comfort to hands as well lend fashionable look. They are favorite of fashion divas as you can see them flaunting style in long leather gloves everywhere. Even on ramps models are seen wearing them. Many celebrities are also spotted wearing them. This all tells the tale of popularity of long leather gloves amongst fashionable and stylish mass.

    Women are always in search of something that gives them discerning look than their counterparts. For that they have tried many things like cosmetics, branded outfits, different types of fashion accessories, jewelry, shoes etc to highlight their looks. But with time they also become old as fashion never remains constant. Till far the hats and the scarves were leading in their wardrobes but today fashionable long leather gloves have replaced them. They add oodles of charm and style to the personality of women and make her look overpoweringly attractive. In fact they greatly add to her sex appeal and charisma also. All this have made long leather gloves hit on their fashion list.

    The long leather gloves are in trend nowadays and can make statement in formal and informal occasions both. They look very fashionable and stylish while wearing. There are a variety of long leather gloves such as Molla spring leather gloves, Long Sermoneta black leather belt gloves, long leather zipper gloves, Classic Leather Black Long, Black leather long 8 button big buckle gloves, Ladies Leather long Quilted etc. These are the most famous and classic in looks and designs.

    Like variety in styles long leather gloves come in variety of colors. Though white and black are the colors that are most popular, women can also find the ladies leather gloves in various contemporary and lively colors like red, blue, silver, burgundy, gold, green, grey, violet etc. In fact, two toned or metallic shades are also much in rage. Also long leather gloves are obtainable in all sizes, from small size to large ones.

    Add both fashion and class to the personality with fashionable long leather gloves.

  • Posted :   Aug 20th, 2009

    wristbandsLeather is a fabric which always remains in trend in some or the other form. This is the time of leather jewelry. Leather wristbands are latest in trend. They are making waves all over the world and provide the most stylish look on wearing.

    Leather wristbands are much popular these days with both men and women. They are discrete and fashionable. On both formal and informal occasions leather wristbands go well and give stylish and unique look. They cannot go unnoticed. Stainless steel is added to the leather wristbands for extra fashion appeal. Also studs, nickels, conchos, metals, spikes or stars add style and appeal to looks. Leather wristbands are plain also. Thus you can choose any of your choice.

    Leather wristbands are not only popular amongst general mass but amongst celebrities also. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing leather wrist bands. This all portrays leather wristbands fashion. If you want personalized leather wristband this also is possible. You can engrave your name on it or if you are presenting it to someone then you can engrave their name on it. Personalizing is a great way to make sure that your leather jewelry is unique.

    They are also good from viewpoint of showcasing high lifestyle. You can wear them on daily basis or also on special occasions of life depending on how comfortable you are with them. Therefore leather wristbands are best way to look unique, stylish and for standing out in the crowd.

    Leather wristbands are year’s old but like clothing styles undergo changes similarly an interesting transformation has taken place to make leather wristbands trendy and fashionable. They greatly add to your style.

  • Posted :   Aug 18th, 2009

    dubai-fashion-collageAs money and reputation are dear to men, similarly beauty and elegance are dear to women. She puts her every effort in achieving it. The greatest tool she uses in accomplishing beauty is dress and make up. But apart from dress and make up, accessories are equally important to look beautiful. Accessories are tools that make a woman look even more stunning than she already is. Look for below written accessories to attain that gorgeous look.


    Jewelry is an important primary accessory for women, no matter what she is wearing. If heading for special occasions then gold, diamond or other precious stones jewelry is appropriate to wear. They give brilliance to appearance. While beads and pearls jewelry is good for general daytime and evening occasions.


    Sunglasses are greatly making statements nowadays. They are sleek, stylish and make wearer look sexier. Choose a frame that matches the shape of your eyes and face, and a frame color that will match most of your clothes.

    Crystal hair clips

    Hair accessories greatly enhance the show. Nowadays crystal hair clips and headbands are much in rage and also give look like diamonds. They are very elegant and make appearance beguiling.

    Belts, shoes and handbags

    Belts, shoes and handbags are must have accessories of women. All three should be in coordination with the design and color of the dress. Also the bag and shoes should be flashy if the dress is plain. But if the dress is already beaded, then the bag and shoes should not have much work.

    Scarf and Brooch

    Scarf and brooch is today’s high fashion accessories. They can make lively the look of any drab dress. Choose their color that blend well with the dress color or in contrast accordingly.

    With the list of accessories mentioned above you can never go wrong. These are must have and also define what fashion is all about. Fashion is never complete without accessories.

  • Posted :   Aug 13th, 2009


    Has anyone given thought that a relation between shoes and belt exist? Yes they do have a very close relation. True style greatly depends on their chemistry. But alas they are much overlooked areas of stylish dressing.

    Here we will see how belt and shoes together can impart a stylish look. The first most important thing about them is that they should compliment each other. But it does not mean that they should match so closely that it looks like you have purchased them as a set. For example wear a brown belt with brown shoes and a black belt with black shoes. Here tones of colors are also taken into consideration. Let’s see how.

    Tones mean various shades of single color. If wearing dark brown color shoes then match it with dark brown color belt only. In short, the darker the shoe is the darker the belt should be. A chocolate brown shoe with a light brown belt is a bad match. Find something closer in tone.

    The next point to consider is your dress whether it is dressy or casual. Take other elements when determining this i.e. buckle and width. If you have nice shiny belt with buckle it says dressy. It is good to pair it with casual outfit like jeans. Similarly of you have shiny leather shoes then casual outfit is appropriate match. Next you have to consider width.  Generally dress belts are thinner than casual ones but be careful here as the size or width of the belt loops should also play a part in determining the width of your belt.  You don’t want to put a narrow belt with a pair of pants that have wide belt loops.  Your belt should fit comfortably in the loops.

    The last thing to think of is how to select a belt when wearing shoes in bright colors like red or green. Wearing a same color belt will become too much. If wearing red shoes, belt should be somewhat in brown color having some red tone to it like a caramel color or such. Like this go with other bright colors.

    Thus always remember that complementation between belt and shoes should be perfect to be in style and also to look good. If want to be truly well dressed do give attention to them.

  • Posted :   Aug 6th, 2009

    Earring is an accessory that is clearly visible to onlooker. It creates great impact if worn rightly in right style. Earring selection depends on many things like dress style, occasion, personal choice etc. But most importantly it depends on face shape. Earrings complementation with face is must to enhance entire appearance.

    There are various face shapes, thus first you have to find out your shape and wear earrings that suit it. Below are mentioned various face types and earrings styles for enhancing them.

    Oval shaped face

    Earrings for oval shaped face should have width for balancing the face. Long earrings will make face look more lengthy which is not suitable style. Thus opt for hoops or large oval shaped earrings. They work very well with this shape. These earrings can be studded but in round shapes only. Do not wear long earrings as they pull the face shape downward, hence lengthening it further.

    Round shaped face

    Round shape face need earrings that can create balance. Long earrings are very good as they are visible. With long they should be large also in various angular shapes. Wide danglers also look very good. These styles add length as well soften the curves of a round face. Avoid small earrings as they can get lost with a round face.

    Heart shaped face

    Heart shape face looks good in earrings that make balance at the cheekbones. Go for large earrings that have an angular flare, oval shaped or dangles with a large object at the bottom. Avoid wearing short earrings, hoops and circular shaped earrings.

    Triangular shaped face

    Triangular face shape women look best with small circular earrings or long dangler earrings. Earrings with curves soften the angles of a triangular face as well. Avoid narrow bottom earrings as they focuses pointed chin.

    Main criteria while selecting earrings is that they should create right balance. Follow the above pointers and you will always look updated.

  • Posted :   Aug 4th, 2009

    onlineshoppingToday is an era of online shopping. Its fever is swapping all over. No doubt if in minute’s time whole world will come at your front where you are sitting then certainly any one will get attracted towards it.

    Online shopping is a lot of fun. It is a paradise for shoppers. Whether you want to do window shopping or want to purchase, in both ways online shopping is perfect. Best part is you can now pick and choose as to which part of the world you would like to shop in and that too without stepping out of home. Just you need to have internet at home and all products ranging from jewelry, household appliances, books, dresses, shoes, sunglasses, etc everything will be available at just a click. You could shop for just about anything online. This is what adds to the fun of your shopping experience.

    Attractive part of shopping online is that so much variety is present here with respect to prices, brands and choices that it adds stars to shopping experience. Moreover this shopping does not require that you get out of home and move from one shop to another in search of your desired product. Just you have to browse, place order, make payment and have your desired product delivered to your doorstep. It all has become really simple.

    Thus it is seen shopping online is really a fun; all the same, there are a few precautions that are needed to be taken to make online experience more pleasing. Like:

    * Go through the credentials of the seller before finally placing an order. It is to make sure site is not fake.

    * Be highly careful while providing your credit card details and other financial information online. Make a point all information is used by them and no information is taken extra.

    * Always shop from a reputed online store. It ensures you are getting quality and also save you from frauds.

    Online shopping is more fun than a risk. Take a little care and you can make your online shopping a wonderful experience. Have an exuberating shopping

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