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  • Posted :   Aug 17th, 2011

    Well! When you are planning to wear your best summer dress and looking for summer shoes in your closet, just take a look at the latest fall fashion of the season…Oops! Shocked…damn the fashion has already changed; it’s all leather this fall season.

    So do you need to change your wardrobe, definitely yes! Should be the answer if you are considered fashionable in your group, town, and society or wherever you are looked upon an fashion icon. So this article is here to save your status and give you an update on the latest fashion this fall/winter season.

    Winters are extreme weather seasons; they are cold, dry, chilly and ready to relieve of the summer heat. Winters have bee known to turn the fashion challenges into strengths. The winter trends are extremely charming designed with subtleness and they protect against the harsh cold winds of the winter.

    This year the nature has been retouched with an urban chic fashion designed especially for the high end fashion enthusiasts. Leather and fur are the latest trends this winter season, leather especially is designed to make clothes, accessories, shoes, handbags and much more, they are considered as the epitome of the fashion industry.

    Let’s take a look at the latest leather fashion this coming season.

    Leather Dresses: – Amazing leather dresses are designed for this cold winter months. This winter there has been an addition of high neck leather dresses which are designed up to knee length and can be paired with high knee boots to beat the winter’s chilly winds in style.

    Strapless leather dress is the newest trend in leather dresses designed exclusively for a diva like entrance; it is available in many colors, these dresses can be paired with a fur coat or short bolero jackets to protect you from chilly winter winds.

    Leather Skirts: – One of the leather styles which never go out of fashion. A woman wearing a leather dress rarely goes unnoticed; these can be paired with tight, thin leather leggings to make you stand out from the regular crowd who prefer to wear sweaters.

    Keep reading this blog for more updates on leather fashion……..

  • Posted :   Aug 16th, 2011

    Wrap in the opulent feel of leather this season. The fashion houses have created the most amazing designs, with a cool classy appeal giving a whole new definition to the amazing fabric. Today the leather apparels and accessories are available in the most rugged and fashionable style ever to be offered before; they range from classic hip to rugged motorcycle. Leather is available in many forms and textures designed to sway away your mind, making this fabric even more fascinating and demanding.

    Leather Fashion Tips: –

    One fashion that compliments leather is the Sunglasses. Choose a pair for yourself that suits your face type and also compliments your leather apparel. Today there are sunglasses available which have a touch of leather giving them a glamorous appeal. Sunglasses work great with both men and women go for a dark brown of dark gray lens to turn more heads.

    Wearing jeans with leather vests and denim shirts is the old cowboy style which actually never faded. This style is back in fashion, combine a pair of rugged denim jeans with a denim shirt and pull on a leather vest with classy leather boots to get maximum attention. Leather pants are also doing the rounds of many fashion houses, my choice would be to go with a black or gray color leather pants.

    Accessorize your outfit with leather accessories, like leather bracelets, leather necklaces etc. You can opt for a plain simple pendant and use a leather string to tie around your neck giving that pendant a clean and elegant look. Leather bracelets are in fashion these days; always look for broader ones as they give the wearer a macho look that you desire.

    Leather jackets; there is already enough said about it. They are available in all colors and styles like biker, formal, regular wear etc. The favorite this season is the lambskin designed shiny leather jacket available in dark brown shade. The bombers always look cool. The best thing about leather jackets is that they can be paired with any outfit.

    Always look for a contrast combination; never go with too much of leather to avoid that mama’s boy look.

  • Posted :   Aug 15th, 2011

    Summer is round the corner. It’s time for a change in wardrobe.  Many feel leather can’t be worn during summers; well that’s just a myth. Leather is one outfit that can be worn at any season. Whether summers or winters, to look fashionable is what most people prefer. Leather would just help you with that.

    A few things that you consider buying during summers are:
    Leather skirts are one of the best outfits one can wear during summers. It keeps you away from the heat too and no need to mention about style. A leather skirt looks really sexy if carried elegantly. A leather skirt will look good on a simple tee-shirt or even halter tops. Stilettos’ with skirts are the best ever combination.

    Leather vests are another best tried option for both men and women. A leather vest looks good on dresses too. This something that most would not try, but it is recommended since it’s a unique fashion statement.  For men leather vest can be worn over tee-shirts or even shirts. For pants they can try formal pants or casual denims. While ladies who love looking rugged can consider wearing leather vest over a nice messily cut denims. It looks really rock star-like.

    A new invention in leather is the skinny leather pants or even leggings. Now these skinny leather pants are worn by men and women. It looks really hot. For men, leather skinny pants worn with a white-shirt and a vest over it will look breath-catching. Some could even wear aviators and a scarf around the neck to stop a few heartbeats. For girls leather pants can be worn with long tunic tops of spaghetti straps or even halter tops. A nice long neckpiece will add to the beauty. One can make a diva like entry with this outfit.

    These leather outfits are must have. It’s also fair to say that a wardrobe is incomplete without a leather outfit. So enjoy summers with these few shopping tips. Any leather apparel bought is definitely worth the buy. Just ensure you team it up with something that complements it.

  • Posted :   Aug 11th, 2011

    Slick leather jackets with graphic designs are the new rage in fashion. This is the new fashion statement from the designer runways which is yet to hit the fashion streets. Edgy extras like the metal fittings and cuffs on a leather jacket are the thing of the past. Cool zipper style leather jackets have been donned by celebrities and rock stars for years and now its time to change the look.

    Leather jackets with graphics or no graphics looks amazing; they have always dominated the fashion industry in style. They are the most irresistible piece of clothing as there is a vast collection of leather jackets available it is difficult to find a style a style which will make you look unique and help you stand out from the crowd.

    Custom leather jackets are the solution to create your personalized style statement. The only way    to own a unique leather jacket is personalizing it with your own creative ideas; though they may be a little high on budget but uniqueness is guaranteed.

    The very first thing that comes to your mind when you think of personalizing a leather jacket is patches, these patches could be a dragon patch, patches of your favorite football club, your favorite star, national flag, eagle and many more, the list is endless and the options are unlimited. You can even get your company’s logo imprinted on it if you love your company so much; but if this is not the case then graphic designs is an amazing option.

    Selecting a graphic design for your leather jacket is like selecting a tattoo for your skin; it is offered in various colors but the best option is to opt for a contrasting shades. White and red color graphics look good on black color leather jacket; while white or black on gray and brown color leather jacket is a good option.

    Custom jackets have the ability to make you stand out form the crowd and you always have the option to flaunt you design in public. A short leather jacket with a customized graphic design is the latest fashion…So what are you waiting for…

  • Posted :   Aug 10th, 2011

    Leather jackets are dreamy apparel that everyone wants to wear at least at one point of their life. The healthy ladies are often worried about whether they can wear a leather jacket too. Well, of course you can. Plus size leather jackets are available at every fashion market.

    Ask your folks, they’ll tell you how these plus sized leather jackets have always existed.  As years passed, leather jackets evolved with great and fashionable changes. A plus sized leather jacket can practically be used with any other attire like jeans, skirts etc. Their versatility is to die for.

    Apart from accentuating your over-all look, it helps largely to keep you comfortable and warm during winters. Plus sized leather jackets also come in a nice combination of wool and leather. It looks really classy and chic. Plus sized jackets are no longer plain and boring. They come in many bright colors and designs.

    Plus sized leather jackets are not just waist long. They can also be as long till your thighs. The A-line plus size leather jackets are really pretty since they instantly give a slimming effect hiding all your bulges. Such jackets will give any type of body a beautiful and much desired curve. Leather jackets that are more likely to be worn during adventurous trips are no longer sticking the same. The norm has been broken and plus sized leather jackets can be worn during parties, casual hang-outs, for formal occasions etc.

    For a more formal occasion like a corporate party, a leather jacket looks really sophisticated and classy. Earlier formal leather jackets came in colors like brown black and grey. But theses designers are happily experimenting with colors like red, blue, white and many more. A plus sized leather jacket of theses color look really up-to-the-minute if worn at the right occasion.

    A leather jacket that can be zipped up looks really cool and funky, while the ones with buttons look trendy and biker-type. You don’t have to worry about the design of the leather jacket. Only ensure that the other clothes that you are planning got wear with a leather jacket complement your body. That is the only way you can bring out the best out of a leather jacket.

    So be proud of your weight and body and enhance it further with the right plus sized leather jackets.

  • Posted :   Aug 9th, 2011

    Fashion is powered by renovation and this is what leather fashion industry constantly keeps going through. Change is the most important form of life; and is the only constant form; we all change with age, place and so doe’s fashion. Leather has been the epitome of the fashion industry and its recreation and new designs has always stunned people.

    If in case you are wondering that if leather is the fabric for me or no then lets take a look as to why and how should you wear leather to look sexy and stylish.

    Leather is back in style and it’s no longer associated with bikers and rockers; power packed leather apparels such as leather jackets, leather pants, leather leggings are available in various designs and patterns. Leather dressing is so powerful that’s its difficult to say no to this smooth fabric, though it looks rugged and stiff, but its supple and buttery touch on the skin makes it special; guess these many reasons are enough as to why you should wear leather.

    Leather is comfortable and glossy; it’s a definite fashion statement; you are guaranteed a second look if you wear leather. This is one timeless classic which does not fall out of fashion; red carpet celebrities have always managed to pull off this style but this fabric demands confidence and if you dnt have it then dnt wear coz you are gonna regret the purchase.

    The most important factor you should keep in mind when shopping for every leather apparel is that you should keep your body type in mind. Women with curves should be cautious when wearing leather leggings just because of clingy and body hugging form. Women with heavier thighs and stomach ponches should stay away from tight leather clothing’s.

    In stead of going full leather opt for one leather clothing at a time and always opt for contrast color clothing with your leather apparel.

    Leather has been used as an accessory for a long time; if you want to be associated with this amazing fabric but do not want to go for leather clothing then leather boots, bracelets and leather cuffs are a good option to be associated with this amazingly soft, supple, trendy fabric.

  • Posted :   Aug 9th, 2011

    Leather pants will never be out of style. Leather as a fabric makes for excellent clothing and leather pants are no exception. They look great on both men and women and the variety of styles they come in only serve to add to the wonder that is leather pants. One of the toughest styles to carry off as far as leather pants are concerned are probably Balmain styled leather pants. They require more than just fashion sense to pull off and our celebs are probably the best people to pick out these tips from.

    The one thing in common with all these beauties (aside from the fact that they are beauties) is the fact that they are blessed with impeccable figures and rather toned legs. Here are some celebs that not only successful pulled off but look absolutely glamorous in their Balmain style leather pants:

    •    Kylie Minogue:
    If there is one woman who can successfully prove that age is no bar to fashion, that woman would have to be Kylie Minogue. She absolutely sizzles in her pair of balmain leather pants that she chose to wear at the Principales Awards 2010 in Madrid, Spain. She topped it off with a simple striped tunic and added that bit of spritz with a purple feather jacket.

    •    Victoria Beckham/ Gemma Arterton:
    The reason for comparison – both Beckham and Arterton were spotted wearing similar Balmain style leather pants – just combined differently. The gorgeous Miss Beckham chose to pair hers with a glittering top and a studded belt, leather pumps, and chandelier earrings. Arterton instead went for a more casual look with a white top, Louboutin pumps and a Balmain jacket. Both looked sassy and suited their wearers perfectly.

    •    Kate Moss:
    If you want someone to convince you that wearing a balmain leather pant is a good idea, that someone has to be Kate moss. Her never ending legs are a huge bonus to balmain leather pants and she looks absolutely ravishing in them. Kate Moss was spotted in these balmain leather pants when she was visiting her boyfriend on the set of The Kills’ new music video.

  • Posted :   Aug 7th, 2011

    Leather is a hot commodity nowadays; Leather fashion is in trend from designer runway collections to the hot high street fashion. Leather is the new skin for every fashion enthusiast who wishes to dominate the fashion world in style.

    After a few modifications in design and pattern the new collection of leather apparels are here to sway your mind; this is a fashion wind so strong that will not only take you by storm but will also make your jaws drop. Welcome to the jaw dropping experience

    Gear up for the classy leather apparels of the season and be the cynosure of all eyes. The hottest among all these collection is the leather skirts

    Leather Dresses: – Designed form supple, soft leather these leather dresses have everything which will definitely give you the look of a diva. Leather dresses have been the latest rage in fashion. Since their arrival this season, every woman should get into a leather dress and gain from the maximum attention. This is the new way to the unparalleled luxury

    Leather Pants: – Now is the time to show your curves and create your own fashion statement; this is time girls to get the pulse racing and increase some blood pressure; skinny leather pants are definitely capable of making you go glam.

    Leather Jackets: –
    Slim fit leather jackets are all you need to look gorgeous and the best way to wear it is with classy denims and a graphic tee. Leather boots is glam addition to the oomph factor.

    Leather Trench Coats: –

    Leather Colors: – They are yummy this season; check out the new colors like toffee, chocolate, caramel, mud etc are the latest addition to the whole new leather apparels. These are the top favorites for the upcoming fashion season.

    Leather Coats: – Trench coats are what you need if you wish to join the neatly dressed fashion mafia. They are amazingly chic however they come with a pricey tag; this is one exorbitant piece of clothing which is bound to be in fashion later this year.

    Leather is not only a top player when it comes to creating a fashion statement, but this player is here to stay.

  • Posted :   Aug 6th, 2011

    Leather is one constant thing in fashion. It has always existed and always will.  Summers are here and if you are looking forward to making a unique fashion statement, well than leather outfits are the best thing you can vouch for. Every other person you see on street wears denims and cottons. However, leather is a rare fashion statement to make. Create your own fashion statement. With these trendy and chic leather summer outfits, be ready to brag a few eye balls.

    The many trends in leather that one can go for are:

    Leather Shorts:

    Leather shorts are the best thing to wear during summers. It looks classy and sexy. You can flaunt your well toned legs and team it up with a shirt or a tee-shirt. Men can go for leather pants that will give a biker look and still in style. A brown colored leather pants or shorts complement the season while looking up-to-the-minute.

    Leather shorts have wider options for ladies because they can experiment with styles and colors. Leather short doesn’t have to be ultra short; it can also be knee-length. It can be kept tight or loose, only be wise enough to pick a nice color like red, brown or even white-the best color for summers.

    Show your Legs in Leather Skirts:
    Summer season is just a reason for women to wear their leather skirts. Leather skirts for girls are very feminine and hot. They also rule the fashion world. They look good a woman of all shapes and sizes. A –line skirts simmers down a lady’s heavy hip making it look way slimmer. Some ladies their skirts to be bedazzled, it does look marvelous but only if the girl has carried it off well and sported it with a nice top.

    Look Funky in Leather Vests:
    Leather vests look good on both men and women. A leather vest worn over a nice tee-shirt and denims look casual and funky. Leather vest also looks good leather shorts. They give a cal and sober look, also worn to office, leather vests look professional.

  • Posted :   Aug 5th, 2011

    This is the first thing which should be a part of your fashionable wardrobe. This is one accessory without which your dressing is not complete. There are many leather handbags available; you should always opt for one which suits your personality. Celebrities have always inspired us when it comes to handbags; they have always donned new style and trends which are worth noticing.

    Let’s check out what our celebrities are carrying these days.

    The bag which caught our attention was the Hermes Birkin leather handbag which was adorned by who else our famous fashion icon Victoria Beckham, but since these bags come at a whooping cost, you can definitely ignore them, but they are difficult to avoid.

    The new handbag fashion which is in style is the celebrity style leather handbag; its simple, soft and latest in fashion if you want to avoid buying fake designer handbags then to don celebrity style is a good option you can consider.

    The celebrity style leather handbags are reasonably priced and they are the best way to stay in fashion, you always have an option to with faux leather or original leather. It never hurt to pay less for style and when it is especially celebrity style.

    Leather Handbags for Everyone:-

    If you travel a lot then go with a simple style leather handbag which is not flashy, the reason being is when you travel you want to be hands free and a leather bag is the best option you have to travel in style and be comfortable.

    If you are a student then large leather handbag is a good option, these bags are designed to carry heavy loads and they are available in various colors and trends. You can also opt for elegance over style if your leather bag is for bare essentials, in this category a handheld leather bag is the perfect choice, this is what the corporates are carrying these days.

    If you are not in the corporate world and you have a more relaxed lifestyle, then a relaxed leather handbag is what you should be looking for.

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