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  • Posted :   Feb 17th, 2010

    Watches are much in hype nowadays. In leading accessories list name of watches is also taken. It has become one of the must have accessories, which greatly enhances appearance. But task of buying a watch do require some efforts. To get the true value of money you have spent on purchasing you should choose the right watch for you.

    Market is flooded with various styles watches. Between all this opting the right one can be quite tricky. If you are specific about few things, job of purchasing the right watch can be solved to a greater degree. There are few things that you need to be clear about before going to shop for watch. Here are they:

    Ascertain Purpose of Buying

    Foremost is to be clear about the purpose of purchasing. Whether you want watch as an accessory that suit your personality and style or want it for functional purpose. Before buying determine the purpose of the watch.

    Determine Budget

    Setting on a budget is very important because watches do come in various price ranges. Prices vary from $2 to $1000 to above. If you are clear about budget your search will narrow down greatly. If you require watch for a long time it is better to opt for expensive ones while if you are inconstant like fashion and likes changes then cheap watches are good for you.

    Look for Color, Style and Design

    As far as color, style and design is concerned, remember watches show great versatility in all three factors. And selection completely depends on personal choice. But still keep your personality in mind while looking for them. It will reflect your individual identity.

    Analog and Digital

    Find out whether you want digital watch that displays numbers or analog watch displaying lines and go in the watches section that shows the particular type you want.

    Look for Life Expectancy of Watch

    Looking for life expectancy of watch is very important. It is very practical also, thus do look for it. Also check whether watch is water resistant or not.

    Look for Branded Watch

    It is good to be brand conscious. Branded watches gives guarantee and warranty both, if needed to be repaired.

    The above tips are must to be kept in mind while looking for a watch. Watches no more just serve functional purpose but also brings out elegance and style in you and accessorize your personality. Therefore it is essential to be zeroing on the right watch.

  • Posted :   Feb 10th, 2010

    Till years back no one has heard of contrast collar shirts. They were altogether an unheard thing. Even if they would have appeared nobody would have accepted them as fashion. It’s so because that was different time. Fashion taste of that time was also very much different than that of today. But nowadays contrast collar shirts are hitting fashion markets. They have made their great place in men’s wardrobe. Contrast collar shirts are great buzz this time.    

    Fashion is inconstant and never remains same. People always want something new and keeps exploring fashion. Thing which was never expected before has become fashion today. This is what fashion in real. Contrast collar shirts are completely a new creation of which no one has thought before. They perfectly match with the definition of ‘fashion’. Also they have got great affection of men. Contrast collar shirts are very fashionable to look at and also look elegant. Just they need to pair with right outfit for profound look.    

    Contrast collar shirts are good at lending younger look to men. Pair them with jeans and find yourself. For office, pair them with dark color jacket and you are all set to rock. If going for a casual night out party or formal party pair contrast collar shirt with fitting trouser is the perfect match. This combination will lend chic and elegant look to men. If going to club or night out party then wear dark color shirt with contrast collar and team it with dark color jeans. These ways if men wear contrast collar shirts will surely grab everybody’s attention.

    If till now you have not tried wearing contrast collar shirts certainly try it. This fashion will surely appeal you. These shirts are hottest in trend this year and are very good at making strong statement. Men, these shirts are very creative creation for you and will raise your appearance to heights.

  • Posted :   Feb 2nd, 2010

    Body flaw is a very common phenomenon to which many women come across. Being petite is one of them. Many petite beauties are seen in spite of having short height. Even there are many celebrities and super models that are petite but still look gorgeous and stunning. The magic lies in the way of dressing. No body flaw is a flaw if you know right trick of dressing. Petites can look tall and beautiful, if they know how to dress up properly. Follow the style tips mentioned below that will add height to you as well enhance your looks.

    Petite Dressing Tips

    * Petites main focus should be to give them an illusion of height. Vertical line dresses and tops and V-neckline dresses are very good pick ups for attaining the same. If prints attract you, go for small printed dresses.

    * Wearing right fitting dress is a great mantra for petites to look slim and tall. Tight and bulky clothes shorten your height.

    * High waist dresses, skirts, jeans and pants are good option for you. Also they should be slim.

    * If you have any plus point like nice shoulders, beautiful hands, nice cleavage or flaunting legs wear clothes that attract attention to them. It will take away attention away from your petite size.

    * Wear accessories that are in proportion to your size. As you are small, hence wear accessories that are short and slim. Avoid broad bracelets, wide earrings, broad necklaces etc.

    * Stilettos or high heel shoes are very good for you as they not only add height to you but also impart style to you. Avoid wearing flats in spite they are in rage.

    * One color dress is highly recommended to petites. They give them an illusion of height by not breaking silhouette in between.

    * Skinny jeans are also very good for petites to wear. They will add height to your legs and make you appear taller.

    * Bright color clothes add height to you. You can also mix and match light and dark color clothes according to your benefit.

    * Be very careful while wearing shorts or Capri’s. Before stepping out in them first try them on you and find out whether it make you look taller or shorter.

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