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  • Posted :   Jan 27th, 2010

    stylish manFashion is not only women’s cup of tea but men also actively participate in it. Just like women men also put their best for looking best and fashionable. Fashion world greatly interest men as they realize that looking good is an asset and works in all areas of life be it professional, personal or social. Men’s grooming also includes many things like women’s grooming. If men follow them in a serious manner can leave an everlasting impression anywhere. For doing the same check out the tips below and follow them.

     Fashionable Looking Tips for Men

     Smart Clothes

     Outfit is the main tool in looking stylish and fashionable. Do wear clean, smart, chic and trendy clothes. Leather outfits are one of the best options to go for.

     Take Care of Your Skin

    Skin care is very essential step in men’s grooming. Use right skin products keeping your skin type in mind. And do apply them on regular basis. Apart from using products drink water in large quantity as it brings great glow to skin and also makes it healthy.

     Right Shoes

     Shoes held great importance in men fashion ensemble. For a smart and stylish look outfit and shoes should perfectly complement each other. Men’s look get a great boost.

     Be Hygienic  

     To maintain hygiene is also an important part of fashion. For that keep your teeth and tongue clean. Take care of your teeth’s. Keep your nails trimmed and clean and avoid biting them.

     Do Away With Body Odor

     Body odor is one of the biggest fashion mistakes men should avoid. It is a big turn off for you and can be a great blow on your fashionable image. To avoid it wash you properly. Also use anti-perspiration and deodorants to regulate odor and sweat.

    Try a New Hairstyle

    It is always good to experiment something new in fashion world because many fashions can suit you. Experimenting with hairstyle is the most common and effective method for doing so. Learn about the new hairstyles and with your creative imagination or with the advice of professional fashion person try it on you. Right hairstyle brings a lot of difference in your personality.

  • Posted :   Jan 18th, 2010

    Just like dresses, accessories are for hairs also and known as ‘Hair Accessories’. Hair accessories flatter hair greatly and give them resplendent look. They add soft and elegant touch to the hairstyle which in turn spices up the entire appearance. Hair accessories have become a style statement nowadays. They are many in numbers and few of them are cited below.


     A tiara is one of the most beautiful hair accessories women can ever have. It is so exquisite that it can make any woman look good wearing it. They impart a unique look to hairs. Tiaras come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They are generally worn with gowns.

     Hair Scarves

     Hair scarves are the most unique hair accessory and are greatly in fashion. These carves come decking with different types of prints, designs and colors, thus you have various options to opt for. Wear the one that complements your outfit for the best look.


     Barrettes or hair pins or hair clips are the most common women’s hair accessory. Many hairstyles are created using barrettes. They are used for gathering all hairs at back or for making French roll and so on. There are many types of hair clips like hair clamps, ponytail holders, comb clips, metal and plastic clip, etc.


     Headbands are one such hair accessory that has never loose its essence in the fashion world. Even they became more popular with time. All age women wear them. Headbands can be worn with long hairstyles as well as short hairstyles both. They hold hair back firmly, thus highlighting the facial features. Headbands are available in so many styles, fabrics, colors and designs which makes them wearable everywhere like casually, formally or at glamorous events all.

    Hair Bands

    Hair bands are one of the most basic hair accessories. They can be taken to any event and are ideal for making ponytails and braid hairstyles. They completely secure hairs by looping twice or thrice. Scrunchies are latest in fad in hair bands and do come in various colors, styles and embellishments.

    Hair Extensions

     ‘In Vogue’ accessory for hairs these days is hair extensions. They are mostly used by women with short hairs. Hairs appear long by donning them and also different colors can be sported in them. This fashionable hair accessory is easy to use and can be easily removed.

     These hair accessories can create any hairstyle you love.

  • Posted :   Jan 12th, 2010

    Leather cowboy boots are greatest in fad nowadays. They are a popular fashion accessory and give appearance smart and chic look. Among fashionable mass they are very popular. When ‘fashion’ word is into scene then how can women left behind. Leather cowboy boots for women are very high in fashion and women are crazy for them.

    Women love wearing leather cowboy boots, because it makes them look elegant, stylish, smart and sexy. Not only general women like them but celebrities also. Celebrities also love sporting leather cowboy boots as they add to their image. For adding an elegant touch to your visual aspect you need to spend on a right pair of cowboy boots.

    Are you also amongst those want to own a good pair of cowboy boots? For that you need to look for them at shoes shops, online stores etc. Women cowboy leather boots come in variety of sizes, colors, styles, shapes and prices. To get the perfect one you need to spend a lot of time. Go through all its styles and colors and then finalize on the one that pleases you the most.

    But if you dot get the style you have in mind at any store do not get fret. Many stores offer custom made services, thus it is very much possible that whatever you have in mind can turn it into a reality, by making use of this service. For the most part online stores offer these services. You can order the boots according to the style or design you have in mind.

    When it comes to deciding on fabric for cowboy boots go for genuine leather only as it is the best leather for boots. Women cowboy leather boots come in various price ranges ranging from few hundreds dollars to few thousand dollars. Therefore first of all make a budget and buy boots that fit into your budget.

    It is for sure that women cowboy boots will never become passé. Their cool, sexy and stylish look will never let it happen and women craze for them will never come down.

  • Posted :   Jan 7th, 2010

    Fashion is considered synonymous to women because women have great attraction for fashion and do various efforts for looking fashionable. Not only personally but professionally also women find fashion world very appealing. For fulfilling a dream to become a great model or celebrity she enters fashion world. The first step towards achieving this dream is to have a great portfolio.

    Presentation matters the most in fashion field therefore to have a professional fashion portfolio is must to start career on the right note. With this you should also have versatility in portfolio that showcases you in different angles. A good fashion portfolio works as a ladder in achieving success in fashion career. To have a great portfolio read the tips below that mentions how you to look your best in portfolio.

    • Choosing a good photographer is the first main step towards having great portfolio. For knowing about his or her photography style go through the photographer’s portfolio. Also discuss with him or her about your full portfolio.

    • Your closet should contain various types of clothing. Fashion portfolio that showcases you in different outfits shows versatility of your figure to look good in different attires.

    • To make your portfolio look good you do not need to have only good expensive clothing. Other way also you can look great. You can jazz up your fashion portfolio by donning accessories also. Accessories are interesting way to add pizzazz to looks.

    • If you do not have any previous experience in modeling career gather knowledge about it. You should know how to face the camera. Also know the right angles and pose in ways that flatter the shot. Do not be conscious. You can also take help of your photographer.

    • Right posture is foundation of good fashion portfolio; hence give much heed to it. Posing right greatly helps in looking stunning in photographs.

    • Feel free, light and be at ease as camera captures everything. Your expression can make or break your portfolio.

    Posing for fashion portfolio is a great fun and entertainment. It is a great exciting task. Follow the above tips and certainly your career in fashion will touch sky limits. Above all do not forget to enjoy!

  • Posted :   Jan 6th, 2010

    Jewelry fashion is just like other fashions which keep changing from time to time. With every upcoming season advent of new jewelry also takes place. New jewelry is a fun and easy way to modernize your wardrobe. Also your looks get a great boost with new jewelry styles. They truly give your appearance a new look and make you look unique.

    Choose jewelry which complements your style and personality well. Remember your jewelry should say something about you. This article mentions some of the latest trends in jewelry.

    Latest Trends in Jewelry

    Pendant Earrings

    Earrings play a great role in women fashion ensemble. They help her a lot in making a fashion statement. Just a pair of earring is enough for making statement. But latest in vogue are the ones having pendants. Gold stones, beads, pearls, diamond and stones can be used as pendants.

    Multi-Chain Necklaces

    Necklaces are considered one of the most essential jewelry of women. You would have also worn it. But this time you will find new style in necklaces. Till now only one strand necklaces were in fashion but as per the new trend multiple chain necklaces are in trend. These multi-chain necklaces are decorated with medallions, metal balls, and outsized colorful gemstones.

    Bib Necklaces

    Bib necklaces are another form of jewelry that is latest in fashion this time. On wearing they project fashion and style. These necklaces are consists of two or more layers of gemstones or chains arranged in a stack against each other to form a ‘bib’ shape around the neck. They come in various colors, accents and patterns. Many celebrities are also seen wearing them which bring them more into fashion scene.

    Metal and Leaf Pattern Chains

    Chains decked with metal discs, metal flowers, leaf patterns etc. are latest in fad. These chains are good to look simple yet fashionable.

    These few pieces of jewelry are latest in trend. Wearing them will show you are much attached with fashion and keep knowledge about it. But wear them only if they suit you because real fashion is what complements your personality and style.

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