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  • Posted :   Jun 30th, 2009

    shiny-boots1Sexy dresses take appearance to the height of seduction is well known, but have you heard that shoes can also do the same. Yes, it’s very much possible. Poke out for thigh high boots and find your sexy appearance surrounded by many seductive eyes.

    Thigh high boots are symbolic representation of allurement when it comes to footwear. Their magical silhouette add glamour quotient to personality. Length wise they vary from above the knee to above the crotch. Various fabrics are used in their making ranging from all time favorite leather to synthetic materials like latex, vinyl and polyurethane to fabrics such as silk, polyester micro fiber and so on. With regard to heels high heels from three to seven inches are more popular in thigh high boots. Low heel versions are also available but not so much in demand.

    When it comes to their suitability with figure, thigh high boots look best on tall women. They tend to draw attention to legs and thighs and also make her feel and highlight slender figure. Tall women should go for tight thigh high boots. On the other hand, fatty women should opt for loose thigh boots in order to conceal their fat. For short women it’s recommendable to avoid thigh high shoes as these highlight a woman’s shortness rather than accentuating her legs.

    Adjectives like aggressive and assertive best defines thigh high boots. They are available in various forms like slip-on, zip-up, lace up etc. Lace-up thigh high boots shows off a little skin, thus the choice of audacious and super-confident women. For adjusting the fit thigh high shoes are offered with gussets, straps etc. They are even embellished with buckles, glitters etc hence glamorous women find them much appealing.

    Amongst all leather thigh high boots are the most seductive and stylish. With every outfit they make a great pair. Raise your sex quotient by pairing them with short leather skirt, mini skirt, tight jeans, leather pant etc. In winters leather thigh boots look all the way more amazing as with looking sexy they also protect the wearer from the cold biting.

    Thigh high shoes are worn to raise sexy feminine factor more than functionality. Add a great oomph factor to your looks and leave an impression of sexiness than about any other factor.

  • Posted :   Jun 25th, 2009

    leather-pantIt’s really hard to find anyone who will not love super luxurious leather pants. Plus point is they are one of the hottest trends 2009 and men and women are getting mad to get them. But those who are planning to wear them should be aware about the right place to buy them. It’s important because leather pants come in various price ranges but there is sure to be something to fit everyone budget. Luckily with the expansion of Internet leatherwear retailers have put leather pants and other leather dresses online. It is the only way to get unique, top quality leather pants and dresses at reasonable prices.

    Every style leather pants that you can’t even imagine is available online. In comparison to shopping center, Internet provides more options in leather pants with regard to everything whether color, texture, design, style etc. Also online shopping is the easiest way to shop for leather pants. While shopping for leather pants online do read description of products as sometimes due to resolution thing picture will not be clear to you.

    Top quality leather pants made from outstanding fabric are also available online. They are surpassing in look and remain with you for generations. Hey don’t fret you will also get cheap leather pants online. They are also equally ravishing and impart smart look.

    If you prefer biker leather pants there are hundreds of websites that specialize in biker leather pants and showcase lifestyle. Vintage leather pants are still very popular, and will be seen online. Another very famous style in leather pant is a leather chap and is widely available online. These are cowboy wear and are used during work or while riding a horse.

    These edgy leather pants are the show of your wardrobe this year, thus don’t forget to add at least its one piece. Just one click can get you your dream leather pant. Go search and grab a leather pant of your own desire and stand out in crowd.

  • Posted :   Jun 23rd, 2009

    fashion-leather-lingerieThere are various sexy applications of leather for women like corsets, teddies, pants, mini skirts, and halters, thongs, and chokers etc but nothing beats the look of leather lingerie in sexiness. It is the latest sexy fashion in leather outfits that add great sex appeal to the wardrobe.

    Soon it has taken toll over other sexy dresses due to many reasons. First it is soft and supple yet sexy. Second being tight also it does not cause itching or scratch when you put it on. And third it gives an arrant sexy look. Nothing can be compared to the feel and touch of leather lingerie. Moreover as it an outcome of leather nothing smells like it and has its own aroma.

    Leather lingerie heat up to the same temperature as your body and thus gives a feeling of second skin. Moreover it looks absolutely divine on women. They are also a great way to boost confidence level, thus helps on personal front also.

    Have fun and look fabulous by adding a little spice to the appearance with this alluring leather fashion. Besides adding leather lingerie to your collection heat up your sex life.

  • Posted :   Jun 18th, 2009

    Summer season and leather outfits, it’s sounding strange, Right? But it’s true. Leather outfits are weather friendly and looks great in all seasons. Recently in vogue are lightweight leather jackets. They are very chic and provide coolness even in scorching sun.

    Their soft and light material make them appropriate wear for summers. They can be paired with number of outfits like skirts, pants, tunics etc. Color wise they are very versatile. Bright colors are widely seen but this summer even dark colors like black, brown, gray etc are seen in softer tones. In all occasions whether formal or informal these summer leather jackets are apt for wearing. Even in office they make the show. Women feel much comfortable in them and that’s why so close to their heart. Also they show high degree of refinement in appearance. Thus it means you can wear a leather jacket practically anywhere. Patent leather though again in vogue this year but will not be seen in summer. Jackets made out of patent leather make feel very hot, thus avoid them.

    Leather dresses in summer is not a new thing as this fabric adjusts itself according to the weather. This summer emergence of these leather jackets has made great boom everywhere. They have a great feminine appeal too. Style of leather jackets that are in fashion this summer is short and tight-fitting. With short skirts they make a great pair. Biker boots are considered an ideal accessory worn along with them. Also they come in long lengths worn along with a belt.

    Apart from the above advantages of leather jackets, one of the biggest one is that if they get dirty can be easily wiped away. Summer is a holiday party season, thus clothes getting dirty is very common. Party can held either in a big hall or along the beach but dirt is a guest that comes without addressing, thus to be prepare for it in advance is the best way to deal with it.

    Enjoy this summer with these amazing lightweight leather jackets. And don’t fret next time over summer as your favorite leather outfits will never leave you. Create a feminine and dramatic look this summer with these lightweight leather jackets.

  • Posted :   Jun 16th, 2009

    patent-leatherPatent leather has recently stepped in the world of leather and have opened door to many possibilities towards fashion. Patent leather outfits and patent leather accessories all are on the rise nowadays. For fashionista’s patent leather is perfect to attain fashionable look.

    Don it as an outfit or add it to any outfit, both ways it works best. Patent leather is very versatile and can be mould in any style and comes in various color ranges. But as easy it sounds in hearing patent leather is not so easy in real. There are few tricks that you need to understand before donning it. Refer below examples for understating it more.

    Let’s first take patent shoes into consideration. They come in various styles ranging from stilettos to ballerina flats etc. Whatever the style is, these shoes are bright and need to be paired with a toned down outfit. Remember in your dressing you should have only one piece to show off. If there are two or more onlooker’s attention gets diverted. Patent leather shoes are very appealing and attention seizing, therefore do not include any detailing in your dressing with patent shoes. They itself are big focus. If there are too many other details and colors in dressing it will just look like a mess.

    Patent leather outfits are next that are gathering lots of attention. From pants to skirts to shorts to jackets etc all are available in them. These glossy outfits are stunning to wear but should be avoided by those having figure blemishes. It is so because these patent leather dresses clearly showcase even the minimal flaw.

    Similarly of you are carrying patent leather handbags, it’s advisable to keep your outfit and shoes simple. Handbag itself is so eye catching that there is no need to play up other things. Patent leather handbags come in wide array of colors like black, brown, gray, white, red, blue and so on. Also they can be worn with anything.

    Next if you consider patent leather accessories there are many choices in it like belts, headbands, gloves etc. The same thing told above is applied with accessories also i.e. do not wear too many accessories at one time. And yes, the rest of the things like outfit, and shoes should be less noticeable than the accessory.

    Thus the basic requirement of patent leather is to play down other things you are wearing this glossy item. Certainly this trend is going to be seen in the wardrobe of fashionable women this season. The magical feel of patent leather will surely change it from trend to timeless.

  • Posted :   Jun 11th, 2009

    shoes-trend1When you say ‘today I have seen a very gorgeous lady’, certainly you don’t consider her shoes in that, it refers to either her beauty or her elaborate dress. But just imagine that same lady in the same dress without shoe or in home slippers. Immediately it will catch your attention. Such is the power of shoes.

    May be shoe do not make the show of woman, but they do make appearance of outfit. Moreover you spend long hours in finding your dress, so do not let ruin it with the wrong pair of shoes. Your shoes completely transform your looks. But knowledge of what shoe to wear with what outfit is very important for stepping out in style. Find out what shoe style is for you by referring below guide.

    Ballet flats

    Ballet flats are one of the traditional and a classic shoe style that can never go out of fashion. Still they look trendy and given an elegant touch to an outfit. Wear them with above-the-knee skirt, Capri’s or Bermuda shorts for a feminine look. Do not wear them with long skirts or skinny pants.


    Stiletto is ultimate footwear, very sexy to look at and is apt for informal and formal wear both. They make your legs look amazing. With leather pencil skirts or skinny leather pants they look awesome. Avoid wearing stilettos with mini skirts.

    Knee high boots

    Knee high boots are considered must have for every shoe closet. They make a very good pair with skinny jeans, knee length skirt, and mini dress and make great a fashion statement.

    Kitten heels

    The kitten heel is the most classic piece of shoe, which can never take you wrong. It works both as office wear as well as eveningwear. Their little heel is very comfortable to be worn and very trendy in looking.


    This casual shoe piece is just meant to be worn nonchalantly and can be taken nowhere other than the beach. You can run errands in them. These casual thongs range from sporty to classy and are perfect to be comfortable and stylish.

    After having knowledge of so many shoe styles make meaningful purchase that makes you feel good and comfortable about you. Find out your perfect shoe style that complete the look of your outfit and can make you walk the streets as if it were your own runway. How it makes you feel is the strongest part of finding a shoe.

  • Posted :   Jun 10th, 2009

    accesoriesCertainly look of the outfit remains incomplete without accessories. But just donning accessories is not enough. It is like simply going to temple because it’s considered good, not because you are aware about its positives. There are certain rules of accessorizing outfit, which should be known and followed so as to bring out the best in you.

    Learning do’s and don’ts of accessories help a lot in adding pizzaz to looks. Create an exclusive style statement for you by giving polished look to you.

    Do’s of Accessories

    – Every accessory does not look good on every outfit. Hence do select accessories that enhance your attire. Accessories complementing outfit gives wearer best look. For that have a look at your outfit’s colors and texture and pick accessories appropriately.

    – Do select accessories that can adorn number of outfits in your wardrobe.

    When accessorizing keep your accessories simple, chic and glamorous.

    Walking with the latest trends is the sign of Fashionista existing inside you and maintains it. Thus always purchase signature accessories that are hitting market recently. It will also increase the show of your wardrobe.

    Don’ts of

    Never overdo your outfit with accessories. It will overshadow you and your outfit both. Do remember your main aim of wearing accessories is to enhance your looks.

    Do not wear too many latest accessories at one time. It is good to be updated but overdoing is not good.

    Do not simply wear any accessory with any outfit. Charm of the snazzy necklace will not come out until it will be worn with right dress. The true art of accessorizing lies in knowing on what to put them on.

    Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind while accessorizing for adding shine to your look. Accessorizing is a great fun; don’t ruin it by merely wearing anything. Get dozens of compliments for your impeccable style of accessorizing by following above pointers in your clothing.

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