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  • Posted :   Sep 30th, 2009

    leather-bracelets1Bracelet is a very famous jewelry of women. Just one bracelet is enough to enhance beauty of hands. Nowadays furore for them is on the high. Women are seen looking for them at every store, online store etc. This piece of costume jewelry gives exotic appearance.

    Stupefying designs with which they are adorned is the main reason of their high popularity. They are broad and narrow both and are available in variety of colors. Every age women wears bracelets. Materials used in the making of bracelets are varied such as metal, lac, glass, plastic, shell, wooden, bone, stone, jute, ivory etc. But the most popular material that is on the boom and is highly purchased is leather. Leather bracelets greatly portray fashion.

    With fashion, leather bracelets also represent class of a person and enhance personality. They are favorite’s of celebrities too. Leather bracelets are famous amongst men and women both. Their feel is also strikingly unusual. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors and designs. In an entire ensemble leather bracelet is enough to make fashion statement. They are also versatile with respect to making statements and can make any like simple, modern, subtle, and bold or stuck with spikes. Leather bracelets can also be made personal by engraving message or first letter of person you are gifting to on it.

    The eye-catching part of leather bracelets is that they are available in hip and unconventional designs both for the fashionable mass. Embroidery, studs, nickels, stones, beads, pearls, etc. all are used in the designing of leather bracelets. Similarly different leathers are used in their making like cowhide, lambskin, buffalo hide, pigskin and ox skin etc.

    Leather bracelets trend is popping up everywhere from the runway to the red carpet to the street to the office. And with so much buzz about these bracelets, designers are coming up with fashion forward pieces. Craze for them will never fade as for leather it didn’t become passe since years.

  • Posted :   Sep 15th, 2009

    fall-leather-collectionLeather is in great fashion this fall. Fall 2009 you can make a huge statement wearing leather outfits and leather accessories. Outfits made out of leather this fall are highly innovative and perfect to suit soothing environ of fall. Leather clothes continue to score big on the fall fashion runways.

    Leather skirts, leather pencil skirts, leather jackets, leather blazers, leather biker jackets, leather bombers, leather tops, leather vests etc everything will remain same but the look will be new and very exciting. In short the fashion buzz is all about leather be it in any form. Main fashion mantra of fall 2009 is proper fitting of leather clothes decked with minimal jewelry. Just simple earrings and simple bracelet is enough to jazz up looks in leather dress. These are key components to wear leather outfits with style. Remember leather has such a classic look that it does not need accessory elements to prove itself.

    Pairing leather with soft fabric lend it an attractive look. From top till bottom complete leather gives heavy look thus contrasting it with other fabrics is must for looking good. For example leather pant can be teamed with soft silk top or leather skirt with ruffle wrapped soft blouse or sweater and so on. These pairs make appearance classic. This contrast in colors and fabrics is also must to suit fall season look, as it is about flaunting style in different colors and fabrics.

    Ruffles, thigh high or ankle boots, caps, overcoats, saddlebags handbags etc are just as big as leather this fall season. They add an aviator style to leather outfits. Also back in fashion is 60’s and 70’s leather fashion. All these are wonderful choices for fall dressing. So with the advent of fall choose something special in leather dresses from the fashions mentioned above.

  • Posted :   Sep 10th, 2009

    leather_shortsAs fall is approaching leather outfit trend has also taken turn. This year leather shorts are greatly in trend. They are referred as key piece for every woman’s closet because of its versatile nature and edginess. It captures cool spirit and a style rebellion at its best.

    Leather shorts are the most sensual attire of women. It is so tempting and alluring to prompt one to purchase it. They are also good enough for getting into a spicy look. It is a very sensuous and sexy outfit. Thus it is a great fun to wear them. This fabulous attire is one of the most enticing leather fashions.

    This outfit comes in multitude of colors for flaunting women femininity. For example, black brown, pink, red, gray, blue, purple etc. Like colors styles are also myriad in them like plain leather shorts, stylish leather shorts, side interlacing leather shorts, zip fly leather shorts, concho studded leather shorts, and pocket leather shorts and so on.

    Leather shorts impart knockout appearance by enhancing every curve of the body. Women having nice legs are lucky enough as leather shorts just look awesome on them. Such a happening dress should be certainly present in everybody’s closet for attaining profound look. Likewise tall and slim women look so attractive in leather shorts to make one speechless. It is an unusual dress.

    However great the fashion is but if you don’t know how to wear it everything goes in vain. Similarly leather shorts also have a way which brings class to it on wearing. Do remember they are a statement on their own; therefore keep the rest of the outfit simple. Plain top, thigh high boots and minimal accessories will raise your appearance to the height. Also black tights or sheer black hosiery make a great pair with leather shorts. They look fabulous by coupling with fitted tuxedo style jacket or blazer, tank top and leather halter top. These tips work greatly for a pulled look. But most importantly you need confidence to carry this bold, sexy and smart outfit well.

    Get into dynamic look with dashing leather shorts to make individual style statement.

  • Posted :   Sep 8th, 2009

    imageaxdHow do you define accessories? It is adornments for beautifying the appearance of a person. This answer is absolutely right. But today accessories are defined in one another way also. Accessories are one of the best gifts also. With beauty, accessories also make the best gift, therefore serve dual purpose. Here are mentioned some of the gift ideas on accessories.


    Jewelry comprises major position while looking for gifts. It is the most common and most apt gift. There are ample choices in jewelry like necklace, bracelet, earrings, fingering etc. for both men and women. You can also opt for costly gifts studded with precious stones such as diamond, emerald, topaz, ruby etc. If you don’t want to go too costly opt for jewelry adorned with semi-precious stones and imitation accessories.


    Bags are one of the most used items for gift. A wide variety of bags are available for men and women. You can choose from the pricey bags to the inexpensive ones. Clutch purse is a hot trend among women.

    Leather Wallet

    Leather wallets are one of the classic gifts. Not only for men but for women also they work well as nowadays many women are not habitual of carrying bags. They give an elegant look while you put your hands in pocket for taking out leather wallet. You can get multi-pocketed leather wallets or bi-fold or tri-fold wallets as well. Designer leather wallets are also available. If your pocket allows you go for it. Though wallets are made of other materials also but leather is the most preferred due to its great appeal.


    Sunglasses have become one of the most talked about accessory for both men and women in these times. With protecting eyes from sun they make a great fashion statement also. Make sure that it suits your facial shape and skin tone. Presenting them as a gift will certainly please the other person.


    Watch is an essential accessory that greatly enhances show of the person. They are very good for presenting as a gift. For gifting a unique one, go for different shaped watches rather than the very common ones like square, rectangle, round and oval shaped ones. Watch having bracelet shape is best liked by women and men’s mostly prefer a sports watch.


    Cufflinks is men’s jewelry. It greatly increases show of men’s wardrobe. Wide variety of cufflinks are there ranging from monogram, engrave, sterling silver, golden, platinum to all types of stones and much more. Ask for his choice and gift the same.

  • Posted :   Sep 3rd, 2009

    uggboots2Boots are very special type of shoes that lend great looks. Leather boots are much in hype nowadays. Let’s become lil more specific to give you clear idea about which type of leather boots is much looked for. Leather Ugg Boots is that stylish footwear that raises appearance to heights. They are made of sheepskin leather hide.

    Leather ugg boots are comfortable and warm, and many celebrities and models have been spotted wearing them. They have become a great choice of many people. For making fashion statement also they are appropriate enough. This footwear can be worn on daily basis as well on occasions also. Now if you are thinking how to wear ugg boots here is the guide for you. Follow it and become the most hippie girl.

    Buy in neutral colors

    Leather ugg boots come in myriad of colors like red, blue, black, brown, maroon, purple and many more. But their show best enhanced in neutral colors like black, brown, beige, ivory, taupe, gray, white etc. These colors are versatile enough to be worn with any outfit and also give elegant look.

    Wear them with skirts

    Leather ugg boots look great with any length skirt. Whether it is above the knee, below the knee or above the ankle it does not matter. But yes it should not touch ankles or below it, else your ugg boots will become invisible inside skirt. Remember colors make a great difference in giving great look, thus keep color of boots and skirt in mind.

    Pair them with shorts

    Leather ugg boots make a great pair with shorts. Though usually seen worn with jeans shorts but if you couple them with leather shorts will look ravishing. They can also be worn with different kind of shorts, such as unique patterns, bright colors, or maybe different kind of fabrics.

    Tuck jeans into them

    Tucking jeans into leather ugg boots is a fabulous fashion statement making style. It is much in rage presently and many women are seen doing so. Wear a light or dark colored shirt, tie scarf around the neck, wear hat and you are all set to make waves.

    These are some stylish styles of wearing leather ugg boots.

  • Posted :   Sep 1st, 2009

    pencil_skirtsYou can take pencil skirts as fun or seriously. They are a blend of both. Women find them very appealing as they enhance every figure. Women are seen flaunting style in pencil skirts everywhere. Whether you are in a mall, at office, going for evening party, for lunch party, going out with friends, business parties etc. everywhere they are fun to wear.

    No other outfit beats pencil skirts when it comes to flattering figure whether casual or for business. They hug women curves beautifully and bring out femininity in them. All lengths pencil skirts are also available. If you want to look sexy and stylish then short pencil skirts are best option for you. If looking stylish yet simple is your agenda then knee length pencil skirts are for you. If you are aged women who want to look feminine but not cheap then long pencil skirts are amongst your favorites.

    As it is women outfit then making them in multi colors comes reflexively to couturiers mind. Though white, black and gray are amongst the favorites but other colors are also highly available in them. From general women to celebrities all are big fan of these skirts. Comfort level is also the biggest reason of their popularity. Slit in front or back make it comfortable and allow body movements. And above all impart stylish look to it.

    Pencil skirts are very versatile with foot wears. It makes statement with number of shoes. If wearing basic colors like black or white pencil skirt then stilettos or high heels shoes best define it. If the pencil skirt is denim or khaki then flats or high heels look best with it. Boots look good with leather pencil skirt not with other fabrics.

    Making ultimate style statement and scaling new heights of fashion with pencil skirts will add entertainment to your life. Flatter yourself with pencil skirts and add fun to life.

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