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  • Posted :   Feb 7th, 2009

    Women’s leather jackets have always been around in the fashion market.  It never really has gone out of fashion. And doesn’t look like it will ever fade, women leather jackets are here to stay forever. So make the most of it and grab a leather jacket immediately.

    More than looking stylish and sophisticated the best part about these leather jackets are that they are so comfortable and warm that you wouldn’t really feel the outer climate. Whether it is the rains playing havoc or the chilling winters, you will not feel any of these because women’s leather jackets are meant to keep the beautiful ladies away from the harsh climate.

    Leathers are always expensive so buying one would be tricky because you want the best when you are shelling out so much. Here are a few types that you can go for in leather jackets.

    The best style to opt for is the suede leather jacket. They are the latest and the trendiest. It is leather but when looked at from a distance it looks like any other jacket. The material used is very soft and smooth. It is not heavy and all these details give it a feminine look. But be careful when preserving a suede leather because it might be difficult and do not use it in rains. You also get suede leather jackets in slim fitting and also long ones. They look perfect and give a glamorous look.

    To look more stylish you can also go for leather jackets with fur on it. There are many varieties in the same. You can find a leather jacket that has fur on the collar or the neckline or even the hems of the sleeves. You also get leather jackets with a combination of wool. It provides more warmth.

    When you buy a leather online, pick one size bigger because it turns out too tight it will go waste and if it is loose you can always alter it. Preserve your leather jackets nicely so that they last longer. And when you grow out of them, you can pass it on to the coming generation.

  • Posted :   Feb 6th, 2009

    The fitted women’s leather jackets have been the latest trend on the runways and have been adopted by various celebrities this has become the latest style of the high street fashion. The leather clothing has achieved a new level with fitted leather jackets. There is not other outerwear in comparison when it comes to selecting the fitted leather jackets, they are available in many colors and patterns like 3/4 sleeve trimmed leather jacket, short length fitted leather jacket and much more. The desert color theme is the latest in leather fashion these days…so this article to make all those leather enthusiasts aware of the latest in designer leather jacket trends.

    Long gone are the days when leather jackets was just worn by men riding bikes; the women’s leather jackets have taken a whole new shape making them look sturdy and savvy. The women’s motorcycle leather jacket is an eye catchy feature; these classic fitted leather jackets are designed to reveal those sensuous curves making men go weak on their knees. These full sleeves liner is designed especially for winter months to keep your warm and make you look hot.

    The other designer apparel that should be includes in every women’s wardrobe is the designer leather skirts. Leather skirts are the best fashion for women, it has the ability to enhance any figure, this is one of the most versatile attires that can be paired with any outfit. They can worn to office and to any event depending on the length of the skirt. This is one fashion which no woman should give a miss.

    The latest trendsetters

    Pencil Leather Skirts :-
    This is one attire which fits well and can be accommodated in office, making it an ideal and stylish office wear. It hugs the body from top to bottom with a small slit at the back making it comfortable for you walk around. One of the most fashionable designer trends.

    Pleated Leather Skirts :-
    The pleated pattern is definitely a classy option; the best way to look good in pleated skirts is to buy them in short lengths, they have the ability to make the heavy figures look slim and slender adding glam to the whole attire.

    Keep visiting this blog for more updates on the latest designer trends in leather wear.

  • Posted :   Feb 6th, 2009

    Leather is versatile fabric that can get you a second look. This must have stylish fabric is available in various forms of apparels. The smell of leather is what excites me; the rugged look with the soft feel on the skin looks classy and elegant. Leather skirts and leather pants have been spoken a lot in the past, now its time to explore the new form of leather apparel and this time it would be the dazzling leather skirts. A few reasons have been given below as to why you should have a leather skirt in your wardrobe.

    The Look: –
    If looks are important to you and looking good is an important factor and if you do not have leather skirt in your wardrobe then…you probably need to upgrade your wardrobe. Leather skirts not only look good but they look awesome. This is one outfit which will never make you look dull.

    The Leather Factor: – Versatility
    A versatile material as known to everyone, whatever maybe your body shape or type a leather skirt is one outfit which will hide at your flaws and make you look attractive and stylish if you pair it with correct top and footwear. A short leather skirt or a long one is your choice; it all depends on the occasion .i.e. formal or casual.

    Types of Patterns: –
    A classy pencil leather skirt will do great job to show off your sexy assets while a lined skirt is perfect for the formal office attire. The full length skirts are perfect if you wish to hide your flaws. The one pattern which will get immense attention is the short leather skirt which will rise up to mid thigh, but remember to pair it with a classy top, a turtle neck or a plain white shirt or tee would be a good option.

    Types of Leather: –
    There are many types of leather available, like lamb leather, cowhide etc. Lamb leather is soft and supple and it feels great against the skin.  Cowhide leather looks rugged and is a best option if you plan looking rugged.

  • Posted :   Feb 6th, 2009

    Womens Leather bags

    Leather bags are very good accessory for completing the look of women. They represent great fashion and are very close to fashion savvy women. Leather bags complements with any type and color of dress…..

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