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  • Posted :   May 28th, 2009

    li_shoppingShopping addiction is not actually an addiction as this activity does not involve physical body parts, a benchmark of addiction. But it is called so because this addiction is same like one is addicted to gambling. ‘Shopping addiction’ can be better defined as ‘compulsory shopping’.

    Compulsory shoppers devote their whole time thinking about shopping, planning for shopping trips, good shops name and so on. It gives them much pleasure. Compulsory shopping becomes like a habit for people. It is like an escape to cope up with stress, depression, anxiety, boredom, anger and all such negative feelings. They become so much accustom to shopping that it becomes greatest motto of their life. Mostly these people love to do shopping alone. If with friends then they are also of their type.

    Shopping addiction appears to affect women and men almost equally. Signs of compulsive shopper are:

    Whenever they feel irritation or any negation just like drug or alcohol addicts they run for shopping.

    They purchase things that are not of their interest and have never thought of purchasing.

    One peculiar characteristic about them is they go shopping for a couple of items but return with two or three full bags.

    The desire of shopping is so high in them that override the person’s ability to consider the consequences of spending money.

    These characteristics though sound quite funny but are very dangerous in real as shopaholics spend their entire money and at last ruin them. But compulsive shopping is not a disease and can be curbed by following few steps. Here are they:

    Window shopping is good for you but that too for short duration so that you are not tempted to walk into the store.

    Avoid online surfing as it tempts you to purchase items online.

    If going for shopping take someone who can keep watch over your shopping spree and resist you from spending much.

    Keep your credit card at home while going out in order to avoid the temptation to spend.

    Find other routine activities to replace the times you used to spend shopping.

    Shopping is very sweet experiences enjoy it rather than falling prey to it.

  • Posted :   May 26th, 2009

    li_gownsLeather gowns are fresh and interesting creation of fashion designers. Sooner they have stepped in the world of fashion at the same time have put foot on the hearts of many women too. This new form of this natural fabric is heart enticing. Leather adds to the luxury of the dress and is very fascinating to the eye. Leather gowns have made great impact in the form of wedding gowns. Women also highly prefer them for wedding as they give structured look, besides makes comfortable. Thus good for making statement while walking down the aisle.

    Sleek look giving leather gowns imparts elegance and sensuality too. With stiletto heel shoes they look phenomenal. This style is perfect to be worn for weddings, prom, stage, fetish events, club wear, nightclubs etc. Thus jazz up your looks with polished appearance of leather gowns. The amazing leather fashion of leather gowns will leave you feeling cool and looking fabulous.

  • Posted :   May 22nd, 2009


    Girls best friend i.e. Leather Trench Coats are continuously hitting the ladder of success since years for every season. At every point this fashion icon has got updated from traditional to classic to modern to contemporary all versions.
    Its arena is not limited to fashion but cover practical aspect also. Quality to protect from rain shows its practicality. This classic icon of style has outlived every trend and has convinced every new generation. For every season it comes up as a great trend. Evolution in colors is the latest trend seen in them. As compared to earlier neutral colors like blacks, brown and gray, today sizzling reds, pure whites, innocent pinks etc all have taken a great toll and spell magical fragrance wherever you go. Go great in chic colors for stylish and a contemporary look.
    Apart from classic, other adjectives that define leather trench coats are sexy and seductive. Not only in real life but in movies also it is limned as provocative wear oozing great sex appeal. Quality to showcase each and every curve of the body is the sexiest part of leather trench coats. Above full-flow skirts they look amazing. They are also a solution of argumentative topic that even long dresses can be sexy!
    Most probably sooner this chic style will be seen in work places also. You can add personal panache to your looks with various styles trench coats. Plunge into this leather fashion stream and get your coveted length leather coat in numerous leather types. Also have a look on its details popping in leather trench coats fashion like belts, cropped or puffed sleeves, cuffs, pockets, zip out trench leather coat and contrast piping to add a dash to your outfit.
    Chic leather trench coats are one of the highly advocated pieces for a stylish woman’s wardrobe. It makes a smart trendy pick for every season. Even on your casual attire they work as an added accessory!

  • Posted :   May 19th, 2009

    sunglassesA small accessory that has become great fashion statement nowadays is peerless classic sunglasses. Their charm even outshines dresses and gives glamorous look on wearing. This hot add on have become great trend setter and is highly recommended for attaining a style look.
    Sunglasses can bring style to any age person. They serve dual purpose. Sunglasses, a great fashion accessory, are not just for looking fashionable and glamorous but also help to protect your eyes from sun. They really add huge spark to personality.
    Great celebrities like Madonna are also seen flaunting fashion in damn sexy sunglasses. For outfits they have come up as great revolution, which has made them more gorgeous to look at. Their various shapes and sizes, ranging from large to small make them adaptable to wear with all styles of dresses. Popular styles of sunglasses include big oversized sunglasses, Hollywood stars sunglasses, rhinestone studded sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, plastic or metal, designer replica, designer Inspired and look a like, retro, cheap sunglasses, matrix sunglasses, sport and polarized sunglasses etc. Like styles they are versatile with colors also like pink, blue, brown, black, gold, silver, orange, yellow and so on. Their varied shapes include circle, oval, square, rectangle, wire frame etc.
    This season’s trend is bold statement making oversized sunglasses which come with a signature rim. Its rims are trimmed with Swarovski crystals, pointy edges, shades with butterfly or cupid motif on the arms, are instant hits. They are very hot and have made a come back this year.

    This latest haute couture fashion trend has become a great hit all over the world. It’s worth spending in this stylemark accessory so as to accentuate personal style. Though given many number of reasons why sunglasses are so dear but the main reason is still untold and that is they make you look cool by adding incredibly to your persona. Be a complete package of style with sunglasses and get competitive edge over others.

  • Posted :   May 14th, 2009

    accessories11Accessories do the best justice to outfits. In the periods of economic slowdown when its hard for people to spend much on clothes its accessories only that still maintain that fashionable look and makes appearance. It possess caliber to glam up the look of oldest of outfits.
    Fashion designers also believed the same. According to them for the final touch up accessories are must. Just one bag is enough for a polished look. For example, fringed bag, a statement accessory, when worn above outfit fulfills all demands of completing a look. There is no need to wear any more jewelry.
    Accessories have become great rage amongst women due to their appealing nature as well as savior attitude. Even on red carpet events celebrities are seen carrying accessories like bags, scarves etc for giving more effect to the attire. They add a lot to looks and made great impact. They can ruin or brighten up the look of any outfit.
    Accessories are biggest draws even at the Fashion Week. Jewelry, stilettos, belts, leather gloves, shoes, hats etc are decent enough to give life to a boring dress. Moreover chic leather handbags are great trend of today. No matter however simple an outfit is, just one leather handbag is sufficient to do justice to it. Signature leather bags that have made boom in the fashion world are made of lambskin leather and goat skin leather. Their soft touch appeals the most.
    Serving practical purpose is another one of the main tasks of accessories. Like bag for carrying items, hat for protecting head and face from sun, shoes protects legs, gloves guard’s hands and so on. This reveals another facet of accessories.
    Accessories have become such an integral part of dressing that one cannot think of wearing dresses without them. Their absence leaves the look incomplete and decks you with a statement that is ‘fashion senseless person’. No collection is ever complete without proper accessories. They are very important items in fashion and completely change a look of outfit. Women are inclining more towards accessories for all these reasons.

  • Posted :   May 12th, 2009


    Are you fashion savvy? Are you eager to call yourself rock star? Do you always want to look fashionable? All this is possible only when you are sporting a stylish leather pants. This style is in fad since last many years and is still so and will always be.It is attractive not only by looking but by qualities also.

    Versatility to wear them at anytime of the year is their greatest advantage. Secondly it is in budget outfit, not very costly, thus affordable by all. If these are the excuses for not wearing leather pants do not worry anymore. Wear this enormously trendy outfit without keeping any confusion in mind. It is today’s style.
    Presently the hottest trend in leather pants is the skinny leather pants. Almost everybody looks fantastic in them. With stilettos or those big bulky boots they look stunning. There is another style in leather pants i.e. low slung hip huggers. It is also a very popular style that looks great.
    If you are tensed about what to pair with leather pants, the options are unlimited. Main thing to consider is that it’s not compulsory to team leather pant with leather top only. Contrast does more fine. A loose fitting top looks great on it. Magical thing is that without showing off the body you can still be sexy. Skin baring, super sexy top will also look equally ravishing.

    Leather pants are rapidly making way in offices also. They look outstanding with a slim fitting leather blazer, hence appropriate for wearing in a professional workplace. A crisp shirt gives a smart look with leather pants.
    It’s hard to resist yourself from hot leather pants. Their amazing silhouette is great furore amongst people and is very exotic. The way it beautifies curves is just amazing and can leave anybody flabbergasted.

  • Posted :   May 7th, 2009

    Bags are one of the trendiest accessories and make great fashion statement today. Women carry them to get glamorous look. Unlike before when they were just used for a functional purpose, today they are in demand for making style statement. Their different shapes, sizes and unusual colors are the reason behind it. You should carry the one suit your personality. Also they are a very good for presenting as a gift.

    Bags come in various signature fabrics. Leather, silk, satin, velvet etc are few of them. Amongst them leather bags are greatly in vogue and epitomize beauty and magnificence. They are great attraction and their unmatched quality is rapidly gaining popularity world over. Stay fashionable and stylish with them.

    This essential accessory gives finishing touches to look. So the next time you move out carry a snazzy bag and make heads turn as you walk by.

  • Posted :   May 4th, 2009

    leather belts_hot fashion

    Once a necessity, today a trend: yes we are talking about exclusive leather belts only. Today’s great emerging trend is leather belts. They have made a great boom in the fashion industry with their enticing appeal. Earlier they were just used to hold pants and skirts but with changing times they have evolved a lot and result is in front of all.

    Leather belts have become a very popular fashion accessory. They are looked upon as fashionable and glamorous item. For outfits they have come up as a blessing. They impart an unbeatable look to outfits by adding spice and glamour to them. Even they accentuate the best curves of your body. Leather belts have become a very good investment in style.

    Unlike before, today leather belts are available in numerous shapes, forms, sizes and colors. This hot fashion accessory can be worn on every outfit and every figure. But simply wearing is also not good. Thus here is a small guide that will help you to wear leather belts in the best possible way.

    Leather belts on different figures

    Big leather belts are not for voluptuous and petite figures. They make these figures look more bulky. Narrow leather belts are good for them.

    Wider and broader leather belts are commended for tall and slim figures. They enhance their looks by giving them curvaceous look.

    As it is said dark color gives slimming effect, thus if having bulging belly do wear dark color leather belt above it so as to look slimmer. Black will be the most apt color. But belt should not be too tight as fat bulges out of it. Another option is to wear leather belt above hips. It takes away attention from your stomach. It is also a great style nowadays and much in vogue.

    For fuller figures cinch leather belts are a very good option. They create an illusion of hourglass figure by getting tuck in your waist.

    Now you will be clear on which figures what leather belts will suit. The best part is that these tips will come in use whether you are wearing them on formal or informal occasion. Any look can be created in them. Leather belts are a great way to jazz up your outfit by giving them trendy and stylish look. They lend the unique appearance amongst all.

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