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  • Posted :   Apr 15th, 2011

    Leather does indeed look fantastic when worn.  Any well dressed woman or for that matter a man with even an inkling of fashion sense will always have some leather clothing item in her wardrobe. There are so many options available when it comes to leather like leather jackets, leather shorts, leather bombers, leather jumpsuits, leather dresses, leather skirts, leather pants and so on.

    In today’s world where everyone’s an achiever, everyone looks well groomed – it is extremely essential to be able to leave a mark. Now leather certainly helps create an impression but a leather jacket or a leather pant by itself will not spare you. It cannot be that simple. The combinations matter!

    A question that is often asked is will leather match leather? If a pair of leather shorts is so ravishing and a leather shirt is just as stunning, then the combination together must be absolutely mind-blowing, right? WRONG!

    The biggest fashion faux pas in fashion history has to be a combination of leather with leather. While leather clothing items looks absolutely spectacular individually – they lead to disastrous results when combined together.

    The only time leather combined with leather can be excused is if you are trying to portray a sensual image! It’s not that easy mind you – just wearing a leather top with a leather skirt will not make you look sensual. The right amount of skin should show along with the perfect shoes and make up – the look is complete only when all these aspects are taken care of.

    The joyous part about leather though is that other than itself all other fabrics match it wonderfully. You can combine a pair of leather pants with cotton, chiffon, georgette, raw silk and so on. The options of fabric combinations are endless!

    The accessories are also very important – namely the shoes. Most people assume that leather shoes are the perfect match for leather clothing. Wrong again! While in some scenarios they may look good, in most they could turn out to be very wrong.

    Remember – if your outfit is predominantly leather like leather pants then avoid leather accessories. On the other hand, if your outfit is mainly another fabric with say only a cropped leather jacket then leather accessories is a better idea!

  • Posted :   Apr 14th, 2011

    Planning for a crazy night out with friends? First dinner and then maybe hit a club to dance the night away? Whatever you plans, leather will accompany you! Leather is one of those suave fabrics that look oh so delightfully wicked and yet never goes overboard or crosses the thin line into the negative.

    Leather works wonders for the appearance. So what would be the most ideal leather apparel to grab plenty of attention, look stylish and comfortable as well as create a lasting impression? It’s time to go shopping! What could you possibly shop for?

    Firstly unless you are blessed with a rather large budget, a suggestion would be to pick something you know you would love to wear again. If you are even the slightest bit hesitant about the selection or unsure how you look do not buy it. Always take friends along. Ask them for their opinion. Listen to the salesgirl too (although she may not be your best decision).

    Here are a few top class suggestions for your wild night around town:

    1.    A leather skirt:
    Nothing and I reiterate nothing comes close to a good leather skirt. It’s hot; it looks sweet and shows off a tantalizing amount of your legs to create a magical impression. There are various cuts available of course. An ideal one for a party would be a nice fitted black skirt. You can combine it with lace stockings and a hot tee!

    2.    A leather dress:
    Once again a mind blowing choice – a leather dress is simple, sweet and looks awesome! There are plenty of drool inducing creations available. Black is probably the most suitable color when it comes to clubbing or a night out. If you wish to have a splash of color simply blend the outfit with funky red shoes. Contrasting accessories make for an awesome combination!

    3.    A leather vest:
    The power and the sheer sensuality of the leather vest have been seriously undermined. A simple leather vest over a checked plaid short skirt and boots have a whole new appeal. Discover it today!

  • Posted :   Apr 13th, 2011

    Leather has made it back to the runway and how! Of course it’s a teeny tiny bit ‘obvious’ to walk onto the street in the clothes presented along the runway but combining leather pants are just not that difficult.

    Honestly, black leather pants are probably the easiest color to wear and combine and a definite recommendation for those on a budget. Colored leather pants are not too bad either but the traditional color is quite the best mainly because its slimming and does not require careful spot treatment like a lighter colored leather. Another thing to remember is to have an impeccable fit. The pant will stretch out to mould to the body contours eventually so it’s better to purchase a leather pant with a snug fit than otherwise. It’s horrible to have a sagging pair of pants after breaking them in. howver, do not go overboard with the snugness. A sliver of room between leather and flesh is essential. It does allow a gal to cross her legs, walk, climb stairs and all those other things that legs are meant for.

    Once you have purchased the perfect leather pant, it can be worn just about anywhere – even formal occasions – unless your office has a too strict dress code. A great pair leather pants allows plenty of different looks. They can be worn with both high heels and sneakers!

    They make for a great date outfit as well! It makes you look sexy without crossing over that thin line into slutty. They are guy friendly, fashionable and rather edgy! Don’t forget to make the rest of your outfit soft and feminine. You do not want to look like you’re competing with Angelina Jolie for a role as Lara Croft.

    A sleek pair of leather pants is a grand way to stand out from the crowd at a cocktail party where majority of the women will be clad in flimsy dresses. Just pair the pants with a great pair of stilettos, a gorgeous sparkly top and a tailored blazer. You can alternatively keep it on or take it off depending on how dressed up everyone at the party is.

  • Posted :   Apr 12th, 2011

    Somehow when leather apparel is mentioned a variety of images are conjured up in the mind – sadly, none of them involve kids! It’s time to break the stereotype. It’s time to dress your little ones up in leather. There are a huge variety of choices when it comes to selecting leather apparel for kids. The plethora of leather clothing for the little ones is just as large as for adults.

    Parents may argue that leather does not come cheap and a child is ever growing so what is the point of buying leather? Your kid id going to outgrow everything eventually – you do not stop purchasing shoes for him because he will outgrow them, will you? The same applies to leather clothes. The beauty about leather jackets are that they can be stored for years and can be handed down to a younger sibling or friend.

    Kids can choose from leather vests, leather skirts, leather jackets, leather blazers, leather pants and the most adorable leather chaps. When purchasing leather for kids remember to be careful about the designs and patterns you select. An overly mature jacket or overly tight skirt may ruin the entire image.

    Dressing up your kid in leather apparel has loads of advantages. The rugged quality of the material will offer plenty of protection through scraps and scrapes. Image is a huge thing with kids. Being dressed in leather automatically ups your kid’s appeal making him/her more popular. It gives off an air of confidence. Unless a child is uncomfortable, he pretty much carries off everything with ease. Leather is extremely soft to the touch and feels good. In other words, you can be guaranteed that your babe will be tres comfortable in it!

    Leather is an excellent way to keep your little one wrapped up against the elements. However, avoid getting skin tight pants or skirts for your kids. As children, they need a lot of free movement and getting them into tight leather clothing will only serve to restrict them not to mention it will also be a pain to put on and take off!

  • Posted :   Apr 11th, 2011

    A decent pair of shorts has always had this glamorous appeal. Shorts are very versatile garments. If combined correctly they can be worn anywhere from the beach to a casual stroll to the hottest club in town. Of course, this would require the pair of shorts to conform to some standard. A great pair of shorts is one that is such a brilliant investment that you can wear it both to take your dog out for a stroll or for the latest fashion week. Spill trend, style and fashion in an amazing pair of shorts!

    Now shorts come in a whole range of fabrics – the most common of course being denims. Then there are cotton shorts as well. Cotton shorts come in gorgeous bright pastel colors and are a summer time favorite. Denim shorts or rather denim ‘cutoffs’ are probably popular throughout the year. Sadly, none of these shorts can qualify for a year round versatile garment.

    The star of the ‘shorts’ world has to be leather shorts. They are suave, they are oh so sexy and they are so perfectly stunning. Slowly but surely leather shorts are taking their place in the fashion world. Suddenly the average Joe cotton and denim shorts are just not doing the job. They look positively drab next to the sheer gloriousness of a great pair of leather shorts.

    When leather shorts are spoken about, one probably thinks either tight, skin kissing creations that show off every contour. Well gone are those days! Leather shorts today are about so much more. They come in a variety of fabrics and designs. Of course, the form fitting shorts are always available but then so are a huge range of high fashion, super chic ones.

    Leather flared shorts, leather zipper shorts, leather cycling shorts, leather shorts with metallic embellishments, naughty leather shorts – everything is available! Celebrities have already discovered them – Jada Pinkett Smith, of course, being the role model of the same. You don’t need to have a glamorous body like hers to make an impression in shorts either! All you need is plenty of confidence and the urge to look fantastic!

  • Posted :   Apr 8th, 2011

    PETA is probably going to have to scream itself hoarse in 2011 thanks to the increased adoption of leather. Leather apparel has made a dramatic entry in 2011. Come to think of it, leather never really left to make an entry but this year everyone from high profile socialites to celebs to normal people have taken to the this beautiful fabric with added enthusiasm.

    There is no shortage of leather apparel. Women, like always, have vast choices! So how does one pick the perfect choices? What are the most essential wardrobe must haves? Which leather creation is going to get applause and turn heads?

    Leather is not cheap – at least not good quality leather. So before going to buy an outfit makes sure that it’s not just a whim but something that you would actually wear after a few years as well. Leather is quite durable. In other words, a gorgeous leather creation is something you will be wearing many years later as well. Did you know that leather outlives denim quite sizably? So pick out your leather outfits with care.

    Here are 2 few leather wonders that are bound to grab plenty of attention.

    1.    Leather One Piece Dress:

    There are of course a plethora of variations from short hemlines ending just below the derrière to ground kissing hemlines. The shorter ones are usually more appealing. For a formal occasion, select a knee length or just above the knees dress. When it comes to parties pick out a gorgeous leather dress with a hemline as high or as low as comfortable.

    2.    Leather Jacket:

    A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a gorgeous leather jacket. The first thing to be checked is if you are planning to buy the jacket for style, comfort, protection or a blend of these. If it’s only style that you are looking for then select a short waist cropped leather jacket. They look absolutely spectacular. For a combination deal of style and protection (against the elements like wind or cold or rain), choose a leather bomber jacket. The whole concept is sexy and very attractive.

  • Posted :   Apr 7th, 2011

    Birds chirping, flowers blooming and love blossoming – yes! Spring is in the air! It’s time to get rid of the winter wardrobe and display an all new spring wardrobe. Pull out all those bright colors and march into the smell of fresh life and heavy energy.

    It may seem a bit strange to suggest leather in the glorious season of spring since leather is often associated with protection and warmth. Break the stereotype. Leather is about style and sensuality. It’s about breaking the old and exploring the new. Here are some excellent fashion styles for men and women to try this spring:

    •    Women:

    1.    Tank Top + Leather Skirt:

    Forget those form fitting leather skirts. Instead pick out a gorgeous ruffled deep brown leather skirt. Combine it with a simple white sleeveless top. Depending on the style of the top and your comfort level you can either tuck it in or leave it loose.

    2.    Stylish Chiffon/Cotton Top + Leather Shorts:

    If unique is what you are attempting that you can bet that you are going to stand out in leather shorts. Denims and cotton s something everyone is going to be exploring. Think hot pink leather shorts! Combine it with a black tank top or a white bustier or a simple cotton tee shirt. Whatever the choice, you are going to look ravishing.

    •    Men:

    1.    Leather Cargos + Cotton Shirt:

    Combine a pair of tan brown leather cargos with a cool green 3/4th sleeved tee shirt. The blend will look cool and natural – perfect for spring!

    2.    Leather vest + denims + tee

    A sizzling mixture! A leather vest adds that style quotient that completes the look. It makes a man look suave, attractive and very tempting. The whole denim and leather combination is always an alluring one and a man that attractive is bound to get a lot of heads turning in his direction.

    Do not forget to accessorize yourself in what you wear. The shoes, hair etc matter and are very important to complete the look.

  • Posted :   Apr 6th, 2011

    Leather is not something that can be worn every day. It takes the charm off the material. Yet, a multitude of stars wear leather on an often enough basis. Black seems to be the color the celebs love – with a huge number always opting for black leather. The strange thing is that celebs opt for leather at a variety of places right from casual outings to premieres. A leather outfit is yet to make an appearance at the Oscars though!

    Here are a few celebs who have taken the joys of leather to an all new high. Some styles are bound to raise a few eyebrows, yet others are just plain funky! From leather jackets to skirts to dresses to pants – leather is undoubtedly a star choice made by the stars!

    1.    Nicole Scherzinger:

    We can safely say that this Pussycat Doll has definitely not signed up as a member of PETA. Looking glamorous and rather sexy in fitting pink zipped top and tight pants; Scherzinger is definitely increasing and feeling some heartbeats.

    2.    Heidi Klum:

    Leather combination dresses certainly have some charm about them. Look at Klum killing it in a leather bodice dress. she looks elegant, graceful and of course beautiful. Now that’s a well dressed model!

    3. Kim Kardashian:

    Speaking about models, we can’t not talk about the hottest one on the block – Kim Kardashian! When worn and combined like this, it’s a miracle all leather jackets have just not been sold off completely. Love the way she is doing justice to the leather jacket! Kudos!

    4.    Ashley Simpson:

    Simpson could look rather dull in this pic. Her only saving grace is probably that beautiful leather skirt. The fit and the cut – both look stunning and is quite the redeemer of an otherwise drab appearance.

    5.    Debi Mazar:

    Fellow starlets look and learn. It’s very rare to see a woman being able to carry off a full leather look. Debi Mazar is doing quite a great job! She looks spicy and catty yet with this sweet and pretty blend!

    6.    Colleen Fitzpatrick:

    Leather pants! Fabulous fabulous leather pants! The picture says it all!

  • Posted :   Apr 5th, 2011

    More often than not, the importance of adequate and appropriate motorcycle clothing has been seriously hyped. While most bikers are fully aware of the importance of wearing a helmet and the security it provides, they totally miss out on the appropriate apparel for the rest of their body. After all, in case of a mishap, it’s not only the head that may suffer injury!

    This is where leather comes in! A leather motorcycle jacket is the ultimate protection when it comes to safe riding. The fabric is strong and takes most of the fall (pun intended); it’s durable, practical and lasts for years! The highlight, of course, is the fact that leather motorcycle jackets comes in a wide gamut of styles and ranges adapting to various requirements and situations.

    There are a whole range of leather jackets available. It’s very important to pick the right one. The leather used in a motorcycle jacket should ideally be very stiff and tough thus providing maximum protection to the wearer. A good quality motorcycle jacket will be carefully tested for burst resistance, impact abrasion, tearing and cuts. Several leather motorcycle jackets come with a double lining to ensure additional safety and protection. Leather lives up to its name and has been conceived from time immemorial as the most conventional and sheltered form of motorcycle clothing.

    While picking out a good leather motorcycle jacket, it is very important to check for the fitting. A jacket that is too tight or too loose can be distracting which in turn could be fatal. Always check and see if you can sit comfortably in the motorcycle jacket. While riding a bike one is not standing but in a sitting position. Avoid leather jackets which have tassels hanging out and dangling in the wind!

    Bikers usually prefer having leather jackets with pockets so they can store various documents like money or their license, wallet and so on. Ensure that the jacket you purchase has zipped or button flapped pockets to protect these documents. You don’t want them flying out or falling out of your jacket while riding!

  • Posted :   Apr 4th, 2011

    A simple synonym for leather – fantastic! Leather is durable, its flexible, its practical and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Of course it can cost a pretty penny so it’s very important to know how to care for leather.  It is also very important to know what kind of leather one is purchasing and its benefits.

    Technically leather is made from animal skin – mainly cattle skin. The animal hide then goes through a tanning process which transforms hides and skins into leather. Depending on the ingredients used in the tanning process as well as the subtle variations, we get a variety of leathers.

    Without getting too much into detail about the creation of the leather, below are the most frequent ones used for fashion accessories and apparel:

    Lambskin Leather:
    Lambskin leather is pliable and soft leather commonly used for the creation of pants, jackets and other fashion clothing. Lambskin leather can be found in shearling and smooth and varieties of which the latter is more popular thanks to its soft and supple texture. Easily a popular choice, the challenge lies in the fact that lambskin requires a lot of attention and can easily scuff, tear or scratch.

    Cowhide Leather:
    Cowhide leather is what is used to make almost 99% of all leather goods like bags, watches and leather jackets sold in the States. Cowhide leather, tanned by the natural process, is softer and normally used for handbags and luggage. Cowhide is strong and durable, but on the downside it may be course or grainy.

    Water Buffalo Leather:
    Water buffalo leather is very strong and thick and among other things is used to make motorcycle helmets and shoes. Both cowhide and water buffalo leather have pretty much the same thickness and durability despite years of myths and debates on which is better and stronger!

    Sheepskin Leather:
    Sheepskin leather is basically more mature lambskin; however it is more durable, thicker and often more expensive.

    Suede Leather:
    The cheapest and probably the most stylish type of leather – this one has an almost ‘velvety’ feel to it. It looks great and has a napped or bushed finish. Extremely stylish, it’s not something that would be recommended for strength and protection.

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