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What Makes Leathericon Different?

With the plethora of websites that sell leather apparels, what makes LeatherIcon different or rather what makes LeatherIcon stand out from the crowd? Well the answer is quite simple; the down to earth approach it has towards its customers. The exquisite range of leather outfits and best offer prices makes it a must click site for leather apparels, or in a manner of speaking the first and last destination for online purchase of leather garments, for both men and women. The leather used to make the fine garments is pure and authentic. LeatherIcon has a customer centric approach as it places the customer?s preferences on top priority and to attest to it they have an excellent team of designers and craftsmen and an always available customer support staff. On the technical front, LeatherIcon has an easy to use site with a savvy design and a secure connection for making payments. The security and privacy of the customer is highly respected and for this reason we have a secure and trusted site that is updated with the latest security measures.

What We Sell?

For Men: Men who visit this site will really be pleased with the amassment of leather item that?s in store for them. They can choose leather pants, leather trousers, leather blazers and many more from the wide range of up to date fashion clothing at our disposal.

Men?s leather jacket is and will always be in fad, and because of this we have stocked up all the available styles of jackets, both vintage and contemporary as well and are available in colors that will not hinder the male machismo. Since the leather used for making these jacket is genuine, its shine and texture will have a long lasting effect. The kinds available here are short leather jackets, biker leather jackets, celebrity style leather jackets .

Attractive and cool leather pants are accessible at LeatherIcon .com. We have a wide assortment of men?s leather pants in a great many extraordinary models. We have stylish leather pants, skinny leather pants, tight leather pants, to name a few. Men also get the option of custom made leather pants. Men can also reap benefits of our customer friendly prices. Our highly qualified designers design each outfit with care on authentic leather. Leather coat is nothing but a bunch of leather overcoats. These are matrix style inspired collection. Other than many of the aforementioned collection there exists a huge selection of leather vests; leather blazers; leather chaps; leather shorts etc that men will really like to flaunt.

For Women: The women?s leather collection found at LeatherIcon actually helps a woman to create fashion ripples in her neighborhood. Women of all ages look considerably more lovely and beautiful in a leather jacket when compared to guys. Leather jacket has a magic to alter the tender countenance of a woman into a rough and tough. By far the most wanted range in the women's leather jacket section is the stylish leather jacket.

Women look considerably more lovely and beautiful in a leather pant. The catalogue in women's leather pant series incorporates skinny leather pant. Skinny leather pants other than appealing to a woman also have a certain sensuality and sexiness in it by accentuating the female curves. Our leather pants come in a variety of colors and designs that guarantees to make even a ho-hum girl look captivating.

Leather coat along with leather blazer present a completely unique facet to a women's attire and so are in a position to switch decorum of the event they are in, that is from casual to formal and vice versa. The women's line of leather coats entails leather skirts, leather halters; leather dresses etc.

For Kids: Kids fashion is on the rise, you don?t believe me, ask their parents. Here we will find a very attractive and chic selection of kid?s leather jackets; and a lot of leather outfits for kids that will definitely make him look Yo!

What Styles And Colors Are Offered?

There are many shades or colors that are at display. The bestseller is always black as it blends perfectly with any outfit, casual and formal alike. Women normally opt for the red one as it has a radiant effect and makes them the centre of attraction. Sometimes the color white is also chosen by females, but care needs to taken for the dress they are wearing. Brown and chocolate brown are another popular hue that is preferred by both men and women as it gels with any outfit. Shades of blue are also available with us: air force blue, cobalt blue and navy blue are quite a few of them.

Leather jackets and blazers are available in single breasted and double breasted styles. Biker leather jackets are the craze and are available in short, medium and long lengths.

In women?s section, leather halters and jumpsuits are also available. We also have a nice range of Balmian inspired collection and celebrities style leather apparels.

What Types Of Leather Are Used?

Before delving deeper it needs to be comprehended that the leather we use is authentic and standard. We largely deal with lamb skin leather which is soft and offers a fine texture to the apparels we have. But there are times when the customer prefers tougher leather for a sturdy look; we achieve this by making use of cowhide leather. It has a rough exterior and is much more durable than an outfit made of lambskin leather.

How Are The Outfits Sized?

We generally rely on US standard clothing sizes for men, women and kid?s (boys & girls) clothing. Women?s sizes are bifurcated as per their heights. U.S standard sizes are suited for almost everyone but in case a customer has his or her own preference then they can avail our custom size option and control the dimensions of their clothing. The size we choose by default is the US standard, but in case someone needs a European standard he or she can have the garment custom made.

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