• Posted :   May 28th, 2009

    li_shoppingShopping addiction is not actually an addiction as this activity does not involve physical body parts, a benchmark of addiction. But it is called so because this addiction is same like one is addicted to gambling. ‘Shopping addiction’ can be better defined as ‘compulsory shopping’.

    Compulsory shoppers devote their whole time thinking about shopping, planning for shopping trips, good shops name and so on. It gives them much pleasure. Compulsory shopping becomes like a habit for people. It is like an escape to cope up with stress, depression, anxiety, boredom, anger and all such negative feelings. They become so much accustom to shopping that it becomes greatest motto of their life. Mostly these people love to do shopping alone. If with friends then they are also of their type.

    Shopping addiction appears to affect women and men almost equally. Signs of compulsive shopper are:

    Whenever they feel irritation or any negation just like drug or alcohol addicts they run for shopping.

    They purchase things that are not of their interest and have never thought of purchasing.

    One peculiar characteristic about them is they go shopping for a couple of items but return with two or three full bags.

    The desire of shopping is so high in them that override the person’s ability to consider the consequences of spending money.

    These characteristics though sound quite funny but are very dangerous in real as shopaholics spend their entire money and at last ruin them. But compulsive shopping is not a disease and can be curbed by following few steps. Here are they:

    Window shopping is good for you but that too for short duration so that you are not tempted to walk into the store.

    Avoid online surfing as it tempts you to purchase items online.

    If going for shopping take someone who can keep watch over your shopping spree and resist you from spending much.

    Keep your credit card at home while going out in order to avoid the temptation to spend.

    Find other routine activities to replace the times you used to spend shopping.

    Shopping is very sweet experiences enjoy it rather than falling prey to it.

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