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  • Posted :   Sep 7th, 2011

    First it was Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston, and Malin Akerman who sported the tight leather mini dress but the one lady who shows her continued patronage to awesome leather creations is Zoe Saldana. She first appeared in a gorgeous beige leather dress with burgundy accessories at ___. She stunned onlookers and the media alike. Taking a page from the same book the 33 year old Avatar star gave reason for applause at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film Colombiana on 24 August.

    The gorgeous Saldana plays a cold-hearted murderer and vigilante murderer seeking revenge and sure the movie may do well but her leather dress at the promos guarantees that at least the fashion conscious would be sure to check it out. Nothing promotes a movie better than a well dressed actress and add to that a leather mini dress and you’ve guaranteed yourself a sure hit.

    Elegance was the talk of the premiere as she strolled across the red carpet with her glossy hair, salmon pink leather dress and the beautiful shoes. The Valentino leather dress with a sheer lace back beautifully highlighted Saldana’s slim figure. She clearly commanded the dress in all its simplicity while radiating oomph and beauty.

    Leather dresses must be combined well and for those who are in any doubt just look at the beautiful Miss Saldana who combined her salmon pink leather dress with simple, pointy pumps from Christian Louboutin Pigalle and a fashionable Salvatore Ferragamo woven clutch with gold sequin detailing.

    Zoe Saldana wowed the masses in her beautiful leather dress and if you wish to look just as fantastic in a leather dress then you don’t need to have tons of money or that slim figure! Let your elegance shine forth like Zoe Saldana in a beautiful leather dress today.

  • Posted :   Sep 6th, 2011

    In the fashion world age is the word that you will not like to discuss, everyone strives to stay young and look good, it is to be said that if you start looking old in the fashion world then you are out of fashion and not more runway shows for you, it means that its time to go for a vacation, but to your rescue here is a fabric which guarantees to reduce your age by at least 10 years, you have loved it, you have worn it and its been around since ages….that’s right…its leather friends. Leather dresses are the latest trend this season

    Little black dress: move over. The small black leather dress is fall 2011’s latest look. Leather dresss after 40 tend to be an indisputable method to show your younger side. A leather outfit has a lot to say about the wearer; the fabric actually speaks for itself: –
    •    She’s got money (because good leather dresses made of genuine leather are expensive)
    •    She is definitely sexy and
    •    She’s also a little rebellious as well as outgoing type.
    For women over 40 years of age, wearing leather should be an enjoyable change which they will love to wear. Here are few style tips that will help you get that look you desire: –

    You need the body to put on leather dresses. This really is one trend in which you just can’t fudge it along with visual tricks. You are able to; however, choose a design that compliments your own figure. If you have just a little wider waist, purchase one of the shift leather dresses. Flabby hands? Buy a short-sleeve leather dress.
    •    Do not over expose; it is always better that you look comfortable showing your skin. If your leather dress is strapless, guarantee the hem is nicely below the leg. If it’s an above-the-knee design, make sure it has a higher neckline and/or sleeves. The bottom line is to look sexy, not really sleazy (which you will do should you show too much pores and skin.)
    •    Avoid pairing leather dresses with leather accessories like leather boots or bracelets, because too many cooks spoil the soup so is the case with leather. It’s a versatile fabric it can be combined with any outfit.
    •    Go easy on the add-ons. Tone down your hair, jewelry and makeup for any minimal look to allow the dress take middle stage.
    •    Colors work, as well. Leather dresses don’t have to just be black. We have seen great colored leather dresses in shades like mustard and lemon.

  • Posted :   Sep 5th, 2011

    Leather clothing is exquisite and makes the wearer feel just as fantastic. You may have purchased the perfect leather jacket for yourself or probably the ideal pair of leather pants. However, before you venture to showcase them to the world simply follow these four simple fashion tips:

    •    Identifying real leather:
    If you’re a leather connoisseur, you could probably identify real leather simply by the feel and smell of it. Check the label of the garment. Most say genuine leather. Do remember that there are various kinds of leather though like suede leather which have a soft velvety feel to it.

    •    Leather combinations:
    Leather is absolutely gorgeous. It is that awesome fabric that can be worn the year round. Leather shorts look great in the summer and there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in that wonderful feel of leather during the winter. Its warm yet light and comfortable. Irrespective of the timing you choose to wear your leather clothing, the combination is of utmost importance. Luckily, its just as simple! Leather matches just about every fabric created. You can combine it with cotton, chiffon, silk, organza and several other fabrics. The one fabric that you cannot match it with, ironically, is leather itself. An overdose of leather is never a good idea!

    •    Accessorizing leather:
    You can accessorize your leather apparel just as you would a normal one. A formal environment demands more subtle jewelry while a fun place like a club can have loud accessories. If you plan to wear a leather skirt pay attention to the shoes!

    •    Caring for leather:
    Leather apparel is known for two things – their sheer gorgeousness and their longetivity. The latter, of course, is subject to how well its cared for. Leather is basically tanned and treated animal skin. Treat your leather clothing with a leather protector which helps extend its life. Always keep your leather clothing in a dry place, away from naphthalene balls and preferably on a hanger. Moisturize your leather jacket with a leather moisturizer at least once in two months. This will help keep the leather item soft and avoid cracks.

  • Posted :   Sep 4th, 2011

    The designs of leather jackets have always allured us since ages and are a must have fashion item in your wardrobe. This is one style which is favorite among celebrities and has always been donned by high end fashionistas. This is one style which will take you right from the street fashion to the end fashion creating a fashion statement which is difficult to resist. Leather has always been available in black and brown but today latest dying techniques has given this leather a new look and it looks even more appealing making the wearer look attractive and enticing.

    After spying on the latest celebrity fashion in leather jacket this was my conclusion that colored leather jackets are the latest trends which will help you achieve a new state of fashion making you look like a diva. Leather jackets are now available in red, pink, blue, green and various shades of these colors making you the center of attraction.

    Now if you wish to wear this fashion to office then it is a definite no; since it is chic and not a formal attire, but you can definitely war this to your bosses birthday party; it will not attract attention of your boss but will also get you loads of compliments; you never know you may even be entitled to a promotion well I know leather is a powerful fashion statement but do no think that it will get you a any promotion, it can only get you praise.

    The uber chic fashion is the paste and muted shades which are available in these jackets. There are also various eye popping and brighter shades available but they will work only if you make matching combination. This is a must have style for your wardrobe and it definitely demands attention. Leather jackets are versatile fashion items which can be paired with almost anything. This is one voguish item which can be worn in any season.

    If in case you are in the quest to achieve you best outfit to define your casual or formal attire then leather jackets is definitely the best choice. The current vibrating shades in the leather jackets have created a new fashion statement.

  • Posted :   Sep 3rd, 2011

    Leather jackets for fallYou do not need a Harley Davidson or be a Motocross racer to don a leather jacket; leather jackets are designed for anyone who wishes to upgrade their style quotient. They have been the quintessence of the fashion industry since a long time and will continue to do so in future, no other item actually matches the versatility of leather, but this piece of clothing comes with a warning and if you do not take this seriously then the fashion statement that you try to create may go wrong.

    It is 21th century; the field of fashion in every solitary moment things gets in fashion and is out from the fashion. We’re not able to say that we will see anything for long time. Each and every moment creates once again fashion and every part of the world wants to type in the fashion race. Everyone likes to be fashionable and trendy for that objective they adopt fashionable fashion all the time. Several things or material usually declared as pattern symbol that’s why we are able to see those thins popular almost all the time.

    Leather is the most favorite and also the trendiest factor, which is seen in style almost every season; various designers use it to create their brand wonderful and hot. Women wearing these classy leather jackets definitely turn heads and make the wearer look classy and stylish.

    Different type of jackets, jacket and other stuff that are made with Leather, we can see within the show. There are many vibrant colors were used combined with the natural leather colors. Numerous leather fur fits skirts dresses signify in the show however the most fantastic jackets are black stitched dress and the heavy n bright red-colored .The red leather jacket attracts almost to each one, nobody know that it is an ordinary jacket that was just from the world. The most beautiful jacket for this season had been the green jacket, which is too good to resist, it is trendy, stylish and of course eye catchy. I think that this would be one of the best pick for this years fall season collection.

  • Posted :   Sep 1st, 2011

    Are you going to the night clubs? If so, you want attractive club dress. Nevertheless, you don’t want to play it safe when selecting one. You need to have enjoyable and push your own fashion limits just a little. The primary task associated with club outfits would be to help you look warm as well as to help you appeal to the interest of men at the night clubs. This means you should push the actual boundaries a bit which means you achieve this. The right type of leather dress or even leather skirt is all you need to get into the clubbing attire!

    Nearly all clubbing dresses aren’t actually that expensive, particularly when you buy online. You’ll find many different designs, as well. You’ll find sexy choices, and then there are drop-dead breathtaking as well as provocative dresses which will turn you in to the main attraction that the gym has.

    Wondering what styles are available? Two items are often favorite options. You can opt for a mini leather dress along with a halter top for any great look. Small leather dresses make the wearer look sexy especially if they are designed using genuine leather.

    What you need to look for is a leather-based dress that’s going to embrace all of your curves correctly. This is definitely the time to exhibit off your determine with the outfit you choose out. This may consist of selecting a low reduce neckline to show a few cleavage, a tight leather-based skirt or maybe a slit dress that shows off your own legs. It could actually include a low reduce to exhibit alluring shoulder blades and a great back again.

    You want to make mind turn and make males gasp as you walk into the actual club. This means you can not afford to play it secure. To be one of the sexiest girls on the party area, choose a leather gown that shows off your own sexiness along with your self-confidence. There are lots of styles that you could choose from — so have a great time as you heat up your preferred night spot!

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