• Posted :   Sep 6th, 2011

    In the fashion world age is the word that you will not like to discuss, everyone strives to stay young and look good, it is to be said that if you start looking old in the fashion world then you are out of fashion and not more runway shows for you, it means that its time to go for a vacation, but to your rescue here is a fabric which guarantees to reduce your age by at least 10 years, you have loved it, you have worn it and its been around since ages….that’s right…its leather friends. Leather dresses are the latest trend this season

    Little black dress: move over. The small black leather dress is fall 2011’s latest look. Leather dresss after 40 tend to be an indisputable method to show your younger side. A leather outfit has a lot to say about the wearer; the fabric actually speaks for itself: –
    •    She’s got money (because good leather dresses made of genuine leather are expensive)
    •    She is definitely sexy and
    •    She’s also a little rebellious as well as outgoing type.
    For women over 40 years of age, wearing leather should be an enjoyable change which they will love to wear. Here are few style tips that will help you get that look you desire: –

    You need the body to put on leather dresses. This really is one trend in which you just can’t fudge it along with visual tricks. You are able to; however, choose a design that compliments your own figure. If you have just a little wider waist, purchase one of the shift leather dresses. Flabby hands? Buy a short-sleeve leather dress.
    •    Do not over expose; it is always better that you look comfortable showing your skin. If your leather dress is strapless, guarantee the hem is nicely below the leg. If it’s an above-the-knee design, make sure it has a higher neckline and/or sleeves. The bottom line is to look sexy, not really sleazy (which you will do should you show too much pores and skin.)
    •    Avoid pairing leather dresses with leather accessories like leather boots or bracelets, because too many cooks spoil the soup so is the case with leather. It’s a versatile fabric it can be combined with any outfit.
    •    Go easy on the add-ons. Tone down your hair, jewelry and makeup for any minimal look to allow the dress take middle stage.
    •    Colors work, as well. Leather dresses don’t have to just be black. We have seen great colored leather dresses in shades like mustard and lemon.

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