• Posted :   Sep 5th, 2011

    Leather clothing is exquisite and makes the wearer feel just as fantastic. You may have purchased the perfect leather jacket for yourself or probably the ideal pair of leather pants. However, before you venture to showcase them to the world simply follow these four simple fashion tips:

    •    Identifying real leather:
    If you’re a leather connoisseur, you could probably identify real leather simply by the feel and smell of it. Check the label of the garment. Most say genuine leather. Do remember that there are various kinds of leather though like suede leather which have a soft velvety feel to it.

    •    Leather combinations:
    Leather is absolutely gorgeous. It is that awesome fabric that can be worn the year round. Leather shorts look great in the summer and there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in that wonderful feel of leather during the winter. Its warm yet light and comfortable. Irrespective of the timing you choose to wear your leather clothing, the combination is of utmost importance. Luckily, its just as simple! Leather matches just about every fabric created. You can combine it with cotton, chiffon, silk, organza and several other fabrics. The one fabric that you cannot match it with, ironically, is leather itself. An overdose of leather is never a good idea!

    •    Accessorizing leather:
    You can accessorize your leather apparel just as you would a normal one. A formal environment demands more subtle jewelry while a fun place like a club can have loud accessories. If you plan to wear a leather skirt pay attention to the shoes!

    •    Caring for leather:
    Leather apparel is known for two things – their sheer gorgeousness and their longetivity. The latter, of course, is subject to how well its cared for. Leather is basically tanned and treated animal skin. Treat your leather clothing with a leather protector which helps extend its life. Always keep your leather clothing in a dry place, away from naphthalene balls and preferably on a hanger. Moisturize your leather jacket with a leather moisturizer at least once in two months. This will help keep the leather item soft and avoid cracks.

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