• Posted :   Jun 20th, 2011

    Skirts are the style staple of the summer season. Denim cut offs and denim skirts will be gracing every street and every club. It’s time to stand out and do something different. A great choice to beat the heat is to wear leather skirts. They match every occasion and look great. Beware though; you may end up raising the temperature quite a few notches with the wonder that is the leather skirt.

    •    Formal Occasion:
    Leather skirts are thought to be restricted only to clubs and young ladies looking to show off their great toned legs. Well think again! Leather skirts look fabulous in the work environment. Pick out a tea length pencil leather skirt if you would like to go for something fitting. Another great option is a straight cut leather skirt to the knees. A leather skirt combined with a formal blouse and a string of pearls is a superb option for the office or an office party.

    •    Club Wear:
    A leather skirt looks excellent for the clubs. Pick out a short A-line wonder or a nice fitting leather skirt. Both look fantastic for the club. Add to it a nice polo neck top and boots or a beautiful halter neck top. Tube tops also look excellent.

    •    Barbeque:
    A leather skirt looks great for a barbeque or an afternoon party as well. Pick out nice, flirty materials for a top. Full length leather skirts look great for parties, casual evenings out and so on.

    Do remember to mix your leather skirts with other fabrics. Silk, organza, wool, cotton, georgette – all of these blend with leather excellently. Never combine leather with leather though. Also, do remember that your leather skirt is powerful apparel. Dress up from head to toe to compliment your great choice of apparel. Make sure your accessories look great with your skirt. Pay attention to your choice of shoes. Boots, pumps, flat ballerinas – all look great with a leather skirt. Pick out something you are comfortable in and you truly enjoy!

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