• Posted :   Mar 30th, 2011

    I’ve seen the clichéd long chains with the dangling peace symbols and I’ve see the chunky shiny jewelry but celebrities seem to have their own take on how to combine their leather outfits with the funkiest, wackiest and yet fantastic accessories. Here are a few celebs who have successfully managed to grab the attention of the viewer not just with their superb outfits but also with their funky combinations!

    Katerina Graham

    Check out those whacked out purple shoes! Leather is sexy; those purple booties are unusual and the whole combination is totally mind blowing. Katerina is looking so cute – almost pixie like and boy is she carrying it off like a perfect angel!

    Zoe Saldana

    Just her beige leather dress is wondrous in itself but pairing it with these ultra cute two-tone brown and burgundy shoes is like the cherry on the cake. Not even close to an obvious choice, it stands out and yet put all together it looks simply superb!

    Nicole Scherzinger

    Leather is more often than not combined with simple black slip-ons or open toed shoes. I like that Nicole has combined her shiny leather pants and jacket with this almost sandal like pair of shoes! It somehow cuts off the sharpness of the leather overdose.

    Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton chose to combine her bright red leather dress with the most awesome silver shoes. The whole combination looked a bit off and yet it seemed to work perfectly well together! You have got to hand it out to her – the woman never fails to surprise!

    Nicole Richie

    It would be totally unfair to exclude Richie. She may not be making it to the news anymore but you cannot deny sexy shoes their due footage (pun intended) especially when combined with a super sexy leather dress. The whole black and white combination looks rather charming. A definite like!

    John Legend

    Instead of the usual bling that is almost always added to hip hop stars wearing leather jackets, John Legend instead chose to accessorize his gunmetal colored leather jacket with a deep grey shawl and a pair of brown and beige converse shoes! Well done Mr. Legend! You are definitely living up to your name!

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