• Posted :   Oct 12th, 2011

    When it comes to shopping for leather apparels it is very important that you plan on a budget and stick to it, this article will help you select the genuine leather from the fake one and will also help you save money on leather apparels. There is an increase in demand real leather that will get used to distinguish artificial leather. There are many types of true leather there quality are different, therefore their prices vary greatly. The prices vary greatly if the product is genuine, but some dealers sell fake leather jackets at original price, hence it is our job to find out if the jacket bought is it worth or no; is it genuine or fake.

    The very first way to differentiate between genuine leather and artificial leather is the touch, genuine and original leather is soft, supple and stretches up to a certain extent. The second best way is to watch and learn, take a nice look at your leather jacket. Just by looking at it you will come to know about the leather jacket that you are planning to buy. Towards the true leather, you will find noticeable pore and attractive pattern under the surface area of genuine leather. While even though the artificial leather also has pores, they will not be that clear. Artificial leather used a lining inside to improve its strength. Nevertheless, in the reverse aspect of true leather, there is no this coating of textile. This is actually the most easy and useful way to tell the difference.

    The third way is to smell the meat. Generally, high quality leather has no peculiar smell. So long as the true leather, they’ve the smell associated with leather. If a leather jacket has a stinky peculiar smell, after that it might be bad outcomes of processing. The last method is to observe the lit leather. The same goes with the leather furniture as well, the retailers claim that it is genuine original leather and later you come to know that its fake, but by the time its too late.

    There is a huge racket for faux leather and sometimes you cannot tell for sure what you really are paying for. A final tip that will help you determine the difference is the price, it is not possible for you to find a genuine leather jacket at a price of few hundred dollars, so use your head and save yourself from buying a faux.

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