• Posted :   Mar 3rd, 2011

    leather outfitsLeather looks ravishing by itself. Be it a dress, jacket, shorts or a dress. There is no doubt there. You can’t have a ‘not gorgeous’ looking leather outfit. Leather is suave and sexy. It looks superb on women. Depending on the style and fashion you choose you give off a varied number of looks like beautiful to sensual to graceful to elegant and so on.

    You must know how to choose your leather. Whichever leather apparel you pick – each one has a personality. Remember to choose one that suits and compliments yours. One that you are confident you can carry off. Another common problem faced by many women is how to accessorize their leather apparel.

    Here are a few tips to accessorize your leather:

    Warning: Never combine leather with leather. It makes for disastrous results. A leather top with leather pants and leather shoes is to die for – literally! Each of these items looks good – just not together. Leather together is a fashion faux pas!

    1.    Leather Bomber Jacket:

    Combine your leather bomber jacket with skinny denims. Its great to zip up your leather bomber but don’t forget to wear something inside. Wear something sleeveless and long; something that falls to the hips or just about touching your derriere. Accessorize your outfit with a long chain that ends at your mid riff. Big pendants look fantastic! Add to it a pair of pumps or strappy sandals!

    2.   Leather Dress:

    This of course can vary in lengths!  For an extremely short leather dress, add a pair of snazzy, eye catching, high heeled sandals! Roman tie up sandals also look rather charming. Accessorize your dress with a clutch. Bulky bags never look good with petite dresses. Make sure your clutch, shoes and other accessories match or are at least in tandem with each other!

    For a professional look, pick out a knee length, leather dress and add to it a pair of no nonsense pumps. Avoid glitter in the office. For an assertive appearance, carry a simple purse and accessorize with stud earrings and a delicate chain with a pretty pendant.

    3.   Leather Pants:

    This is a tricky one! You could easily go wrong with accessorizing here – especially with your shoes. Your shoes should depend on the style of the leg cuff. If it is a narrow fit then pick out suede boots; for a more flared pant style combine it with slip on shoes. Remember, the choice of the top is also very important.

    4.   Leather Skirt:

    Once again the length matters but this time add to it the styling and cut! Strappy sandals compliment a long skirt with a slit so also a mermaid style dress. Sandals always look fantastic with skirts.

    It’s quite simple to accessorize leather. All you have to do is pay attention to the little details. Contrasting accessories also look good. Remember, your dress is only 50% of your look. The way you carry it off makes all the difference!

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