• Posted :   Jan 5th, 2011

    Leather jackets are usually associated with military aviators, bikers, punks, Goths, rock stars, rivet heads, metal heads and the police. I mean when you think leather jackets, you automatically think of a brown or black thick coat made of cowhide, reaching somewhere near your waist or hip.

    Ill give you the cowhide part – that’s basically what leather is made of, but the rest is pretty much old school. I mean leather is no more associated only with tough, hard as nails people with a kick-ass attitude. Leather is now extended to varied colors – even pink! Sizes vary from knee length to short jazzy tops. Just the other day, I came across my very corporate neighbor walking out in a very formal leather jacket. It was a beautiful turquoise color and perfectly complimented her black one-piece dress.

    Leather jackets pretty much describe who you are. It clearly indicates your personality. Anyone wearing leather firstly comes across as bold and someone not afraid to take up challenges. Clothes define you and leather makes a serious first impression.

    Choose your jacket carefully! Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect leather jacket.

    Bikers :

    If you are a biker boy or girl, your choice of leather jacket is perhaps the most important, since it’s directly related to your safety. Never ever pick a jacket that’s too tight. It becomes uncomfortable – especially during those long rides. While they may look stylish on women, they are not practical. On the other hand, never opt for one that’s too loose. A loose jacket is bound to flap all the time while you are riding – thus reducing the dexterity of the material and in the long run, its lifespan! The constant flapping and catching of the wind may also distract you as a rider.

    Ensure that the jacket you pick has helped to make your ride safer. As a biker, that has to be your first priority. Make sure that you pick something comfortable both on and off the road.

    Corporate look :

    Once again, comfort is of prime importance. Leather as a stereotype is considered to be something belonging to the youth. Your choice of jacket here has to be subtle, chic and elegant. When you are taking that meeting in the board room, make sure your jacket gives off the right vibe. When it comes to corporate attire, the color of the jacket is important. Wearing a bright red leather jacket may not really be a wise idea.

    Ensure that whatever you pick is the epitome of comfort. If the jacket is too tight or lose, it could be pretty tough and distracting to spend the whole day in it.

    Rock stars/ Goths/ Punks :

    If you already are one or are a blooming rock star, then leather undoubtedly is your thing. A leather jacket pretty much defines your appeal and popularity. Now while I don’t expect you to have 365 jackets for each day of the year, it helps to have more than 1. It expands your jacket’s life span and the different variations are fun. Pick a jacket that defines who you are and something that you like. Never pick a leather jacket, just because it’s the thing to have. Always choose one that you picture yourself wearing and one that you can carry off!

    Don’t fit in any of the above categories? That’s not an issue at all! Anyone and everyone can wear a leather jacket. If you think you can wear it and you actually like the idea of wearing one, it pretty much helps you pull it off. The most important thing while wearing a leather jacket is to ensure that it fits you well and that you like seeing yourself in it. If you are comfortable with it, more likely than not everyone around you will be comfortable seeing you in it.

    Make sure that you accessorize correctly when you wear leather. Combine your leather jacket with the perfect pair of shoes and bag and you pretty much have your look down pat! For guys, try army boots with your leather jacket and probably a few chains and a great pair of sunglasses!

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