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  Caress Your Feminism In Leather This Woman’s Day

Leather is usually considered to be the playground of men. A material associated with ruggedness, sturdiness and testosterone. Right from the early years of aviators and bikers, leather has always been linked to men or in turn punk and uninhibited women. It’s time to think again and discard old stereotypes.

Leather, like so many other things, is no longer restricted to men! Every single detail associated with leather and men (except for an overdose of testosterone) is something a woman is inborn with and we should be proud of it! A woman is the epitome of strength. As Shaggy says – ‘Don’t you underestimate the strength of a woman’?

Leather, as a material is soft to the touch, yet is tough when called for much like a woman! Women and leather are made for each other. They compliment each other perfectly and this Woman’s Day buy yourself something gorgeous in leather. The options are endless:

Leather jacket:

A great leather jacket oozes style and sex appeal. A variety of leather jackets are available ranging from short waist length ones to full length trench coats. Choose your jacket carefully. There is a jacket available for every personality in a plethora of colors. You can choose from the traditional black to more lively colors like blues and greens.

Leather bomber jacket:

This is possibly the one style statement that is most associated with men and yet we as women seem to take its trendiness to a whole new level! A leather bomber is warm while adding an air of chic comfort to it. There a re a variety of options like fur trimmed bombers, bombers with hoodies, metal encrusted bombers and so on. They look fabulous when paired with denims, skirts and dresses. An ideal choice, especially in cold climate, a leather bomber jacket is an ideal option for the casual look.

Leather blazers:

The perfect choice for the no nonsense, professional woman! a leather blazer speaks authority and professionalism. A perfect choice for that meeting you are about to hold, a leather blazer is assertive and bold and a great option to be taken seriously.

Leather biker jacket:

Who say we can’t ride a bike? Who says we can’t give men a run for their money in what they consider their territory and who says we cannot dominate what they think is their turf? Display your inner strength and true ruggedness in a great leather biker jacket!

Leather skirts:

Ranging from mid thigh to full length, a leather skirt screams sensuality and beauty. You can choose a tight, form fitting skirt to highlight your gorgeous silhouette or a flair leather full length skirt to display your delicacy – either ways you are going to be pampering yourself to a womanly delight by gifting yourself a skirt on Woman’s Day!

Leather naughtiness:

A woman is a masterpiece created by the Lord with plenty of love. Her soft curves and the persona attached to it is what make a woman so tempting in all her beauty. Ignite passion this woman’s day in something naughty like a tie up leather corset or a short ruffled leather skirt!

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