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  Best Leather Apparel for Summer 2011

The summer season is basically a time of cheery fun, untroubled spirit and a huge dose of relaxation, which obviously transcends to trendy, comfy, easy and most importantly enjoyable attire to match the joys of the season. No more excuses. It is now time to explore an assortment of summer silhouettes and designs, and flirt with the hottest looks so you can promise yourself a great summer 2011.

So what should you expect this summer? Sure sun dresses and shorts are in fashion but that’s what every second person will be wearing. That doesn’t mean that you suddenly have to resort to a winter wardrobe. It just means that you have to use a little innovation to stand out from the rest of the crowd while still remaining incredibly trendy. A great option is to try out leather. Yes you read right. Summer is all about experimenting and its time to experience the joys of good leather. Here are some absolute must try leather summer apparel:

Leather shorts:

Shorts are a summer fashion staple. Irrespective if whether you consider your appearance as classic or trendy, a great pair of shorts will keep you well styled all season long! You can choose from pleat front, high waist, fanny pack bedecked or cargo embellished leather shorts. They are quite the rage this season and for very obvious reasons. They look fantastic and can be combined with some bold and summer pattern tops. When one wears leather shorts, the outfit suddenly transcends itself from regular summer wear reputation and suddenly becomes more next generation.

Leather skirts:

Experiment with bright and funky colors and daring hemlines. Leather skirts look gorgeous as formal attire. Just ensure that the skirt is knee length or below in an office environment. A suede leather skirt will look utterly fantastic with the brightness of the season. Add a pair of flat ballerinas, a quirky beaded chain and you have yourself a brand new, very coveted, summer look. Let’s not forget the mini skirts though which also make for great summer attire and looks fantastic at parties and casual outings. Remember though, its all about the right combinations.

Leather summer dresses:

Summer obviously calls for shorter hemlines and your leather dress should be no exception. If you plan to wear your leather dress during the day, then choose a nice A line creation ending above your knees. An evening function calls for something more form fitting and luscious.

Leather vests

Leather vests take style, trend and chic to a whole new level. So long as you get the perfect fit, they are ideal for the summer season. They could pass as casual as well as formal with great ease. Instead of just wandering about in denims and a tee, adding a leather vest looks both suave and sexy! Do remember though that a leather vest must be combined right for the best effect. Select solid colored leather vests for the best effect.

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