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I love wearing skirts, but the winter has robbed me off my indulgence. Is there any other outfit that I can wear till wintertime, but it should be equally trendy?
Here is some good news for you. You can still wear the skirts. Long skirts are the perfect answer to your query. Long skirts can be worn not just in winter but all year long. Long skirts are the practical choice during winter as it keeps the legs warm and on top of it all, you look slim. If you want to look jazzy, wear a leather blazer on top of the long skirt.
To attend a business party I have chosen the perfect dress. But I have to accessorize in a trendy way that would maintain the corporate decorum. Need some expert opinion on the accessory.
The possible suggestion is a leather bag. Leather bags the best as they are stylish and yet maintain the etiquette. They are durable and come in a variety of designs.
Being a professional woman it is hard for me to maintain my favorite sultry look as my office has a formal dress code. Any ideas as to how I can light it up?
I got 3 words for you; Designer Leather Pants. Leather pants fall in the category of formal wear. Designer leather pants are crafted in a style that resembles jeans or slacks.
Summer brings with it a season of sporting activities and being a vivid biker, I am eagerly anticipating its arrival. This year I am planning to ride cross country and that leads to a dilemma. What to wear, as I expect to charm some girls on the way?
Good for you. And as you are planning cross country, you have to blend style with safety; and both can be achieved with a Biker Leather Jacket. They are truly stylish and safe for the road and are available in many designs and colors as well.
Due to my hectic professional schedules there are times when I do not even get to change. What clothes fit my present scenario?
This is a dilemma for many marketing professionals, and a majority of them opt for Leather jackets as it can be donned with formals and casuals as well and what more it has a style factor tagged to it.
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