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LeatherIcon.com is owned by the ClickBiz Enterprises Limited Group of companies. We have carved a niche in the sector of leather apparels with our USP being commitment, quality and deliverance. Our motto is blending customer friendliness with professionalism. We cater to the distinct choices of customers in leather and tailor it to perfection. LeatherIcon.com has gained eminence through its versatile and chic leather outfit. Its customer service and precise delivery of products was just an icing on the cake.

Leather is fashion immemorial and LeatherIcon has harnessed it to mould it into outfits that are simply exotic. LeatherIcon.com is a fashion hub and aims to be the last word in leather fashion. Leather outfits for any occasion is available here be it for a social occasion or vagary or even as a talisman and LeatherIcon promises to bring out the icon in you.

Setting the bar high for quality and perfection has been its motive since outset. It ambitious endeavor to churn out trendy leather outfits for both genders showed excellent results from the very go. The nonpareil leather chosen to weave out garments has in its ambit many contemporary and traditional outfits like coats, vests, jackets, jumpsuits etc, as well as accessories like gloves, wallets and purses. The outfits can be classy, trendy, jazzy, and flashy to downright outrageous. We proffer leather product for all weather conditions and also all season leather. The team working to produce these amazing leather outfits has impeccable credentials. The designer has years of experience in the fashion world and rest of the team are professionals with superlative skills and records. Hence we can indisputably claim that all the products showcased on our site come from indigenous factories.

The finished leather products sold from LeatherIcon outright beats their competitor; that is the trust that customers have in us. It also has a high repute in the international markets, to the extent that we can claim to be the market leader in leather apparels. We are able to cater to our client base spread across the globe in a timely manner. And due to this wide base of clients our site is amongst the top to get online hits for leather outfits. Our governing company also holds multiple pharmacy companies, and both these segments nullify the overhead cost of intermediaries thereby reducing the end cost to the customer.

Innovation is the key in the world of fashion and LeatherIcon comprehending this have inculcated it to its core. The couture fabricated here are innovative with the changing trends yet appeasing to the senses. Uniqueness, quality and style are the three pillars of LeatherIcon. Our blog writers and designers work in tandem to stay abreast with the latest styles and glitterati of the fashion scene. With being in sync with these changing scenarios our designers can weave out superb designs from superior leather. Special care is taken before the finished garment is dispatched to the customer and all the items are substantiated personally by the designer.

LeatherIcon.com makes use of premium quality leather skins in every outfit. Our prices and quality are peerless. Based up on the grain and strength, LeatherIcon chooses only a small percent of the leather that comes to them. The leather is processed as per industry standards and gives the leather a fine texture. Because of this meticulousness our products are exported world over giving us the bragging right of being leading exporter of quality leather goods. Through our subsidiaries we also have deals with the U.S. department stores and theme parks.

The leather products we ship are at par with the best in the world due to our uncompromising stance on quality and that too at a rate that cannot be found anywhere else. For example a jacket that sells for $150 in retail stores is available with us for a meager sum of $ 90. This price difference can be testified by millions of our regular customers. Just log in and reap the benefits of shopping with LeatherIcon.com.

For any additional concerns pertaining to shopping at LeatherIcon.com e-mail or contact us at our Toll Free number: 1-888-556-5257 customersupport@leathericon.com.. All e-mails are responded inside of 24 hours.
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