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  Celebrate St Patrick's Day With Green And Leather

St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! It’s time to bring on the green beer, kick up your heels and party!!! Fun, frolic and loads of energy – the true definition of the Irish is what the holiday of St Patrick’s Day is all about.

Of course, everyone will be sporting green – right from aging old ladies to little toddlers. Paddy’s Day is a celebration of happiness and a day when everyone gets out into the streets in green dresses, caps and symbols! It is time for you to jazz it up, stand out from the sea of green and create your own unique style sense. Nothing speaks style better than leather, it’s soft yet rugged. Just the sheer look of the material is enough to make you a head turner even in a crowd. Below are a few combinations guaranteed to sizzle up your holiday!

St Patrick’s Day Parade:

Combine a brown ruffled leather skirt (pick a length you are comfortable in) with a simple celery green spaghetti strapped top. Tie your hair up with a green ribbon or add a touch of flirtiness by making a gorgeous side bow out of a ribbon around your neck! The entire aura of mischief is bound to add joy to your holiday.

Select loose black leather cargos and add a casual sweet potato vine green tee to it. The looseness of the leather pants ensure that you will not boil dancing around while at the same time looking absolutely fantastic!

St Patrick’s Day Formal Party:

If you have been invited to a formal party for St Patrick’s Day, don’t worry about what to wear! Almost every woman out there is going to be dressed in a green cocktail dress. Spice it up! Be unique. Instead of opting for a green dress, do something different. Choose a deep brown knee length dress or a simple white chiffon dress. Add to it a gorgeous green formal blazer. Combine it with the same colored shoes and accessories and prepare to stand out from the herd!

Rock your St Patrick’s Day formal party by adding a leather jacket to your green shirt! Most men around will simply be dressed in formals. Spice up your appearance with a tan leather jacket or alternatively tan leather, straight fit pants. Wear a simple green formal shirt and don’t forget to tuck a shamrock in the button hole!

St Patrick’s Day Informal Party:

Ladies, its time to dress up and really let your hair down; it is time to go all out and celebrate St Patrick’s Day. You will plenty of chiffon and georgette all over at the party. Startle everyone and be the talk of the party in a gorgeous green leather mini dress. A strapless neckline will also sizzle the scene! If you are not comfortable in a mini dress choose a full length green leather skirt instead. Add to it a strapless black bustier top and prepare to be the party starter.

Show off your deliciousness in a pair of black leather chaps! It’s totally unexpected and will undoubtedly get you some well deserved attention. Team it up with a cowboy, chequed, green shirt and you’re ready to rock the party!

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