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  2011 – Bring On the Leather Dresses

2011 introduced with it a whole range of fashion trends. A quarter way down the line, a few of them have already become passé. Others have managed to hold on strong. One design that has managed to hold its ground firmly, while still standing to become increasingly popular, is leather dresses. So I was thinking to myself what could be the reason why leather dresses have still managed to firmly be a crowd puller when others have failed. Here are a few things that popped into my head as to why the sudden hugely popular appeal for leather dresses :


Let’s face it. The basic point of dressing up is to look good and if we probe deeper into our conscience we would probably admit to ourselves that we like the fact that others notice us. The easiest way to gain approval is to dress well. A leather dress screams perfection. It is utterly impossible to walk out perfectly accessorized in a leather dress and not fetch a whole hoard of compliments. In plain and simple words, a leather dress looks absolutely fantastic and that is as good a reason as any to purchase a leather dress.

Celeb endorsing:

Celebs are permanently under the spotlight. They pay their designers millions of dollars each year just to make them look good. An increasing number of celebrities seem to have warmed up to leather dresses. Right from J Lo making her appearance in a beige leather dress at a TV show to Zoe Saldana sporting a nude colored leather dress to Katerina Graham in a gorgeous traditional black dress with funky purple shoes, the one thing that strikes me is that the celebs love their leather!

What repetition?

The beauty about leather dresses are that there are so many different styles out there in a variety of lengths and designs that you never have to worry about being a repeat! In other words, you still manage to look absolutely popular while still maintaining your own unique signature style.


Leather as a fabric is extremely durable. For those of us who do not run on film star budgets, the thought of being able to repeat a dress without worrying about fraying it is a huge relief. Add to the fact that leather dresses undoubtedly look like they are going to remain in style for quite a while (much like leather jackets) and you have got yourself a winner!


We all dress up for style (hopefully, by now you have admitted it as much to yourselves) but the basic faculty to keep in mind is the comfort. Thankfully, leather dresses are just that. They are extremely comfortable. For all its ruggedness, leather is extremely soft on the skin! It’s not often that you can combine style with comfort and leather does precisely that!

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