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  Reasons Why Celebrities Always Pick Leather Apparel

Leather is back! Wait a minute! I take that back – leather can’t be back. They never went anywhere to come back! Leather has always and I say with confidence always remain in style. We all look up to the gods and goddesses of good clothing – I’m talking celebrities. If you want any proof of just how popular leather really is – then just check out the latest celeb leather trends. More and more Celebrities are sporting the leather look – even good girls like Emmy Rossum have entered the world of leather stardom. In fact, one of the top celeb magazines quoted that the LBD (Little Black Dress) seems to be getting replaced quickly by the LLBD — little leather brown dress. Leather dresses are becoming an increasing preference among Hollywood’s young set from Julianne Hough to Nicole Richie!

The sudden love towards leather by the Celebrities got me thinking why the overtly popular love towards leather. This is what I came up with:

1. Sensational!

Celebrities are always under intense scrutiny. What they wear, who they are last seen with, why those shoes, what’s with the hair etc. The biggest goof up in the celeb manual is to repeat clothes whilst always wearing the recent trends and yet turn up in something different! The celeb life is definitely not for the faint hearted.

2. Apt for a multitude of occasions

Don’t get me wrong. Obviously you are not going to see Nicole Richie sport the same leather dress at the Paris Fashion week and repeat it later at an awards ceremony. No, what I meant is that if Nicole decided to wear something else at the Paris Fashion week she could have worn the leather dress at an awards ceremony later on.

If you’re getting my drift, I’m merely pointing out that a leather dress is stunningly versatile. At a time when what you wear to what occasion is scrutinized so closely, a leather dress is a fantastic option. You can safely wear a leather dress to an awards ceremony or a fashion week or a movie premiere or a wedding party and the Celebrities just never have to worry about featuring in the tabloids as anywhere other than the ‘awesome’ section.

Take for example Zoe Saldanha in a gorgeous leather dress at the Awards or Jennifer Lopez in a nude leather dress at a talk show and so on.

3. Variety:

You know how in the cocktail dress section it’s a distinct possibility that two Celebrities are going to walk in wearing the same thing or resembling matching layers of chiffon or wear something that another celeb has already worn? Well, you never have to fear that with leather.

Every leather dress is so distinct and there is such a huge variety of them. From colors to lengths to personalities; leather dresses are quite clearly to die for. A celeb’s dream solution – with leather you never have to worry being a repeat! Most Celebrities prefer short and fitting leather dresses – an ideal way to showcase their toned bodies while looking chic.

Leather always demands minimal accessories. In other words, one thing less to worry about! Besides thanks to the natural sparkle of leather, a celeb automatically radiates assertiveness, confidence and pure and graceful feminism with just the right touch of sensuality!

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