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  Spice it up with Leather Dress this Valentine’s

Leather is the flavor of the season; in fact leather is pretty much the flavor of the year. Its rugged, but at the same time sexy! It can be used for your corporate meeting and alternatively for a sleek look when you are on your night out in town.

Leather clothing is quickly and rightfully returning to its elite place in the fashion world. To be fair, leather was never out of vogue but 2011 showcases and embraces leather with renewed enthusiasm.

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the season of love. It’s the season of promise! More importantly, it’s the season of gifts. Every man’s nightmare. You have to pick up the perfect gift for her. It has to be just right. You do not want to mess up this special day.

My suggestion – a nice leather jacket! The beauty about leather jackets are that there are a hundred types available in hundred lengths and hundred variations. So there is no way that you cannot please your girl. Like the typical stereotype, if you’re worried that leather is only meant for tomboys and women looking to rough it out, then think again. Leather has pretty much created a niche for itself in corporate wear.

Tips to help a guy out:

  • If your girl is very feminine, I suggest a lovely knee length leather trench coat in a lovely caramel color.
  • If your girl prefers the classy look, I suggest a hip-length blazer in a pastel shade, that she can use over a one-piece dress to clinch the award for the epitome of elegance.
  • If your girl is a tom boy, I suggest a nice leather biker jacket for her to wear over a pair of denim cut-offs!
  • If you are unsure what type of clothes your girl likes, I suggest a gorgeous full-length leather overcoat. It’s a safe bet and you can be rest assured that she will use it, at least during winter.
  • Turn the heat up. There is nothing more tantalizing than the feel of leather on bare skin.

No man can resist a gorgeous leather jacket. Leather is one of those primeval things that just call out to a man. Leather, to a man means ruggedness combined with panache. That’s a deadly combination. Men’s leather clothing is hot this season. This Valentine’s get your man that leather jacket he always dreamed of or simply surprise him with a gorgeous vintage leather jacket.

Tips to help a girl out:

  • Common myth says that girls are fussy about clothing. But the truth is a man can be just as choosy and why not?
  • If you are assured of the fact that your man loves leather, then I suggest you invest in a high quality leather jacket. It will last for years and so will your memory of you giving it to him.
  • Make your man feel like a celebrity with a gorgeous tan brown hip-length leather jacket.
  • If he is a rider, then you have to be a lot more careful. Do not invest in something too lose or too tight. Either case may distract him from riding. Men wearing leather with the perfect fit exude strength, confidence and sophistication.
  • If you want to gift your man leather pants, remember one thing. Advise him to use it only during winter. Leather pants can mainly be constituted under winter wear.
  • Girls remember to avoid too many zippers and stitching. Try and restrict yourself to a clean, simple cut jacket. Unless you want to dump your guy and humiliate him in public, never ever get him both leather pants and jacket as a single set. They just do not work together.
  • A brilliant suggestion would be a poised leather vest which can be worn over an ordinary tee.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful. Have a leathery Valentine!

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