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  Stylize your Leather Clothing!
Animal activists are pretty much exercising their vocal cords to their extreme best thanks to 2011 officially announcing leather as its brand ambassador.

Come to think of it, leather was never really out of fashion. It probably all began with Marlon Brando donning a leather jacket in the movie ‘The Wild One’ released in 1953. Little did this movie stalwart know that he would be creating history I the fashion world as well.

Leather is never really worn as a head to toe outfit (unless you are Michael Jackson singing Thriller). While leather has its own appeal and doesn’t always need to be accessorized, it showcases its best qualities when properly accentuated. I shall list down just a few tips for both men and women looking to experiment with leather.

For Women:
Lets begin with Ladies first! Leather initially fell under the menswear category. Later on, leather began being used for more seductive purposes. Only recently has leather had such awesome appeal as clothing. It’s a fresh market and a chance for you to create a style statement. Here are a few ides you should try:

  • Combine a nice cowboy shirt, with its typical chest pockets and 3/4th sleeves with a gorgeous pair of high waisted leather shorts. Stylize it further with a thick leather belt and boots!
  • Pick an A-lined grey top, just about skimming a little below your butt. Combine it with a pair of skinny fit ankle length leather pants. Wear a nice pair of red pencil heeled shoes to create a gorgeous contrast. For a more classy look, team your combination with a simple black formal jacket, falling a little below your top.
  • For those daring women, who like a bit of thrill, I suggest you combine a simple cotton wide necked linen top with a gorgeous ruffled leather skirt. There is something so naughty and bold about this creation, that you are bound to turn heads.
  • Leather jackets will never ever run out of fashion. For a classy look, pick out a simple leather jacket and team it with a 1-piece knee length dress.
  • For a more casual look, pick a jacket with a few more zips (not too many) and wear it over a gorgeous chiffon skirt and a self colored top.
  • Pick out a nice tight leather jacket to go over a loose chignon or lace top and simple khakis. The good-bad combination is to die for.
  • For a more casual look, just combine your jacket with a pair of denims and a simple cotton top.
  • Proudly don a great leather skirt with a simple singlet top. Add some long accessories, a bandana and simple shoes and prepare to have your way done!
The choices, combinations and permeations that can be done with leather are simply uncountable. A single pair of leather shorts can be worn in a minimum of 20 different ways to create 20 different looks!

For Men:
When I talk about lather pant bloopers, I cannot help but point out Ross from Friends wearing super-tight leather points (The only excuse you have for not knowing what Friends is that you have returned from a 20 year hibernation). He brings his hot date home. Sadly, he begins to sweat in his tight leather pants and the rest is comical history. But we in the fashion world have something very important to learn:

  • Never wear leather pants that are too tight or too loose. Both create a hilarious image. If your leather pant is too tight, it is going to cut into your skin. Not to mention, you are going to feel really really hot. Men’s leather clothing is hot (pun not intended) this season.
  • If you are really conscious about using leather, combine a simple black or brown leather jacket with denims and a white V-necked tee. It’s the safest bet in leather and is a look that you can never get wrong.
  • For those looking to experiment, try on a simple self-colored formal shirt with a striking blazer. Combine this with black leather pants. If you really want to jazz it up, add a shawl to this.
Army jackets, vintage jackets, trench coats, hip length jackets – there is so much to experiment with and so much that you can do with leather. Do send in your ideas as well!

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