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  Leather Biker Jackets – Pick the Right One

Summer time is here and it’s time to get out and soak up that sunshine. It’s time for beaches, summer sports – the best of all being biking. You could be a pillion rider or a motorcycle riding enthusiast –summer calls out to the biggest recluse and the thrill and adrenaline rush guarantees a great ride in the sunshine. A true blue sport freak would know just how important it is to respect the sport you choose to pursue. Motorcycling is no different. If you enjoy biking, it is oh so important to know how to dress well and respect the sport.

To truly enjoy a sport you need to keep the fear of the sport at bay and one of the easier ways to do so is to dress properly and ensure that you’re wearing all the protective gear that is required. Pads and a plastic helmet suffice for the BMX enthusiast and the skateboarder but a true biker requires something different. Just as your helmet should be a perfect blend of design and safety so too should the ubiquitous jacket. Now when I say safety, I refer to the protection offered from the weather, the bugs and the possible occasional scrape. The ideal material for a biking jacket would be leather.

Leather as a fabric is excellent for both protection and style. A leather jacket needs to be thick and well stitched to protect you from the elements and also survive wear and tear. A thick leather jacket provides insulation against the elements, providing warmth against a cold breeze or protecting you from the scorching heat that assails you as you ride on the road. Leather jackets make for excellent protection in case of a tumble. The fabric takes most of the load leaving you well protected.

How many other fabrics promise you protection with a truck load of style? Enter leather jackets! They are sleek, elegant and promise a whole lot of sex appeal. A leather biker jacket is loved by not only bikers but regular Joes as well with a penchant for good leather clothing and style.

It is of utmost importance that you pick out a leather jacket that fits you well. A good leather jacket is all about an excellent fit. Your leather biker jacket should neither be too tight nor too loose. If your jacket is too tight it will restrict you and make you uncomfortable. A jacket that is too loose may flap in the wind and distract you. Comfort is of essence to a rider.

Leather biker jackets are available in a whole plethora of styles and designs. There are studded leather biker jackets, metallic ones etc. Always avoid leather jackets with tassels. They can be distracting to the rider and could be fatal. Pick a color that you like. Leather biker jackets are of course available in the traditional black but if you feel like jazzing up your style quotient pick out a dyed leather jacket available in shades of red or blue or a rugged brown.

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