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Online shopping for clothing can be difficult when you don't know what size to wear. For some women, not being able to try on clothing makes them hesitate to shop online. This guide is here to help you find the fashions that will fit perfectly, so you'll never miss out on great online deals again.

For accurate measurements, make sure to measure over bare skin or your underwear. Some people prefer measuring clothes that fit them well over measuring themselves, but this may not be as precise.

While very few women actually have 36-24-36 measurements, the three numbers are a good reminder of where you need to measure yourself for clothes. These are the points where a woman's body usually curves in and out the most.

Bust (B):

  • Let your arms hang naturally at your sides. Have someone measure you with the measuring tape parallel to the ground.
  • Have your friend measure under your underarms, around your back and over the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the measuring tape is snug but not tight.

Waist (C):

  • Bend over to one side to find the spot where your waist naturally creases. Measure this spot; it should be right under your navel.
  • Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor and snug against your skin, but don't pull it tight.

Hip (D):

  • Stand up straight with your feet together. Have a friend measure over your hips and rear, around the fullest part.
  • Make sure to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.

(A) Hood and (E) Bottom :

  • Generally for the hood part of the jacket.
  • E point is for the length of either the pant or long skirt as desired by you.



Following is the Size guide for men with respect to leather apparels :

For measuring the collar length start from the part of neck where collar fits.
For measuring the chest of the garment fullest part of the chest should be covered that includes under the arms and over the shoulder blades.
Standards for measuring waist are around the waistline. Always measure above undergarments for the best fit.
For measuring the trouser length start from the crotch till the desired length.
Height is best measured by starting from the top of the head to the floor length. Stand straight while taking height measurement.
Sleeve length is measured by starting from under arm to cuff of sleeves.


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