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  Leather Jackets for Men and Their Machismo

The main question is whom do you want to be like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, if you go for the first option then you definitely have look dashing, but if you want to achieve more be the later one then leather jackets is the must have in your wardrobe. Leather jackets have changed with fashion, as I am not even sure that what you would prefer here----like Fonzie, Ramones….All these have their good and bad points. In case if you are going through identity crisis then remember that leather jacket is on outfit which has the ability to get you back in the circuit and help you win the race.

The six most popular styles in leather jackets are here…..keep on reading to find which category you belong to :-

The Biker Jacket

Let’s commence by the mens most favored possession…i.e. the leather biker jackets. The most rugged of the lot that makes men look rebellious. These leather jackets have the ability to make men look more muscular, making them look rugged and sophisticated. Biker jackets demand confidence and one should wear them only if they have or else the most stylish fashion statement can go terribly wrong. To achieve that biker look you should possess confidence, opt for a leather jacket with a hood, which adds the youth factor to the jacket making the wearer look trendier. Personally I am not a big fan of logos and would never wear a jacket or even buy a jacket that has those biker logos. The logos like eagles, flags and all belong to specific biker groups and look good only in a group and it does not go too well with fashion.

The Bomber

The intoxicating bombers my personal favorite of the lot, this one type of leather jacket which can actually enhance your personality making you look younger and handsome. They have been around for a very long time and then they faded away and now again they are back with a Bang! Bang! Boom! Boom! This is definitely an up market style which is designed to give you that sophisticated look and a must have for men who want that urban grunge. Leather bomber jackets can be easily bought from any fashion store, bomber are easily available at many online stores which are offered in various styles and colors.

Bomber jackets should be selected as per your body type for example people with narrow shoulders should opt for tapered waist jackets as this will make the waist appear smaller and the shoulders broader giving the wearer an image of wide broad shoulder. Women should avoid this style coz I am sure they would not like to showcase broad shoulders.

The Aviator

The most in demand leather jacket which has a huge fan following worn by Hollywood stars like to Tom cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Jackman, Vin Diesel and many more have flaunted your macho physiques wearing classy leather jackets. This is the most trendsetting fashion in the fashion industry. The best way to style your aviator jacket is with military style boots and trousers. These jackets are not only versatile but they can also be used for formal wear.

Cropped Jackets

Cropped leather jackets are the latest in style as compared to all the leather jackets, these jackets enhances the features of the wearer making her look irresistible and stylish. Pair a cropped leather jacket with a smart tee and a pair of jeans to set you style record straight and look attractive. Cropped jackets are designed for both men and women and if you plan on wearing leather jackets day in and out then this is the most stylish option. Cropped leather jackets are available in angular cuts, single breasted, double breasted and some of them are designed with the most amazing collar. Cropped jacket are attention grabbers and can definitely turn many heads.

Short Leather Jackets

The most popular fashion in the leather industry which is available in various colors, this is one leather jacket which is known for creating colorful leather attire, they are available in shades of gray, green, pink and many more making the woman look vibrant and stylish. The most popular one among them was the on worn by Victoria Beckham which was paired with gray jeans and a green top, she looked like a stunner.

Short Sleeve Jackets

The short sleeve jackets are the latest fashion statements which are available round the year and creating its own fashion statement. These jackets are favored by party goers because of their trendy style and sex appeal.

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