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  Sizzle the Winter away with Leather Jacket

Once upon a time, God created winter on earth. Man suddenly realized that his winter clothes made him look frumpy and dowdy. Then he discovered leather and he lived happily ever after!

Animal welfare activists have probably never been as busy as they are this year. Leather rules the roost over all other in 2011. Think pants, blazers, jackets, shoes.. everything. Now I know Ricky Martin isn’t the best example to choose to highlight my point but I have to give him this, the man has great style. He always did seem ahead of his time (as far as clothing is concerned) and his latest single has definitely made a mark in the fashion industry! I’m talking about his very sexy leather pants. 2011 is a year not just for leather pants but also for leather jackets and blazers and the works.

Winter beckons you to get out those leather jackets. Of all the things that one can own in leather, I think that the leather jacket is probably the most classic and versatile of them all. Come to think of it, leather jackets haven’t made a style debut this year. Leather was, is and possibly will always be a popular style choice.

Leather jackets are available in various styles, shapes, colors and sizes. There’s something in there for everyone. I mean, if Ricky Martin can carry off leather, anyone can! Leather ensures you of one thing – that you are always in fashion and what’s more – a good, high quality leather jacket is a life time investment. You can wear it year after year. Thanks to it never running out of style, you can be assured of remaining in fashion just because you would be sporting vintage wear!

Yes, the ulterior motive of a leather jacket is to keep you warm but you can still look great while achieving your motives! The beauty about leather is that can be worn with both dressy and casual attire.

Leather jackets are available in various shapes and sizes – from the traditional trench coat to three quarters to knee length to the most popular – hip length. Leather bomber jackets (remember those square-shaped, leather jackets) have also successfully made a comeback.

Always pick a jacket that would suit you though. This is entirely dependant on your height, weight, build and of course your individual style sense and choice. Black and brown obviously dominate the league of leather jackets but that does not necessarily mean that those are the only colors available.

Leather jackets, at least some of them, come with lambskin interiors and kasha linings, which are especially helpful for those living in severe winter conditions. The wool sports jackets are another great option. It could almost pass off as corporate attire but has just the right amount of zing in it to go out for a Saturday night in the town.

Leather blazers are usually single breasted, have 3 buttons and fall a little below the hips. A jacket can be teemed with a polo neck to give a super trendy winter look.

If you know for sure that a leather jacket is something that you are purchasing not just because it’s a passing phase, but are investing in it with the view to keep it close for years and years, then I suggest, you invest in a very good quality and expensive one. If on the other hand, your jacket is just a passing phase then opt for the cheaper varieties available.

A very important fashion tip – never ever combine a leather jacket with leather pants. Your only excuse for doing that would be if Michael Jackson has personally told you that you can carry it off. They look great individually, but team them together and you have yourself a fashion disaster.

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