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  Different Styles in Leather Pants

Leather pants are varied in their styles and designs. They can vary from subtle to loud, from racy to dynamic, from sensual to classy. You don’t need to be a leather person pr have a great body to carry off leather pants. The styles available are more than plenty to suit every kind of body type from skinny to plus sized. The trick lies in picking out the perfect leather pants for yourself. Male or female – the options are aplenty!

Skinny Leather Pants:

It’s the way leather pants were originally thought of. It’s the obsession of celebrities and rock stars alike. Skinny leather pants are the way to go. Let yourself loose and find yourself that perfect tight fitting pair of skinny leather pants. Women, of course, look gorgeous in skinny leather pants. You can combine it with a short top to show off your assets or if you are uncomfortable then you could simply combine it with a longer tunic top. Men look great in skinny leather pants too. The right combinations and the right body type is all that matters.

As the name suggests, skinny leather pants look their best on skinny people. Long legs and a thin body with small hips suit skinny leather pants the best. If you are on the broader side and wish to wear skinny leather pants, simply combine them with loose tops ending mid thigh. They have a slimming effect.

Leather Leggings:

Leather leggings are basically skinny leather pants but shorter. They usually end mid calf and is all the rage this summer 2011. Leggings can basically be worn \ anywhere, with anything and for every occasion. You can dress them up or down. Leather leggings come in various lengths and can be used for a casual evening out or a more glamorous party. Leather leggings are probably best suited for women.

They suit a whole range of body types and are especially used by the more substantial woman for a slimming effect. Do remember though, the top should fall to atleast mid thigh.

Leather Chaps:

If it’s the cowboy look that enthralls you then leather chaps are your calling. They look smart, rugged and are actually a great form of protection. Available for both men and women, leather chaps look great on almost everyone.

Leather Formal Pants:

Leather pants are typically stereotyped for rock stars, the bad boys and junkies. Break the myth. Buy a pair of formal leather pants today. They combine wonderfully with almost every fabric and look great with formal tops. They are assertive and make for a smart look. Combine them with the right accessories and shoes and you are bound to make an impression.
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