• Posted :   Mar 27th, 2012

    Leather clothing originated since prehistoric period when the men used to hunt for savage animals for food. Their skin used to be tanned in the sunlight and used as a protective wear and keeps them warm through the cold nights. Animal skin clothing has originated to be a famed kind of clothing now and have gained a lot of importance. In olden times when man was just beginning to realize the eminence of social bonding and need of clothing, leather clothing came up to be one of the stylish types in this category.

    People began to see leather clothing as an exquisite form of wear. Leather came to be now manufactured and chemically tanned in industries for a more refined quality look. In the pristine times only natural sunlight was utilized to dry the animal skin and these were generally of the wild. Soon man came to be aware of more choices and gained knowledge about which animal would be viable to be used for the production of leather for clothing.

    Animals like cows, buffaloes, crocodile, goat, sheep, ostrich and many more were sought for their skin for the production of leather and their clothing. The wild animals which are now endangered are not used for the production of leather clothing. These animals are reared sometimes specially for their skin and used in production of leather which in turn is used to produce leather clothing. In earlier times leather was procured from animals like elephant, tiger, fox, bear, deer and many more. Now these species are under protection act which does not allow hunting these animals due to their dwindling numbers.

    Leather is used to produce coats, jackets, skirts, shirts, pants, trousers, blazers, jumpsuits, kilts, shorts and many more clothing kinds. Leather is also used to make many accessories. In European and American era, leather clothing used to be a status symbol for many. Even in France and Spain, leather clothing attained nobility among people. Leather clothing was supposed to be worn by people having high end lifestyle but it soon got popularity among common people and the production increased. This made the reach of leather clothing for every man and woman.

    Leather clothing keeps you warm and also provides a good control of body temperature during harsh seasons and climatic conditions. It renders a nice polish and smoothness to the surface of the clothing which allows you to look modern and sophisticated all the time. This is why leather clothing is always preferred by people. Leather clothing is durable and sustainable for many years and don’t wear off easily. They can withstand pressures and stress of a long journey and naturally capable to ward off dust.

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