• Posted :   Apr 5th, 2012

    Even if it needs a less care, you have to be enough regular in caring it as it is alive and provides you with many things that other fabric is not so efficient in providing those luxuries. Leather has come into existence in ancient era when our ancestors draped a raw cloth named as leather around their body to get protection from these natural changes like seasons.

    Leather has provided human beings with every possible things, it has helped in such a way that it has touched human’s life in many caring ways. Leather is the material with lots of advantages and it is also enough flexible to make many types of garments. However, not every leather fabric carries these characteristics. Hence, you have to choose such leather fabrics, which have these many qualities inbuilt in it.

    Suede is one of the leather, which has all these qualities inbuilt in it, but still you have to take care of it some so that your jacket made up from suede leather material will be intact and fresh till you want it to be.

    Following are some tactics, which you can use to take care of your suede leather jacket:

    Suede leather is most famous amongst all working men and women as they give them a formal look with a soft touch to it as it has velvety looks.
    1.    Any leather should not get over moisturized. Same with the suede leather jacket; you should keep it away from watery things. Do not wet it totally, if you want to clean it. As water and water based solutions if you use in excess it will damage the jacket instead of cleaning it.
    2.    If by mistake you put much of liquid or you get wet in rains then clean it as soon as possible as this much of water or any liquid in excess is not good for suede leather jacket.
    3.    Suede leather is the natural material and your jacket type too becomes natural automatically. Hence do choose a wooden hanger to hang it as wooden is the natural material it do not harm you suede leather jacket.
    4.    Once in a while do give a suede leather jacket in proper shop for cleaning and caring it increases its life and gives a fresh look to it.
    5.    Suede leather jacket is quite delicate hence; do apply conditioners to your suede leather jacket frequently but with the dry cloth.
    6.    Take care and clean your suede leather jacket often as it is more delicate and catches dirt than other leather jacket as it has more pores than other leather jackets.
    7.    You should clean your suede leather jacket with brush rather than cleaning it with water.
    8.    Dry your suede leather jacket in a natural place does not use any other thing to dry it. Extra heat may make it brittle and extreme sunlight may fade out its color.

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