• Posted :   Mar 30th, 2012

    hot leather skirtSame leather skirt can be worn in two places with different styles formal and casual. In formal you have maintain sophistication and professionalism whereas in casual you can go for any cool style. Two different pairing with skirts will easily extract your formal look from informal look without any kind of fault.

    You know the kind of skirt suits you and your allure personality but you don’t that how adore it different styles that to be paired with leather skirt. Black and brown leather skirt is all time favorite of any chick and sweetie. The best of black and brown leather skirts it can be worn in office also. It endorses more professionally than any other. It is best mode be to be happening and complimentary from day to night event. No worries of the dressing that it won’t suit one of the either.

    Leather skirts are available in different length. Get the length of skirts as per you’re height, Long leather skirt, knee length skirt, mini skirt. Be caution will choosing especially long skirt. They go fluently with tall height girls. But the most important phase of long skirt needs a perfect erect personality to carry it off; little being off side will make it disaster.

    Skirt Style For Formal Occasion
    Formal occasion not means office related only it can be a family get to gather with elder and head of family. Be updated and unique within your sophisticated formal skirt. Wear dull or shinny but plain leather skirt with simple and sober shirt or blouse. The bodice top color should immerge with color of skirt. Do contrast matching or use light and dark rule.    Ruffles tops with portrait neck or square is excellent trendy option for formal dress up. It’s better to have three quarter or full sleeves. Make your sleeves spunky with balloon or puff sleeves. Keep it simple if you have broad shoulder. Nice wrist watch is smart option to grace your punctuality and personality. Pencil leather skirt is awesome pie for working ladies.
    Skirt Style For Casual Occasion
    When it comes to casual occasion you’re free like bird. Go get any style skirt as per your height and body to showcase your well toned legs. Grab the praising and be centre of attraction within group of friends and criticizers.

    Try to find glossy or sequined leather skirt if not keep idea a side. Sequined top with simple leather skirt. Short leather skirts are also available in balloon style, asymmetrical style, pleated style and bubble style. Opt one of them for party night out or clubbing.

    Mini or micro mini skirt can be worn over lace stylish legging. Many girls and even celebs have seen this wearing in their colleges also.

    Things That Does Matter
    •    While making choice of leather skirts give prime importance your body type and structure than your likings and desires.
    •    Selecting both leather skirt and its pairing bodice tops as sexy is just not happening. Keep one of them either sexy or simple. Same thing applies when you select glossy or shiny style.
    •    Leather skirt with back zip is better option when it comes to adjustment.
    •    Extremely tight leather skirt could even stretch your skin make you feel itchy and uncomfortable.
    •    Before buying any kind of leather skirt try it thoroughly to make it know how flexible and easy to move around with it. It should be easy while sitting and getting up.

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