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  • Posted :   Sep 11th, 2011

    You should be thankful to Hollywood actors who wear leather jackets because of this you are able to relate your self with your favorite star and make your very own fashion statement. Movie leather jackets have always been hit even though the movie was a flop. As far as remember there was this one movie called Only Angels have Wings which was made by Cary Grant in 39, which featured the flight jacket.

    Then came superstars like Marlon Brando who wore a classy leather jacket in 1953 in a movie called The Wild One, as leather was earlier associated with wildness and the jacket was perfect for the role he played in the movie, this jacket gained immense popularity and everyone who watched the movie wanted to have that jacket. So now you get the idea as to how these movies stars can make a leather jacket so popular.

    If you remember; leather jackets have been worn by many contemporary stars like Brad Pitt in Fight club, Vin Diesel in XXX, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and many more stars have donned this epic piece of fashion and have redefined their own fashion statements.

    The black biker jackets give a bad boy image who is considered to be strong, dangerous and wild and women do find bad boys to be enticing and attractive. Leather jackets is what makes them achieve this look and plus also need to put in some effort in getting a girl, beat up some good guys make a name for yourself; hope you do not take this seriously, leather is associated with machismo and gives the wearer a rugged look making him look classy and stunning. Movie leather jackets is what fans relate to an they wish to look like their favorite movie stars, and the best to resemble you favorite movie star is through donning the same clothes as did by your favorite star. This helps in identifying themselves with their favorite movie stars.

    When you wear a movie leather jacket you are noticed and people associate you with the actor who wore that jacket in his or her movie. The movie style leather jackets have been the latest rend in the leather fashion industry which is followed by one and all. These jackets are not only associated with riches but they are also related to charisma.

  • Posted :   Jul 19th, 2011

    Tribute was paid by many fans of Michael Jackson on his second death anniversary on June 25th.  A day after the 2nd anniversary of MJ’s death, the famous red and black color leather jacket was sold for $ 1.8 million! at auction .

    The famous jacket was bought by a Michael Jackson fan who is a commodities trader at Austin Texas was sold for a whooping price.

    The famous red and black jacket reminds you of the era when 1983 when the whole was rocking to this famous song “Thriller” sung and choreographed by the King Of pop himself.

    There is an interesting story with this jacket. MJ used this jacket for a lot of stage shows and asked his designers to create a similar one so that he had an alternative one as well. When asked by the designers if he could dance in this jacket. Michael just smiled and asked the designers to just watch the video.

    Based on the plot of zombies coming put of their graves and dancing with Michael Jackson was an instant hit which actually took the world by storm. The signature move of MJs ‘ The Moon Walk” was always a hit which he performed especially during all his stage shows and promotional videos during the launch of his new albums.

    After watching the video of ‘Thriller’ there was rage for his red and black color leather jacket as all the Michael Jackson fans wanted to be a part of his huge success; the look alike of the famous jacket was sold at every fashion boutiques and retail outlets by the name of the “Thriller Jacket”.

    Michael Jackson actually performed some of the most iconic moves of that time without any difficulty. Well!! Guys there will never be another Michael Jackson born ever. Its always a pleasure to remember the era where the ‘King of Pop spread his magic.

  • Posted :   Apr 6th, 2011

    Leather is not something that can be worn every day. It takes the charm off the material. Yet, a multitude of stars wear leather on an often enough basis. Black seems to be the color the celebs love – with a huge number always opting for black leather. The strange thing is that celebs opt for leather at a variety of places right from casual outings to premieres. A leather outfit is yet to make an appearance at the Oscars though!

    Here are a few celebs who have taken the joys of leather to an all new high. Some styles are bound to raise a few eyebrows, yet others are just plain funky! From leather jackets to skirts to dresses to pants – leather is undoubtedly a star choice made by the stars!

    1.    Nicole Scherzinger:

    We can safely say that this Pussycat Doll has definitely not signed up as a member of PETA. Looking glamorous and rather sexy in fitting pink zipped top and tight pants; Scherzinger is definitely increasing and feeling some heartbeats.

    2.    Heidi Klum:

    Leather combination dresses certainly have some charm about them. Look at Klum killing it in a leather bodice dress. she looks elegant, graceful and of course beautiful. Now that’s a well dressed model!

    3. Kim Kardashian:

    Speaking about models, we can’t not talk about the hottest one on the block – Kim Kardashian! When worn and combined like this, it’s a miracle all leather jackets have just not been sold off completely. Love the way she is doing justice to the leather jacket! Kudos!

    4.    Ashley Simpson:

    Simpson could look rather dull in this pic. Her only saving grace is probably that beautiful leather skirt. The fit and the cut – both look stunning and is quite the redeemer of an otherwise drab appearance.

    5.    Debi Mazar:

    Fellow starlets look and learn. It’s very rare to see a woman being able to carry off a full leather look. Debi Mazar is doing quite a great job! She looks spicy and catty yet with this sweet and pretty blend!

    6.    Colleen Fitzpatrick:

    Leather pants! Fabulous fabulous leather pants! The picture says it all!

  • Posted :   Oct 4th, 2010

    Leather jackets stylishly donned by celebrities excite viewers and fashion adherents and urge them to style their selves in similar outfits. This is perhaps the reason why most outfits donned by celebrities are also made available for common enthusiasts through the range of affordable and stylish outfits. It is evident that celebrities are frequently seen donned in leather apparels with leather jackets being their favorite piece of attire. Designer leather jackets are preferred by celebrities and these designer attires are often not affordable for most leather aficionados. Hence, it is essential to have your attention consistently on the latest launch of designer leather jackets which are made available in affordable prices.
    Leather jacket fashion among female celebrities:

    celebrity style leather jackets

    Female fashion of leather apparel is a trend moving phenomenon. Through the flow of time we have seen several celebrities adopting different theme every time they appear on screen. This may be due to the myriad of available options of attires, but your concern is to ensure that you are well updated with current fashion introductions.

    • While selecting a leather jacket to make you look like a celebrity you need to ensure that the jacket is highly chic and designed with trendy definitions. Celebrities usually find their deal in sheen leather garments which enhances their elegance.
    • A long cuffed jacket with not too much bedecking on it may also look enchanting, provided the teamed-up outfits should be considerable. For example you can don a jacket along with ripped jeans, white- tees and tunics.
    • A purple colored sweetheart neck pattern top with appropriate jeans when donned with black colored sheen leather jacket makes perfectly trendy attire which is suitable for celebrity style fashion. The shade of the top is not mandatory to be purple you can try different shade and evaluate which goes well with your skin complexion.
    • To look more like a celebrity try on wearing black tee- shirt (or any suitable color) with blue jeans adorning it with black leather jacket. Try to wear a jacket with short length measuring just half or an inch above your waist and zip it at the front. Try to wear ankle high boot to make the attire look highly elegant.

    Men celebrity fashion:

    While quintessential leather jacket fashion is still popular amongst men celebrities, there are also new trendy styles that are coveted amongst these prominent personalities. Initially, these jackets were designed in loose fit; however, the current trend suggestion indicates that slim fit leather jackets are amongst the most enticing jacket silhouette; not only for women but also for men.

    These slim jackets can be donned on almost all attire which still portrays. These jackets can be donned on silk material or any other t-shirt with a casual bottom. You must have noticed that most male celebrity add essence of colloquialness in your dressing style. This imparts an elegant and ‘easy-going’.

    Male celebrities usually wear leather jackets on shirt and jeans and adorn the look with a leather jacket or also sometime leather vests. They further enhance the chichi of the attire by draping a scarf around the neck and with a hat such as fedora panama.

  • Posted :   Jan 7th, 2010

    Fashion is considered synonymous to women because women have great attraction for fashion and do various efforts for looking fashionable. Not only personally but professionally also women find fashion world very appealing. For fulfilling a dream to become a great model or celebrity she enters fashion world. The first step towards achieving this dream is to have a great portfolio.

    Presentation matters the most in fashion field therefore to have a professional fashion portfolio is must to start career on the right note. With this you should also have versatility in portfolio that showcases you in different angles. A good fashion portfolio works as a ladder in achieving success in fashion career. To have a great portfolio read the tips below that mentions how you to look your best in portfolio.

    • Choosing a good photographer is the first main step towards having great portfolio. For knowing about his or her photography style go through the photographer’s portfolio. Also discuss with him or her about your full portfolio.

    • Your closet should contain various types of clothing. Fashion portfolio that showcases you in different outfits shows versatility of your figure to look good in different attires.

    • To make your portfolio look good you do not need to have only good expensive clothing. Other way also you can look great. You can jazz up your fashion portfolio by donning accessories also. Accessories are interesting way to add pizzazz to looks.

    • If you do not have any previous experience in modeling career gather knowledge about it. You should know how to face the camera. Also know the right angles and pose in ways that flatter the shot. Do not be conscious. You can also take help of your photographer.

    • Right posture is foundation of good fashion portfolio; hence give much heed to it. Posing right greatly helps in looking stunning in photographs.

    • Feel free, light and be at ease as camera captures everything. Your expression can make or break your portfolio.

    Posing for fashion portfolio is a great fun and entertainment. It is a great exciting task. Follow the above tips and certainly your career in fashion will touch sky limits. Above all do not forget to enjoy!

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