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  • Posted :   Nov 16th, 2011

    Who can write my papers – websites. Kim Kardashian is always in news, not for wrong reasons all the time. Most of the time she is in news for her unique and overly sexy dresses and outfits.  If you are the types to take a fashion cue from celebrities then the best person to follow is Kim Kardashian. Kim has been spotted wearing leather outfits lot many times.

    In one of the events Kim wore a stunning blue color dress and she wore a leather shrug over the dress. Her dress was short and the skirt in blue, while the top was black because of the jacket and grey inside it. She looked marvelous in her well chosen attire.
    In another occasion she wore a leather pant that was tight fitting and enhanced her curves perfectly. She teamed it up flawlessly with a sweater over it and white shirt underneath the sweater. She wore a black leather high heel shoes and tied her hair up in a bun. She does know how to carry any kind of leather outfit. She is a true fashionista.

    In the recent events, while filming for Marriage Counselor she wore a very rough and tough leather jacket that was black in color. She looked very pretty in the same. The jacket did have masculine features but her feminity was not overshadowed in any way.

    Kim Kardashian has basically worn every kind of leather outfit. Right from leather jackets, leather boots, leather pants and even leather dresses, she has experimented with each of them. And in every look that she carried she looked fantabulous. In one of the events she wore a leather boot with a normal top and pant. And no doubts-she turned many heads and the photographers were more than happy to click her. She has always been every photographers muse.

    Leather outfits-how to carry them and how to accessorize them-well follow fashion websites, shows, and events and read fashion articles. But every article or event should have our favorite Kim Kardashian. Her dressing style has never been criticized in fact it always has been appreciated. She ensures that every single detail in her dressing is up-to-the-mark and also up-to-the-minute.

  • Posted :   Nov 4th, 2011

    Leather jackets-who doesn’t love them? They are always fashionable and look rock chic. A man who doesn’t have a leather jacket cannot be called a fashion enthusiast. It is staple clothing for every biker and also a fashion enthusiast.

    The best way to bring the best out of your jacket is to ape or get inspired by Hollywood celebrities. And there are many who have worn a leather jacket-be it actress or actors. Let’s take a look at few celebrities who have worn leather jackets.

    Will Smith is one of the smartest and talented actors we have. In one of the events he was seen wearing a brown color leather jacket that had a rough and rugged look. The jacket has two pockets at the front. He chose to team it up with a pant and tee-shirt and his sporty side bag. He looked awesome and a true stud in this attire.

    Another celebrity Rihanna also wore a black color leather jacket. Rihanna has always been a pop star and also a fashion enthusiast. Her dresses are always a rare and distinct choice. And she carries every look with style and elegance. In this particular event she wore a stunning leather jacket with high pointed shoulders and feather type ruffles that runs from the shoulder till the end. The designs also have an intricate beading at the border of the jacket and also at the hems of the sleeves.  She applied shocking pink lipstick with a very funky hairstyle and wore black color top and black jeans. Her all-black attire looked stunning and the kind of make-up she applied made her look like a diva.

    Jessica Alba one of the cutest starts ever has to look gorgeous when she chooses to wear a black color leather jacket with very simple details. The leather jacket has big brown buttons at the front. The leather jacket was worn with a very cute top and she left her hair open, all in all she looked super cute.

  • Posted :   Oct 20th, 2011

    Leather clothing has always existed.  It did go missing in between but it is back with a bang.  The best part about leather outfits are that they are very trendy and at the height of fashion. You opt for a leather outfit anywhere and anytime it will never go wrong.

    The main reason why leather is back is mainly because of movies. These days many movies see a lot of leather apparel especially leather jacket. Many stars have worn a leather jacket on screen for their respective roles. They look really cool. If you belong to the category who believe that leather jackets look good only on stars, then you are absolutely wrong. Because if you have a knack of fashion you too can look good in a leather jacket. Leather jackets have been worn by many movie stars since many years.

    Hugh Jackman in one of his movies was seen wearing a leather jacket. The way he carried it off, it looked really cool.  In one of the scenes he wore a brown color leather jacket with a long zipper at the sides.

    Brad Pitt, Arnold, Will smith and many more actors have worn leather jackets in a unique way. Each one of them looked distinct from each other. They pulled off really well. The look of the leather jacket depends on how you carry it and what you team it up with. It does wonders to a person’s personality. Suddenly you will feel like you

    Even pop stars in their music videos have worn leather jackets. Be it a lady or a man, everybody these days wears them. One of the best types in leather is the skinny leather jacket. They are tight fitting and it looks cool and funky. Movie leather jackets are in a great demand these days. Almost every college girl or boy can be seen in those sexy fashion outfits.

    So look cool in a leather jacket and take your inspiration from movie stars. You are sure to rock and look cool. Be high on fashion with these outfits and invest in them.

  • Posted :   Oct 10th, 2011

    Hollywood movies have seen lot many styles in Leather jackets. That’s where most of the inspiration comes from. Leather jackets have always been trendy and in vogue. They look really cool and hot. The ones you see in movies are really fashionable and mouth watering. Those jackets are like a dream-have for every fashion enthusiast.

    One movie that immediately comes to anyone’s mind is X-men where Hugh Jackman was seen wearing some awesome and trendy leather jackets. In one of the scenes he wore a brown color leather jacket with small patterns on the sleeves. The front portion had pockets with zippers. These trends are really something to be watched out for. Movies like Ghost rider, the matrix, the departed etc has seen many actors wear some really chic leather jackets.

    These stars wear leather jackets not just on-screen but also off screen. Because not only does it make a style statement but also provides comfort.  To buy a leather jacket that is typically like A Hollywood style might cost you a heavy amount. But it doesn’t really matter because the quality offered would be high. And because of the high quality it will stay longer.

    Another trend followed by celebrities is the skinny leather jacket. Earlier girls were seen wearing this jacket. But now even men are opting for this stylish trend. The skinny leather jackets are the ones that are tight fitting and that looks damn sexy. Be it a man or a woman it does look charming.

    The only way to follow these style and celebrities with their leather jackets is to watch lot of movies, fashion shows and read lot many fashion magazines. Or else I am sure you will have a favorite celebrity, keep a close eye on their styles and designs and look just like them. You do not have to be in movies to look like a celebrity. Another thing to follow would be how to accessorize it if you accessories your leather jackets way too much the whole show can be spoiled. So keep it simple and classy.

  • Posted :   Sep 20th, 2011

    Leather jacket is one piece of clothing that does not go unnoticed and is always in fashion. His is one item which is in fashion throughout the year and especially when they are donned by the silver screen stars; it difficult to resist stars wearing leather jackets; if you have a rebel in you then leather jacket is one outfit that should be present in your wardrobe.

    Today’s movie world stars take great pride and care as to what they wear and how they look, leather jacket is one outfit which has the ability to save their skin. The soft supple nature of leather with its raw rugged looks is perfect to create a fashion statement.

    Leather jacket have been associated with the bikers and rock stars but the movies tars are not far behind in donning the latest fashion of the industry, this is one reason as to why people of different ages and regions of the country find it so very appealing.  Leather jacket worn by bikers protect them from abrasion and cold winter winds of the season. Some of the most fascinating leather jackets worn by the movies stars are, the G1 bomber worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, The red and black thriller leather jacket worn by the King of Pop and I forgot to mention the most famous movie leather jacket worn by Marlon Brando in the movie The Wild One, since then these leather jackets have been in fashion and are named after the stars who have worn them. Everyone wishes to associate themselves with these famous silver screen stars and hence wearing a leather jacket donned by your famous movie star will also get you attention.

    The bomber leather jackets are associated with aviators who wore these bomber jackets to protect them from cold weather conditions at high altitudes and hence the name bomber leather jackets. The ever popular leather trench coat which have gained immense popularity because of the movies like Matrix, they are a perfect wear to protect you from cold, chiller weather condition. The length of these trench coats depends on the wearer’s preference.

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