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  • Posted :   Oct 9th, 2011

    Leather jackets have always reined the fashion world. Right from Elvis Presley to Brad Pitt, everybody has been spotted wearing leather jackets. Not just celebrities in fact even the common man has worn leather jackets. Earlier only bikers were seen wearing typical biker leather jackets. But now it is more of a fashion statement along with comfort.

    Leather jackets come in many unimaginable styles and designs. One of the famous and the latest in fashion market is the one with zippers and pockets. These leather jackets look like a typical hardcore rugged style. Carrying the rough and rugged look is the latest in trend that is followed by many.

    This red color leather jacket is one of its kinds with the feature that it has. Gone are the days when everyone wore the typical and same old black color leather jacket that was extremely simple. This red color jacket looks hot with a zipper at the front and it is made of lamb leather. Any leather apparel made of lamb is going to be like a trusted friend and will stay longer. Only that you have to take little extra care towards your leather jacket.

    This jacket has studs all over the neckline, sleeves and also at the pockets in front. The studs are in a different color and that adds glamour to the jacket. The jacket has front pockets and at the sides of the chest. All these features will help you grab attention and steal limelight. You can wear this jacket to any occasion. You don’t have to plan out a long ride to wear this one.

    A night party would be the perfect place to wear such leather jackets. Pair it with casual denims that are rugged or ripped and wear formal black shoes. You can also wear a scarf around the neck and tuck in your shirt to finish the look.

  • Posted :   Mar 9th, 2009

    Nothing beats the look of leather vest designed using fine leather, all you need to do is let your imagination run a little wild and see the picture of a leather vest that you would love to wear which will not only enhance your personality but will also raise your glamour quotient and improve your sex appeal, leather vest do have the ability to make a woman look gorgeous and exotic even when she wears an extra piece of clothing….wow! Now that’s what I call glam. This is one trendy item which will not let you down and is perfect wear to al occasions. Leather vests are designed for both men and women. Let us see what is in the store for ladies this year.

    This is your time to reveal your curves, enhance your sex appeal and make men go weak on their knees, the rugged nature of leather when paired with your soft gorgeous looks is a good chemistry. These leather vests can be worn over tops like shirts, tees, or just without tops depending on your comfort level. You do not have to be a biker chic to don a leather vest; you can just wear it to create your fashion statement.

    Women are keener than men and hence they have more styles to offer, the collection of women’s leather vest is far more superior than those of men, the collection of leather vests that has the ability to make you the cynosure of all eyes getting maximum attention.  The women’s leather vests have been decorated with conchos which is an instant attraction and a striking feature. The scalloped pattern is what makes this a definite addition to your wardrobe. There are various other patterns which will make you look like a diva, there are leather vests which will make you look classy and stylish, some have collars and some do not have collars it always better to opt for a leather vest that fits your body and does not cling to your body

    The men’s leather vest collection may not exhibit more styles and variations but will be a good addition in your wardrobe to make a new style statement.

  • Posted :   Mar 9th, 2009

    Men’s leather jacket is the best way to make a style statement. It has always been a style statement and it still is. Men’s leather jacket was seen on many celebrities like Elvis Presley to Brad Pitt. There is nothing as hot as leather a jacket and there is nothing as smart as a man looking smart in the same. It remains unparalleled.

    Every fashion boutique will have at least one line of leather collection. Because it is a fashion designer’s dream, the designs available in leather jackets are very exceptional. Let’s take a look at some of the famous styles in men’s leather jackets.

    Biker Leather Jackets:
    Leather jackets for men came into being when bikers thought that it was necessary to be protected from the abrasive nature. That’s how men who were hardcore bikers started wearing leather jackets. However as years flew by, it started to become more of a fashion statement. And now every biker and non biker wears the biker leather jacket. With comfort they also look for styles. Biker jackets are not too tight ad they usually come in zippers and side pockets.

    Bomber Men’s Leather Jackets:
    Bomber jackets come in many styles. There are some jackets that look really classy and stylish with neat cuts while there are some that looks casual, grunge and ruff. You get bomber jackets in many styles like a jacket with broad shoulders, or a slim jacket etc. Some bomber jackets are made of double leather, so protection and comfort concerns can be kept at bay. You also get these jackets with hoods. You also get bomber jackets with collar neck in fur, they look very cool.

    Aviator Leather Jackets:
    Aviator jackets are more of fashion apparel. It has a military look so have no doubts that is high in class and sophistication. There are also slim fits available in men’s leather jackets. You can wear an aviator jacket with simple tee-shirt and denims. You do not have to be a biker to wear one.

    These are the many styles available in men’s leather jackets that have always remained in vogue and it always will.

  • Posted :   Mar 9th, 2009

    Apart from the beauty of fur leather jackets their versatility is also well known. They not only protect the wearer from adverse climatic conditions but they also make them look trendy and stylish. They reveal a classy personality making men and women look great.  This is one status symbol that no one would like to give a miss. The animal fur is combined with classy leather jackets enhancing the looks of the wearer. The products are manufactured not only for accessories but they are also used to design bags, coats, belts etc…

    The quality of fur leather jacket is depended on the quality of fur and leather which is used to manufacture it. The fur can be soft, stiff or rough depending on its quality and the same with leather, but there are various faux fur leather apparels that you should be aware of. These fur leather jackets have a unique smell that is easy to recognize. This is one very important factor that is easy to recognize these fur leather jackets. For leather jackets the cow hide leather is the tough and rugged which is used for both furniture and apparels which is accentuated with fur to add glamour.

    The fur leather trends have been the latest fad this fall season, the fall materials like velvet, metallic, leather, fur etc are the luxurious items which is difficult for many to afford, the best option is to opt for faux leather which are the perfect imitation of original leather and they even smell the same, the best part being that they can cost much less than the actual leather.

    Fashion is for everyone and depending on your budget you need to make choice; leather jackets with fur are the latest trends this fall season. Don the outfit in style and pair it matching accessories to stand out from the crowd.

  • Posted :   Mar 9th, 2009

    If celebrity styling is on your mind then trust me you are at the right place reading this article. Marilyn Monroe set the halter neck trend back in 1955 with release of her movie Seven Year Itch, the strappy and pleated halter neck dress was, it was an immense craze and the halter neck still continues to be the most amazing style, but remember this was in 1955 and we still remember the look…this is called the look of fashion and creating a style statement that last in memories forever.

    Leather halters are the latest craze, the red carpet celebrity who was spotted wearing a leather halter was Emma Watson where she appeared in a gorgeous lady like black leather halter which was paired perfectly with an ivory color skirt. If you cannot afford celebrity style or their make up then the best way to grab attention and look like a diva is leather halter neck tops or leather halter neck dresses. The strapless leather dresses have also done rounds on the red carpet event, if you remember our favorite Angelina Jolie looked stunning wearing a strapless leather dress, this is one fashion which has still maintained its credibility and still looks great.

    To don that super biker chick and if you plans to go all leather, then a leather halter top can be paired with leather shorts and stylish boots will definitely get you maximum  attention. A women’s’ closet is usually filled with various apparels but id its missing leather apparels then the wardrobe is still incomplete.

    The types of leather halters that you can opt for are the sleeveless ones or you if wish to get maximum attention then opting for a bare back leather halter is the perfect choice, but then that depends on your comfort level. The craze for leather halters is immense; this is one fashion statement that you cannot give it a miss. To name a few more leather halters, the Concho studded leather top, you can also opt for snap pocket leather top, to top it all the riveted leather halters are very attractive and look classy.

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