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  • Posted :   Dec 15th, 2011

    Do you have any idea about which is the happening trend among most of the Hollywood celebs today?

    Its Balmain style leather pants from the leather fashion. Balmain style leather pants became the part of leather fashion recently but have gained large amount of respect from the masses with in a limited period of time. There are countless celebs who have played a major role in bringing up Balmain style leather pants at the top most position in the fashion market.There are large numbers of celebs who are spotted in leather outfits and in the past few months every celeb is seen in Balmain style leather pant teamed up with varied outfits which truly allow them to portray their own fashion statement wherever they go may it be for personal shopping or an onscreen ceremony.

    Listed are the celebs who totally rocked in their modish Balmain style leather pants:
    Kanye West: most of us have a conception in our mind that fashion gets limited top women which always been proved wrong by Kanye West and leather pants are the outfits which are adored by most of the celebs due to its versatility. West favors his wardrobe to contain maximum count of leather outfits which contains maximum count of Balmain style leather pants. He was recently photographed in a classy red colored Balmain style leather pant during his performance at the basketball game. He really rolled the floor in his attire which gained ample amount of attention from the crowd present for the event.

    Kylie Minogue: Kylie Minogue was spotted in the Principales Awards in a sizzling zipped Balmain style leather pant. To show off the best looks in her she preferred teaming up the leather pant with a purple furred jacket over a printed t-shirt which fulfilled her desire. The way she carried herself was amazing she actually dressed up as per the jovial ambience which made her gain large amount of respect for her fall followers who were seen around her.

    One of the star who has the fetish for balmain style leather pants is Kate Moss no doubt she is the personality who truly enjoys adorning balmain style leather pants wherever she steps may it be her personal life or a red carpet party. One of the things which may make Balmain style leather pants stay in trend for decades is the designing. This particular leather outfit is produced in a very stunning manner by giving it the some exclusive features which molds the wearer’s persona into a dynamic one.

    So get started to buy a Balmain style leather pant which may bring out the celeb in you when you mix it up with a range of stylish outfit and accessories.

  • Posted :   Dec 8th, 2011

    Leather jackets are have always been in fashion and hooded leather jackets has been the latest rage among the fashion aficionados. Not far away are our beloved celebrities like Zac Efron, David Beckham, Justin Bieber are a few  who have been recently spotted wearing the latest trend which is soon hitting the fashion racks of famous boutiques and your nearby shopping stores. Soon you will hear many other celebrities donning the same style.

    The most dominated fashion in fashion industry is celebrating the cool winter months with attached hoodie, not to mention the leather jackets are still very much in. They carry the sporty look if paired with jeans and a T-shirt and can also be easily converted to the formal look if paired with formal. The most versatile look ever to be designed.

    Hollywood hottie and the teen celebrity Zac Efron the “It Guy” looking in his “17 again” wearing dark blue denims which paired with a t shirt and a classy, slim fit leather jacket with a hoodie, not far away is the other hottie the famous footballer David Beckham who definitely deserves the credit for popularizing the Superdry brand. The Superdry brand did not actually go for any promotion but has an amazing collection of fascinating leather jackets. David Beckham would have never bought the jacket from the brand if it was not well designed.

    The other celebrities who have been spotted wearing the same brand leather hoodie is Justin Bieber and the twilight girl Kirsten Stewart who was spotted wearing the hoodie to cover herself from the twilight fans.

    Lamb leather jackets are definitely in this winter as compared to suede which is suppose to have a dry run this winter month, the suede leather has its own class and style but lamb leather gels nicely with the hoodie.

    It’s time to rearrange your wardrobe and add some more fascinating collection; the hoodie leather jacket is a definite have this winter season if you still wish to be spotted in the limelight. In short to gain the limelight wear hoodie leather jacket.

  • Posted :   Dec 5th, 2011

    Models are wearing it, celebrities are donning and designers are working on the new designs, so why are you not wearing a leather jacket this winter….The rocker and motorcycle enthusiasts are seen wearing leather jackets which makes them look sexy and leaner, the new looks for the season are out and you can see a load of celebrities wearing cool leather jackets that not just makes them look cool, but they look smoking hot…

    Leather jackets can be seen on the fashion runways is known to be the perfect accessory that can be carried around to flaunt your new chic look. The cropped style or the wais length they are all doing the rounds of the fashion market which is to be very much functional and effective and is considered the new high street fashion.

    Some great styles are available for both men and woman this winter season, if you are a man who just wants to don a cool new look or a classic flamboyance then here is loads to chose from and for the lovely ladies there is a definite range of gorgeous designs and color available in leather jackets.

    Celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Shenae Grimes, Daisy Lowe, Whitney Port, Kelly Osbourne and Emma Watson are seen donning leather jackets for the white season. The craze for top notch quality leather never diminishes and is always the first choice of these celebrities. The winter season is the great time to shop for leather jackets as they are available in plenty and since the availability is so much the cost automatically reduces. Do not forget to check the sale racks; they are flooded with leather jackets this season.

    The Nappa leather is what the expensive leather jackets and coats are made of, if you plan on wearing leather jackets that shields you from wind and offers warmth and is breathable then the nappa leather is what you should definitely have.

    Olivia Palermo: She was spotted wearing a classy biker jacket which was teamed with a maxi skirt making her look classy and subtle.

    Shenae Grimes looked great with the motorcycle leather jacket which was combined with cool denim cut offs

    Keep reading this space for more updates on leather jackets…

  • Posted :   Nov 20th, 2011

    Suddenly people are gripped with twilight fever. The movie with so many sequels has become a craze among many. And with the movies being a hit and one of them slated for release, the stars have also become a rage among many. For the boys the leading lady of the movie Kristen Stewart is definitely a favorite. Everybody considers her to be hot. And as far as the ladies go, the envy her and her fashion sense and style.

    Her dresses at every event are always unique and fashionable. She knows the best about herself because every dress that she has worn so far has suited and complemented her very elegantly. And for every fashion enthusiast who has missed a few dresses that our romantic lady has worn, well here is a look into some of the few dresses that she wore at many events and award functions.

    Let’s start with her leather outfits. She once wore a pretty mini dress that was a strapless piece and she wore a leather jacket over it. A black short leather jacket with big buttons at the front and she kept it open.

    In another event she wore a black plain and simple leather jacket over a back tee-shirt and brownish pants.  She carried this casual look elegantly and very casually. She looked her best in this attire.

    At another function she wore a very pretty and stunning leather dress. The dress was a short and strapless dress with embroidery and beadwork work all over it.  Her make-up and hair style-everything was in place.

    As far as fabric clothing goes, there are loads of them.  But we will talk about only the best of the lot. One of them being the staple white mini dress that she has worn at many red carpet events. Her mini dresses in white have always been stunning and a mesmerizing beauty.

    Another dress was a lace dress-short and a one-shoulder piece. Black and cream combination always works and with Kristen Stewart trying it, it worked the best.

    Kristen Stewart has undoubtedly set a good fashion example for many fashion aficionados who have been following fashion since they ever remember.

  • Posted :   Nov 15th, 2011

    Leather dresses have always been a hit. Where it is seen often? Well of course the answer is red carpet events. Off lately many celebrities have been seen wearing a red carpet leather dress. The kind of trends they have set in a leather dress is something to be watched out for. The style and colors and also necklines are incredibly beautiful and hot in some cases. Let’s have a detailed peek-a-boo at some of them.

    Jennifer Aniston in one of the events wore a rather plain and simple black color leather dress. She chose the dress very wisely and wore a dress that would enhance her looks. And the leather dress she picked did exactly the same.

    Elizabeth Banks wore a striking red color leather dress.  The dress had a pattern flowing at the end in a zigzag manner.   It was a sleeveless dress and very tight fitting to enhance her curvaceous body to a next level. Leather dresses look the best when pulled of well and accessorized properly. She tied up her hair, wore a red lipstick and a silver clutch with cream color peep-toes.

    Kirsten Stewart the current heartthrob wore a leather dress at a social do. Her dress was super short and strapless with a slight sweetheart neckline. She had prints all over dress in a black and red combination. She kept her hair open and wore black color high heel shoes.

    The best part about each one of them was that they all dressed up in leather dresses but carried it off differently and with elegance.  They didn’t make any mistakes with their hair, make-up or even accessories. Right from clutches to jewelry they all looked sexy and complementing with their respective leather dresses.

    Red carpet inspired leather dresses or leather dresses worn by celebrities itself are always the best bet for any girl who wants to look distinctly beautiful; and hot. But do the same with a touch of your individual style and fashion sense. You character should reflect through the leather dress or rather through you whole look. That’s when you can call it successful clothing.

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