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  • Posted :   Nov 26th, 2012

    What makes any celebrity apart from common person is their lifestyle and dressing. The celebrity dressing is always unique and sometimes drops in the bucket of controversies or gossips. Kim Kardashian is among few of these celebrities whose way of dressing makes huge headlines. Hence, at end whatever it is this unique kind of styling helps them to get more attention with fame.

    Recently Kim Kardashain was in news for wardrobe malfunction; as her leather dress’s back zip just buckled off was seemed to be so tight fitting. Apart from talked about her controversial dresses, we are going to let you know some of best leather outfits carried out by Kim.  After the listing of her amazing leather outfits and way to wear them, even you can make such appeal by getting easy way inspiration.

    We will start from of her recent leather outfits and then moving towards the past one.

    This looks of Kim is wearing red bubbly leather skirt for evening date with boyfriend Kanye. Kim basic physical appearance features highlights encompass petite height with curvy hourglass figure. Thus, she is also good example for women with such features.

    • Let’s move on her red leather skirt wearing. As it was romantic evening date with her boyfriend, Kim was supposedly to wear stunning appealing outfit. She chooses to wear red leather skirt. It was a high waist skirt of pencil knee length silhouette. She matched the skirt with as brown top. The top featured deep V-drape neckline with balloon full sleeves. She matched the overall get up with the big frame sunglasses, designer handbag and knee length black leather boots.

    Kim Kardashian Skirt

    • Do want professional glam look and can’t think leather to make picture perfect then here the Kim’s look as fine example. She wore black fitting leather pant with black inner top and a black smart looking blazer. As formal look, she managed to keep her accessory and styling simple yet minimal. She put on gold bold choker chain around her necklace and bold size handbag. Thus, instead of leaving hairs in air she gather them altogether and tied above.


    • This dress of Ms Kardashian that faced the malfunction but it is also among one of best looking attire. She wore  black knee length leather dress with sheath silhouette and long sleeves. The dress got sophistication touch with high neckline. She almost had no accessory with dress. Just few makeup touch ups and her whole get up was ready. You can have this kind of getup for your various formal parties or for special romantic date too.


    • For day limelight, you can get her looks by wearing loose printed sheer tops with any preferable matching color leather pant. Accessorize with wristwatch or wrist bracelet. Let your hairstyle to blow in air with neutral makeup touch up.

    Kim Kardashian Leather Pants

  • Posted :   Oct 30th, 2012

    It is fantasy to dress up like your own favorite celebrity especially when she or he is nearby of your age and personality. Selena Gomez is among the top rated as well popular face of teenage fashion. There are many girls who want to adopt the style of her and even young guys wants their girlfriend to dress and creates magnificent illusion like of their dream girl Selena.

    Here we are going to explore some amazing dressing and fashion ways of Selena Gomez. Do not miss any chance to make appeal like her. The best part of Selena is her dressing style is easily applicable for any type of feminine appeal. Therefore, there is hardly any risk to fall in fashion jeopardy.

    Like other popular celebs, even Selena loves wearing leather in form of apparels or accessories. Here this write up will assemble all her most good-looking looks and making you appear in such a way.

    1. Selena’s Bomber Leather Jacket- Take your or borrow from your female friend brown bomber leather jacket. Wear the jacket with black t-shirt no matters if it is plain or printed. Take a purple knitted scarf and put its both ends at front. Match the upper get up with dark blue shade or distress dark blue pencil fit jeans. Accessorize the get up with silver diamond rings, diamond hoop earrings, Heart shape pendant necklace, simple ponytail hairstyle and beige color stilettos.  Go for ¾ sleeves of leather bomber jacket instead of long ones.

     2. Selena’s Leather Pant-This get up which we are about to explore of Selena is very recent one. Thus, it is making great news in headlines as glamorized formal wear wearing leather pants. Get your nice fitting white blazer with bit white fabric design will be icing on cake. Inside the white blazer wear a black lace top. Put in the black lace top inside leather pant. Make sure pant is in pencil cut and fitting you overall comfortably. Grace your personality by wearing velvet black stilettos. Give your hairs sizzling wavy curls style while going for water shine makeup.

    3.Selena Again In Leather Jacket- This look of Selena is sexy and sizzling hot then the past one with leather bomber jacket. The diva girl Ms Gomez had wore same as before ¾ sleeves black leather jacket with cropped style. She wore the jacket over the wine color short smoothie dress. She gosh accessorizes with black lace stocking and designer ankle black boots. All the Selena seems to be knowing that her outfits is already gracing sensuousness thus she manage to keep her attitude simple and natural as she is casual.

    The basic of Selena’s look is she most probably prefers the outfits which are much immersed towards the casual look rather than going too bold and appearing much older. Through her outfits she defines her age more graceful as a cut pie.

  • Posted :   Jul 31st, 2012

    Celebrity Leather Jackets FashionFamous people are known by master work done in their field of interest. People start admiring them and want to be the one like them. Royalty and fame both balance coordination makes perfect admirable face in society. Some are adorable by their work; some are by good looks and so on.

    Even celeb from their side makes sure that whatever they do should be just picture perfect and that’s the reason many of well known people do give prominence to their looks and wearing. They have their own designer, expensive and highly attractive apparels and so on. Well celebs even known besides their fans there are also group of people who keeps eye on their every step as known as critics. So these famous even do not want to stand as worst dressed celebrity even if they desire to look unique.

    In this way these fame have started showing their common love for variant types of leather jackets. It is very different from professional wearer jacket such as racer or one of aviator. Celebs love both these types of leather jacket but in replica form.

    The leather jackets which is being made to wear by celebrities are very much supple and soft high expensive quality leather. Not necessarily the one from skin hides only but also in faux or combined leather (mixture of skin hide and synthetic material or other garment).

    The silver screen personalities have never fenced themselves from wearing of leather jackets. Since from James Dean black and white movies until today high definition color films most actors have wore tanned skin jacket that had also regards their personality.

    From films to award function even in personal out of reel life celeb have shown admirable versatile wearing with variant leather jackets. Many a films is been recognized by the stylish jacket. The recent movie that was in news for courage leather jacket is “The Hunter Games”, in which the lead actress made a prominent appearance while pairing up jacket with leather boots, bow and adventurous overall looks.

    Even celebrity kids are also know for wearing cutest and sweetest leather jackets that graces their childish personality fruitfully especially in winter season.

    From feminine to male fames has loved wearing leather bomber jacket. It is replica of original aviator jacket. Thus, this fancy leather bomber jacket is made of lambskin. Lambskin provides great suppleness then any other skin yet makes it wearable for any changing season. It is one most expensive form of leather jacket.

    Every celebrity has it own favorite designer but it is universally have adorable designer too. Balmain leather jackets are another hue among the celebs. Even these high profiles known that Balmain jacket is such an expensive jacket that very few of celebs do prefer to buy it. Balmain jacket’s shoulder is eye catchy part of it. It gives especially feminine a sleek and tone up definition. It is detail with rich, attractive embellishments.

    Celebs do prefer to spend much of their expense into the leather jackets. It helps to grow up well-known publicity while presenting smart and dashing among other competitors.

  • Posted :   Apr 20th, 2012

    celebrity leather styleYou admire celeb and celeb adorn leather outfit. Even though it is notorious summer, many celebs seem to be enjoying this season in sexy leather knee dress at their happening parties and events. Not only dresses but leather skin fitting trouser, legging is up enhancing celebrity trend.

    Late James Dean, Late Elvis Presley and late Michael Jackson are best example to make one understand what does a really leather iconic fashion mean to lookalike a celebrity. James endorsed leather jacket, Elvis hammered fashion of colorful leather jumpsuit and leather pants whereas Michael’s red leather jacket haunted style. All these wear just unisex phenomenal style. Surprisingly all this leather apparel even after so many decades and the stars passed away is still ruling in fashion world without any doubt.

    Bomber leather jacket is very much liked by both male and female celebrities. David Beckham, Tom Cruise, Rihanna many such outstanding stars were caught in Bomber leather jacket. Bomber leather jacket is one of finest and expensive jacket. In compare all other leather jacket it is more soft and flexible yet stylish. To lookalike stylish like celeb pair up bomber leather jackets it with simple preferably black or white t-shirt and nice fitting denim jeans or pair it with sexy legging overwhelm it with mini denim skirt and cover the collar with stunning scarf.

    Would like to tell this time on red carpet actress cum singer Vanessa Hudgens wear seen wearing mini shimmery black dress flattered with sexy zipper bomber leather jacket. Short mini dress with bomber leather jacket stood up her in best dressing list on red carpet eve.

    Sexy stunning long leather gown has hypnotized hot Angelina Jolie. Most of event and awards Jolie was caught in black leather gown with sexy high slit cut. You can go for leather gown and make distinct iconic spotlight attention in crowd. Go for strapless neckline leather gown as same like thrilling entrance made by Angelina at these years Oscar red carpet night.

    Steal the glamour of Miley Cyrus in leather fitting trouser flattering with lace sheer top.  She looks really very chubby in leather trouser pant with nice white or ivory full sleeves top. it is quite cool and young look. You will look sweet as well comfortable in this attire.

    Try these above suggested leather apparels in your styling list. To get exact and perfect celeb look keep their original clear photo in front of your dressing table while getting ready for function. So you can’t leave a single pin point of their look. Bluff your friends or any crowd becoming a phenomenal replica of your favorite celeb.

  • Posted :   Mar 15th, 2012

    megan fox leather jacketYou may want to look like a celebrity and adore their style. Try one some leather jacket style worn by celebrities in the movies and during functions. The era of celebrity influence on clothing style has grown quite remarkably among women in recent times hence people tend to adopt their look and seem stylish. Leather jackets have been used and worn by top class celebrities quite often.

    No one can forget the look Kelly Mc Gillis carried in ‘Top Gun’ movie in the leather bomber jacket while riding his bike. Many women fell in crazed love with that and it is still among the top demand. People of all age group still try on this style he brought into the minds of people. Even men liked their women partners to sport a leather jacket of that style. It will make you flaunt your curves and bring out your rawness.

    Megan Fox in the ‘Transformers’ movie series wore a surprisingly bold leather jacket which was known for its polished and slim fit. Women have since then made this a necessary leather outfit for their closet. She made the world go crazy with her leather jacket attire and her design pattern of leather jacket is craved by women. You can try a pair of that style and wear them to parties or while riding bike.

    Rihanna wore a charming leather jacket in her new album “we found love”; this has created frenzy among women and is among the best celebrity style leather jacket. Youngsters as well as middle aged women are rushing to get hands on the leather jacket of similar type. Beyonce Knowles is an American singer and she has brought in a new rage among women by sporting bold and fancy leather jackets. Her style leather jackets have now flooded the market. You can get one comfortably for yourself and strut around with amazing aura and charm.

    The technological side of movies revealed a touch of elegance with ‘Trion legacy’ movie in which everyone adorned leather jackets which looked superb and have now filled the market with an extensive look. You can try some versions in them and look beautiful. The glazed look of these leather jackets are preferred by many women. You can have your style collar and cut shape in this version of leather jackets.

    The look Pam Grier carried in ‘Foxy brown’ movie tugged at the hearts of many women due to the leather jacket she wore. Jennifer Aniston style leather jacket is also famed. She naturally wears them in award functions and has adorned a variety of it in many movies. Her leather jackets have revolutionized the look of every woman. You can have a similar type leather jacket for yourself. There are many official websites which provide discounts and a perfect similarity to her style leather jackets.

    So get the choice of your leather jacket according to the celebrities you adore and gel in with current trends with a stylish look

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