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  • Posted :   Jan 18th, 2010

    Just like dresses, accessories are for hairs also and known as ‘Hair Accessories’. Hair accessories flatter hair greatly and give them resplendent look. They add soft and elegant touch to the hairstyle which in turn spices up the entire appearance. Hair accessories have become a style statement nowadays. They are many in numbers and few of them are cited below.


     A tiara is one of the most beautiful hair accessories women can ever have. It is so exquisite that it can make any woman look good wearing it. They impart a unique look to hairs. Tiaras come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They are generally worn with gowns.

     Hair Scarves

     Hair scarves are the most unique hair accessory and are greatly in fashion. These carves come decking with different types of prints, designs and colors, thus you have various options to opt for. Wear the one that complements your outfit for the best look.


     Barrettes or hair pins or hair clips are the most common women’s hair accessory. Many hairstyles are created using barrettes. They are used for gathering all hairs at back or for making French roll and so on. There are many types of hair clips like hair clamps, ponytail holders, comb clips, metal and plastic clip, etc.


     Headbands are one such hair accessory that has never loose its essence in the fashion world. Even they became more popular with time. All age women wear them. Headbands can be worn with long hairstyles as well as short hairstyles both. They hold hair back firmly, thus highlighting the facial features. Headbands are available in so many styles, fabrics, colors and designs which makes them wearable everywhere like casually, formally or at glamorous events all.

    Hair Bands

    Hair bands are one of the most basic hair accessories. They can be taken to any event and are ideal for making ponytails and braid hairstyles. They completely secure hairs by looping twice or thrice. Scrunchies are latest in fad in hair bands and do come in various colors, styles and embellishments.

    Hair Extensions

     ‘In Vogue’ accessory for hairs these days is hair extensions. They are mostly used by women with short hairs. Hairs appear long by donning them and also different colors can be sported in them. This fashionable hair accessory is easy to use and can be easily removed.

     These hair accessories can create any hairstyle you love.

  • Posted :   Dec 2nd, 2009

    women_leather_bagPassion for fashion is in blood of women. Clothes, accessories, jewelry forms parts of fashion. Creative mind of designers keeps informing new styles, colors and designs in them from time to time. Fashion world is very wide and woman touches its every part. But nowadays one thing which has touched women a lot is one accessory i.e. leather bags.

    Women are crazy for leather bags. This accessory has made such a great place for them in women’s heart that they are not ready to leave house without a leather bag. Ranging from general women to urbane fashionista, no one would be seen without it. Reason is soft finish of leather. Leather fabric is admired in all areas from clothes to accessories to furniture everywhere. Leather bags are chic, fashionable and possess caliber to impart stylish and polished look to even simple looking woman. Moreover they suit all.

    Leather bags are highly appreciated nowadays and are extreme in demand in the international market. It is an important accessory for any lady. They cannot be missed from a lady’s wardrobe. They are good for carrying to all occasions including, shopping, casual gatherings, formal events or parties. They give women a unique glory of glamour, sophistication, and respect and set them a class apart. Also they meet every woman needs with respect to colors, types and styles.

    Ladies leather bags are also known for their features like being spacious, having several inner and outer pockets and classy appeal with elegant designing. Thus leather bags are a hub of fashionable and practical place both.

    Leather bag is really an amazing accessory for women to complete their fashion statement and set a mark for them. Women love to have a leather bag to accessorize their style and fashion. Women look great carrying them in hands. Leather bags showcase women charisma and personality in the way they aspire for. They possess a classy chic look that complements the personality of women

  • Posted :   Nov 3rd, 2009

    mens-fashion-accessoriesMen are equally associated with fashion today as women. They are no less in any regard. And this proved by large fashion ensemble of men. It consists of everything ranging from stylish outfits, trendy footwear, designer watches and leather wallets to fashionable belts, trendy sunglasses to fragrant perfumes etc. You will find all this in their closet. Thus fashion is everybody’s cup of tea today. This fashion driven world has pulled everyone towards it.

    The above accessories can be worn at anytime of the day by men. They are all time enhancers. But men have separate accessories for winter time also. Their winter fashion accessories list is also long. It includes woolen scarves, stoles and mufflers. Pashmina and Cashmere shawls, leather fur jackets, leather coats, leather gloves, boots etc. For preserving head against cold there are warm hats and caps. The winter accessories of men are in great vogue and impart stylish look even in winters.

    Watches and wallets have become must have fashion accessory of men. Their look and feel should be in accord with latest fad. Digital watches are selling like real hot cakes. Watches are also hitting markets in exclusive styles. Also watches are different in types like sports watch, dress watch, casual watch and celebrity style luxury watch.

    Leather wallets are another highly momentum gained fashion accessory. Men taking them out look fashionable and smart. They have gained much popularity among men. Leather briefcase are also great in demand and considered extremely stylish. They add on to the look and indicate boldness and style.

    Men also wear jewelry nowadays to add a touch to elegance to personality. They are very eye catching too. Bracelets are in rage amongst men. Full name or initials can also be carved on them. Earrings are another way of accessorizing. Chains are also greatly worn by men which can be further enhanced by hanging pendants in them.

    Accessories are an integral part of a man’s wardrobe and are a blend of style and comfort. They impart rocking appearance to men. Also they are good at winning women’s heart.

  • Posted :   Oct 13th, 2009

    leather-beltsLeather outfits admiration is done all over the world. But as said any outfit is incomplete without accessories thus leather has come up with exclusive leather accessories to prove that it is excelled in everything. Here in discussion are leather belts, one of the most sought after accessory of present time.

    Leather belts are greatly in fad nowadays. They have earned a title of fashion statement making accessory. Both sexes wardrobe is incomplete without them. Versatility is another plus point of leather belts. They easily go well with any outfit and with providing help in uplifting outfit also give fashionable look.

    With respect to their silhouette there are ample varieties. Various shapes, sizes, designs and colors are available in them. Leather belts are both narrow and wide in size. You can opt for any as per the choice.
    Wide leather belts are for portraying fashion and lend stylish look. On the other hand narrow leather belts are also good but not as ravishing as wider ones. Generally they are worn for only upholding outfits.

    Leather belts are simple as well as trendy. Trendy ones are decked with beads, stones, rhinestones, sequins, prints etc. They are also cut in dramatic shapes and come with or without buckles. Color wise also there are various options. Leather belts come in all colors like black, brown, red, purple, yellow etc. Like other things leather belts are also versatile with occasions, thus can be worn to any place. You can wear it as formal, semi formal or as casual Wear.They are fabricated with various types of leathers like Cowhide Leather, Buffalo Leather, Pigskin Leather, Genuine Leather, Deer Skin Leather, Lambskin Leather, Rabbit Skin Leather etc. These are quite soft in feel.

    Leather belts have become an essential part of dressing and have a great hand behind looking exquisite. Therefore give special heed to them. They can make or break your appearance. Add incredible dimension to your appearance and personality with proper looking leather belt that enhance your look profoundly.

  • Posted :   Sep 8th, 2009

    imageaxdHow do you define accessories? It is adornments for beautifying the appearance of a person. This answer is absolutely right. But today accessories are defined in one another way also. Accessories are one of the best gifts also. With beauty, accessories also make the best gift, therefore serve dual purpose. Here are mentioned some of the gift ideas on accessories.


    Jewelry comprises major position while looking for gifts. It is the most common and most apt gift. There are ample choices in jewelry like necklace, bracelet, earrings, fingering etc. for both men and women. You can also opt for costly gifts studded with precious stones such as diamond, emerald, topaz, ruby etc. If you don’t want to go too costly opt for jewelry adorned with semi-precious stones and imitation accessories.


    Bags are one of the most used items for gift. A wide variety of bags are available for men and women. You can choose from the pricey bags to the inexpensive ones. Clutch purse is a hot trend among women.

    Leather Wallet

    Leather wallets are one of the classic gifts. Not only for men but for women also they work well as nowadays many women are not habitual of carrying bags. They give an elegant look while you put your hands in pocket for taking out leather wallet. You can get multi-pocketed leather wallets or bi-fold or tri-fold wallets as well. Designer leather wallets are also available. If your pocket allows you go for it. Though wallets are made of other materials also but leather is the most preferred due to its great appeal.


    Sunglasses have become one of the most talked about accessory for both men and women in these times. With protecting eyes from sun they make a great fashion statement also. Make sure that it suits your facial shape and skin tone. Presenting them as a gift will certainly please the other person.


    Watch is an essential accessory that greatly enhances show of the person. They are very good for presenting as a gift. For gifting a unique one, go for different shaped watches rather than the very common ones like square, rectangle, round and oval shaped ones. Watch having bracelet shape is best liked by women and men’s mostly prefer a sports watch.


    Cufflinks is men’s jewelry. It greatly increases show of men’s wardrobe. Wide variety of cufflinks are there ranging from monogram, engrave, sterling silver, golden, platinum to all types of stones and much more. Ask for his choice and gift the same.

  • Posted :   Aug 18th, 2009

    dubai-fashion-collageAs money and reputation are dear to men, similarly beauty and elegance are dear to women. She puts her every effort in achieving it. The greatest tool she uses in accomplishing beauty is dress and make up. But apart from dress and make up, accessories are equally important to look beautiful. Accessories are tools that make a woman look even more stunning than she already is. Look for below written accessories to attain that gorgeous look.


    Jewelry is an important primary accessory for women, no matter what she is wearing. If heading for special occasions then gold, diamond or other precious stones jewelry is appropriate to wear. They give brilliance to appearance. While beads and pearls jewelry is good for general daytime and evening occasions.


    Sunglasses are greatly making statements nowadays. They are sleek, stylish and make wearer look sexier. Choose a frame that matches the shape of your eyes and face, and a frame color that will match most of your clothes.

    Crystal hair clips

    Hair accessories greatly enhance the show. Nowadays crystal hair clips and headbands are much in rage and also give look like diamonds. They are very elegant and make appearance beguiling.

    Belts, shoes and handbags

    Belts, shoes and handbags are must have accessories of women. All three should be in coordination with the design and color of the dress. Also the bag and shoes should be flashy if the dress is plain. But if the dress is already beaded, then the bag and shoes should not have much work.

    Scarf and Brooch

    Scarf and brooch is today’s high fashion accessories. They can make lively the look of any drab dress. Choose their color that blend well with the dress color or in contrast accordingly.

    With the list of accessories mentioned above you can never go wrong. These are must have and also define what fashion is all about. Fashion is never complete without accessories.

  • Posted :   Aug 6th, 2009

    Earring is an accessory that is clearly visible to onlooker. It creates great impact if worn rightly in right style. Earring selection depends on many things like dress style, occasion, personal choice etc. But most importantly it depends on face shape. Earrings complementation with face is must to enhance entire appearance.

    There are various face shapes, thus first you have to find out your shape and wear earrings that suit it. Below are mentioned various face types and earrings styles for enhancing them.

    Oval shaped face

    Earrings for oval shaped face should have width for balancing the face. Long earrings will make face look more lengthy which is not suitable style. Thus opt for hoops or large oval shaped earrings. They work very well with this shape. These earrings can be studded but in round shapes only. Do not wear long earrings as they pull the face shape downward, hence lengthening it further.

    Round shaped face

    Round shape face need earrings that can create balance. Long earrings are very good as they are visible. With long they should be large also in various angular shapes. Wide danglers also look very good. These styles add length as well soften the curves of a round face. Avoid small earrings as they can get lost with a round face.

    Heart shaped face

    Heart shape face looks good in earrings that make balance at the cheekbones. Go for large earrings that have an angular flare, oval shaped or dangles with a large object at the bottom. Avoid wearing short earrings, hoops and circular shaped earrings.

    Triangular shaped face

    Triangular face shape women look best with small circular earrings or long dangler earrings. Earrings with curves soften the angles of a triangular face as well. Avoid narrow bottom earrings as they focuses pointed chin.

    Main criteria while selecting earrings is that they should create right balance. Follow the above pointers and you will always look updated.

  • Posted :   Jul 7th, 2009

    w_skirtmignonette_danr_m1Fashion is a creative thing. Looking fashionable does not mean he or she is wearing new clothes, it means how well they adorn it on them. It is about knowing what’s new in the trend and how to carry it. Thus you don’t need to purchase new dress every time. With old dress also you can look chic just by knowing few fashion mantras.
    Accessories work as right hand of clothes in taking the look to the height of chicness. Also they are an important part of fashion world and are expanding with each passing day. They have acquired the position that without them look is considered incomplete, though how much beautiful the dress is. This article will explain the same taking an example of exclusive leather skirts.
    Leather skirts are one of the common fashion trends that will never become passe. They project femininity, thus one amongst favorite dresses of a woman. Though they are stylish enough but addition of few more creative ideas make them look more fashionable. If you own leather skirt, then give it a touch of enhancement by adding some accessories to it.
    Accessories like snaps, buttons, zippers, nickel, studs etc can be used for enhancement. Apart from this, go for tops that will enhance greatly the look of your leather skirt. Thus complementation of top with the skirt is must. Gloves are another accessory that will make attractive the look of your leather skirt. They will make your skirt a lot better than simple. Knee high boots or heels are amongst the best accessories that give leather skirt a vamp look.
    A leather skirt is a very fashionable piece of clothing and if worn with accessories add more refinement to it. Adding accessories is an art, which beautifies the appearance. Accessorize your leather skirt and create new definition of fashion.

  • Posted :   Jun 11th, 2009

    shoes-trend1When you say ‘today I have seen a very gorgeous lady’, certainly you don’t consider her shoes in that, it refers to either her beauty or her elaborate dress. But just imagine that same lady in the same dress without shoe or in home slippers. Immediately it will catch your attention. Such is the power of shoes.

    May be shoe do not make the show of woman, but they do make appearance of outfit. Moreover you spend long hours in finding your dress, so do not let ruin it with the wrong pair of shoes. Your shoes completely transform your looks. But knowledge of what shoe to wear with what outfit is very important for stepping out in style. Find out what shoe style is for you by referring below guide.

    Ballet flats

    Ballet flats are one of the traditional and a classic shoe style that can never go out of fashion. Still they look trendy and given an elegant touch to an outfit. Wear them with above-the-knee skirt, Capri’s or Bermuda shorts for a feminine look. Do not wear them with long skirts or skinny pants.


    Stiletto is ultimate footwear, very sexy to look at and is apt for informal and formal wear both. They make your legs look amazing. With leather pencil skirts or skinny leather pants they look awesome. Avoid wearing stilettos with mini skirts.

    Knee high boots

    Knee high boots are considered must have for every shoe closet. They make a very good pair with skinny jeans, knee length skirt, and mini dress and make great a fashion statement.

    Kitten heels

    The kitten heel is the most classic piece of shoe, which can never take you wrong. It works both as office wear as well as eveningwear. Their little heel is very comfortable to be worn and very trendy in looking.


    This casual shoe piece is just meant to be worn nonchalantly and can be taken nowhere other than the beach. You can run errands in them. These casual thongs range from sporty to classy and are perfect to be comfortable and stylish.

    After having knowledge of so many shoe styles make meaningful purchase that makes you feel good and comfortable about you. Find out your perfect shoe style that complete the look of your outfit and can make you walk the streets as if it were your own runway. How it makes you feel is the strongest part of finding a shoe.

  • Posted :   Jun 10th, 2009

    accesoriesCertainly look of the outfit remains incomplete without accessories. But just donning accessories is not enough. It is like simply going to temple because it’s considered good, not because you are aware about its positives. There are certain rules of accessorizing outfit, which should be known and followed so as to bring out the best in you.

    Learning do’s and don’ts of accessories help a lot in adding pizzaz to looks. Create an exclusive style statement for you by giving polished look to you.

    Do’s of Accessories

    – Every accessory does not look good on every outfit. Hence do select accessories that enhance your attire. Accessories complementing outfit gives wearer best look. For that have a look at your outfit’s colors and texture and pick accessories appropriately.

    – Do select accessories that can adorn number of outfits in your wardrobe.

    When accessorizing keep your accessories simple, chic and glamorous.

    Walking with the latest trends is the sign of Fashionista existing inside you and maintains it. Thus always purchase signature accessories that are hitting market recently. It will also increase the show of your wardrobe.

    Don’ts of

    Never overdo your outfit with accessories. It will overshadow you and your outfit both. Do remember your main aim of wearing accessories is to enhance your looks.

    Do not wear too many latest accessories at one time. It is good to be updated but overdoing is not good.

    Do not simply wear any accessory with any outfit. Charm of the snazzy necklace will not come out until it will be worn with right dress. The true art of accessorizing lies in knowing on what to put them on.

    Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind while accessorizing for adding shine to your look. Accessorizing is a great fun; don’t ruin it by merely wearing anything. Get dozens of compliments for your impeccable style of accessorizing by following above pointers in your clothing.

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