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  • Posted :   Mar 13th, 2012

    leather braceletsMen and women both like to wear leather bracelets due to its sheer elegance. In traditional times also these soldiers and other common men wore leather bracelets for protection and to maintain a classy look. They had their own inherent eminence of clan bonding and symbol of their kingdom. In modern times, these leather bracelets are merely used to go with the dressing style and have a style statement for themselves.

    Leather bracelets can be made from many animal skins that are generally used to make leather clothing. They can be studded or have buttons on them. Some of these bracelets have sharp or blunt metal studs on them to bring in a tough look to your personality. Many bikers and sportsmen use these leather bracelets to make them look sturdy and brawny.

    Some of these leather bracelets vary in thickness and design patterns. You can have big and thick leather bracelet having some imprint on the surface. Nice polishes to such leather bracelets make it look flamboyant and precious. Floral and geometric patterns are one of the most common designs found on leather bracelets. They are often modernized by having hooks and loops made of metal or leather itself, hanging from edge or the body of the leather bracelet.

    Leather bracelets having cuts and slashes for their surface also look quite commendable. They fit in to your persona and bring out your real character which makes you very expressive. Some of this cut-ins is of different shapes and that is what defines the solidarity of the leather bracelet. You can also have the insignia of your group or community on you leather bracelet. This shows the faith and belief you have to your background and values.

    Leather bracelets having just a color definition for the whole surface also look very gaudy and respectful. These are now among the big hit in accessories. Leather bracelets are worn by people of age groups and there is no stereotype attached to any of it. This is what makes leather bracelets so popular among people and common mass.

    Having embroidery works on leather bracelets is in fad. They can be of any material, silk linings are among the growing trend on leather bracelets besides satin workings and other thread detailing on their surface. Leather bracelets can also have bead and shell works on them. This makes them look more charming when suited with right clothing. You can have precious and rare shells on your leather bracelet and also have the kind of shape you desire for the bead work on their body.

    Leather bracelets which have double laps or hooked-in knots on the surface looks very creative and are frenzied among people. These can be worn in parties and also daily with casual clothing. Some of the somber leather bracelets having dark shade of colors and antique buttons look good with tradition style of dressing. Those leather bracelets having abstract designs look good on casual clothing and make for an adventurous spirit in you.

  • Posted :   Mar 9th, 2012

    Leather briefcases are one of the prominent accessories use by men in their office hours. These briefcases are available in many colors styles, shapes which are immensely fashionable to carry.
    leather briefcase
    Leather is the lavishing and classy material to use but we have to consider that every coin has two sides, just like that; leather has many advantages as well as disadvantages also. Therefore, before buying a briefcase you should be conscious of its benefits and drawbacks of it.

    It is very difficult to choose a briefcase as today many a times you don’t get pure leather every time when you shop from any normal shop. If you really seeking to get a pure leather briefcase that is made up of Italian leather then, that leather costs you a lot. If it’s normal cow of lamb leathers it will cost you little less.

    Leather itself a symbol of richness and that is why, Leather briefcases is definitely a style symbol it shows how much classy you are as it gives a rich touch to your image. Leather briefcases do suit on every outfit you wear to office. Normally leather briefcases acts as exact complementary to your dress as it has the soft and glossy touch many a times. Leather is durable if you keep it clean and tidy. You cannot use it in every season like other briefcases as leather gets fade or damage in rainy season if you don’t take care of it properly. Leather bags even get affected after certain period of time as it is a skin of an animal if pales after some time and doesn’t look fresh enough instead bags made up of metals or other material needs less maintenance and doesn’t damages in short period of time.

    Leather briefcases are not much handy as you have to take care of them properly you cannot just dumb your stuff in to the bag. They are not much protective also. It cannot take care of your important papers much as it cannot be a shield like the other bags. Other material bags are handy and you can dumb your stuff into it. Moreover, you can use them in any situation.

    Leather bags are extremely elegant and merge well with your any outfit.  Pure leather is quite expensive and hence, you have to get some black or brown shade so that it will always match with your belt and your shoes. Leather gives classy look but you have to use the same bag for long time as it is expensive you cannot buy new bags frequently, unless you have a good bank balance. Whereas other types of bags that are made up of metal or hard plastic are more durable and cheep so you can get many colors and you can keep changing it whenever you want.

  • Posted :   Mar 8th, 2012

    woman purseWhen you chirp in a woman’s cabinet you may find overflowing accessories and handbags designed in diverse styles and colors that allow her to mix it up with the changing outfits. If you are a female, even you might be having a bunch of purses with you that allow you to mix it up with the altering shade of outfits you possess. Most of the women like to take purses in the form of gifts as they are very much fetish for stylish accessories and bags. Today purses are produced in countless patterns that mainly consist of shoulder bags, one-side handbags, clutches, leather purses, and tiny hand purses.

    Are you browsing for the hottest trends in purses then here are some of them that you may truly adore to style in your wardrobe-

    Animal Print Handbags: This is one of the hottest gossips among most of the women from every corner of the universe. Most of the women tend to keep an animal printed handbag with her due to the funky and modish appeal it gives out when teamed up with a range of casual outfits. In the large set of animal printed handbags leopard print, snake print and zebra print are the ones that are pop among most of the females including teens. As these are ones that are not only made using fine fabrics but also sold in a very cheaper price as per the perception of every female. There are various colors in animal printed handbags from which you can opt for the one that steeled your heart.

    Trendy Leather Handbags: Today the market place is filled with bunch of handbags styled in numerous fabrics but leather is the one that lives in the world of fashion from past few eras. Every female has at least two to three handbags designed in leather because it not only gives out a luxurious appeal but breathe for ages in her cabinet. There was a time when leather bags where styled only in some of the basic hues like brown and black but today leather handbags are designed in every color as per the need of the customer.

    Modish Sequins Handbag: This is one of the finest choices to be made just choose for a set of sequins handbag and make your vault appear like a discotheque. These bags are designed in a very stylish manner by adding antiques, studs, and minute designs over it that truly makes it appear classy. These bags can not only used on casual outfits but also can be paired up with any sort of formal apparel. One of the best things about these modish handbags is they are styled in various shapes and shades that truly make them appear amazing in the bunch of handbags.

    So are you ready to make a unique statement in the fashion world by sorting your vault with the best handbags from the market world.

  • Posted :   Mar 6th, 2012

    Today with the booming leather fashion, most of the accessories and outfit that come under leather fashion are designed in diverse styles and colors that make them appear stunning when worn by any individual. In the large count of accessories designed in leather, belts are the ones that are adored by most of the men and women worldwide.

    These days leather belts are styled in casual as well as formal pattern that allow every individual to choose the one, which goes with their needs. If ever you plan to buy leather belt always go for the one that is made using pure leather material as they are the one that are designed in an elegant manner. One of the best pieces to go for in belts is the ones that are made using calfskin, ostrich skin, and lizard skin as they are styled in a very detailed manner. The best thing about these leather belts are they easily go with every outfit may it be formal wear or casuals.

    If asked about the happening styles in leather belts then there are three styles in belts that are at the top in the leather fashion -

    The Basic Style in Leather Belt- though the market is filled with a range of leather belts the basic single strapped leather belt is the one which can never goes out of trend from the market place. This particular leather belt is designed in a very simple way that varies in length and size. Most of the people prefer single strapped leather belts in brown and black which is the basic shade of natural leather but these days single strapped leather belts are produced in various shades that are obtained by dying. Colors like red and teal are the ones that are adored by most of the people these days.

    Trendy Braided Belts- like single strapped leather belts, braided belts are also one among the stylish belts that have seen the fashion market from past few eras. The durability of this particular leather belt is far more than the other styles of leather belts. Braided belts are designed in a very simple manner by just attaching a standard buckle to it. Braided belts can be worn over every casual and official outfit to give out a finished appeal.

    Modish Decorative Belts- This leather belt is a great hype among most of the teenagers and the people who like to go with the changing fashion culture. Decorative belts are styled in a very distinctive way by adding studs, illustrations, and prints over it that truly make the belt appear stunning. Most of the people team up this leather belt with casuals as they give out peppy look especially when worn with loose tees.

    If you really want to phase up with the fashion then it is really necessary for you to adopt the trend that is happening in the market place.

  • Posted :   Mar 5th, 2012

    Right from the olden days men like to style their closet with variety of accessories designed in leather that not only goes with their persona but also give a complete look when worn by any man. There was a time when only shoes and wallets were made using leather but these days there are number of men’s accessories manufactured using pure leather that not only give out a lush look but also stay in the individual’s vault for years.

    Leather AccessoriesIf ever you peep into a man’s wardrobe, you may find the following leather accessories in varied styles and shades that truly make them appear stunning when worn with any sort of outfit-

    Leather Shoes: This is one of the finest accessories in leather that you can see in every man’s shoe rack. Men tend to keep leather shoes of every style and shade which make them get the desired appeal when worn for any range of outfit. Most of the men like to keep leather shoes in brown and back shade that surely makes them appear dashing when worn with every formal and casual outfit.

    Leather Jackets: This is one of the best pals of every individual. Men keep a bunch of leather jacket styled in assorted and shades that make them appear stylish. Men who like to change their style as per the shifting trend shop forleather jackets frequently to posses the best pieces in jackets that make them walk with the fashion trend.

    Leather Belts: Leather belts are designed in a very ultimate manner that every man in this universe adores and keep in their vault. You can never see a man’s vault without at least ten to twelve leather belts styled in diverse pattern and hue. Men team up the leather belt with all their formal apparels and even with denims to give out a classy look.

    Trendy Leather Gloves: Gloves play as the safety equipments that allow men to go for a groovy ride over their bike. Apart from that most of the men are passionate about sports hence they tend to keep leather gloves in various colors that protect them from scratches in their hands. Gloves are also used by men to protect their soft palms from the cold and breezy weather during winter and autumn season.

    Peppy Leather Wallets: Men have the craze for leather wallet styled in various patterns that are designed by adding studs and minute designs on the wallet. Most of the men like to shop for brown and black leather wallets to a great extent because it gives out the desired professional appeal.

    Therefore, if ever you think of gifting something to your guy or shop for your spouse you can always opt for the above mentioned leather accessories. No doubt, it may be treasured in your man’s closet for ages.

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