• Posted :   Feb 11th, 2012

    If you look at the leather clothing you posses today and the ones which your grandfather had, you will find some noticeable differences. Ever wondered the significance of these unique trends and development? The utility if certain leather fabrics have also found a meaning in these upcoming fads. Let us know more about how these leather garbs came into existence and their purpose.

    The use of leather can be traced back to primitive times where the tribal men used greases and natural tanning of sunlight to beat down animal skin from their hunt to form protective wear for themselves. These skins were also used to thatch a roof over their head and give shelter in cold weather. Soon some unpredictable process of fanning the animal skins obtained from wild animals with fumes of certain leaves and tree barks led to formation of leather which were more durable and strong.

    The early empires present in Egypt during the 11th century came across chemicals that could be used to produce sturdy leather when used in tanning and processing. Natural dyes obtained from insects and vegetable were used to dye the leather. Water pipes and gloves made out of leather were one of the modern inventions found in this period.

    The methods of making quality leather spread in Roman Empire and they were able to produce lengths of leather garbs for clothing and foot wears. They brought a revolution in the history of leather and since then many cultures and countries adopted these techniques and invented newer ways to capture the ethnic leather in its best form. Leather masks and thermos were made and supplemented during wars. The material from cows and buffaloes were known to keep the body warm and shielded.

    Spain, Russia and Europe came up with better lubricating oils and methods in the formulation of leather garments. With chrome salts and synthetic dyes, leather apparels got a path breaking avenue in new era. Caps, jackets, coats, pants, shirts, boots, purses made of leather produced from lambskin, deerskin, crocodile and buffalo hide, cowhide came into being. Manufacturers came up with different machinery which took care of trimming and shearing of leather, giving an enthralling look to the leather.

    These leather clothing came out of the closet of defined uses to provide safety and stabilize body temperature. They had a remarkable significance in fashion industry as movies showcased actors draped in leather coats and jackets. It set a classy image for these garments and ingrained into the markets for common man.

    Leather clothing came to be denoted for their style and structure. The texture was often differentiated from being grained to soft and supple. The lustrous looks along with robust material kept people wanting them more. In 21st century, leather apparels have touched spheres of glory in glamour industry and in lives of common man. With professional use for tree fellers and motorbike riders, these leather outfits are even worn by kids and teenagers besides men and women of all age groups.

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