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  • Posted :   Oct 13th, 2011

    Leather fashion trends are designed to be more ladylike for this fall season, you have a whole lot of new collection and designs that will definitely sway away your mind, making you the stand out in the crowd, the styles, shapes and colors have definitely taken an upbeat mood. The newest fall trend has taken its inspiration from retro looks, the classy tailored lines rich details is what you are going to find. The luxurious fabric is back in its top most form. This is now your time to raise your style quotient and get noticed.

    The tongue in cheek patterns with new colors and beautiful soft textures is what will make you look like a beguiling beauty. The sleek, short, crushed leather apparels are the latest craze and should be donned in style by every fashion enthusiast. These styles need to be combined with perfect clothing to get that maximum attention.

    Leather apparels like leather jackets, leather pants, leather vest, leather dress etc are just perfect for the upcoming fall season. The versatility, texture, and the upbeat style just cannot be missed.

    Untainted Modification
    There is actually an army of leather coats being prepared for this fall season with refined looks and styles, the vintage influence has been adopted from the 40s and 60s, the new leather coat that you can opt for are sleek with complicated cuts and pure style. The true ladylike features are what the look is for this fall, so it is time for you to showcase your feminity in these classy styles.

    The True Colors
    From the traditional autumn tones and hues to the colors of the fall season, the designers have been able to upgrade their colors for the falls season. The subtle colors like blush pink, powdered blue are eye catchy and look great, the caramels and creams are also doing the rounds. To contradict the season’s hues colors like electric blue, turquoise and rouge are the definite attention grabbers for the slim fit leather coats and jackets.

    The Western Influence
    With the western wind blowing this fall season, the leather apparels have also been influenced with the true western style like the saddle stitching which has been used to showcase the rugged legitimacy, the fine detailing on shiny, polished leather looks just right for the upcoming season.

    This season the importance has been given to details and so the leather fashion can be carried in style making the wearer look savvy and attractive.

  • Posted :   Oct 12th, 2011

    When it comes to shopping for leather apparels it is very important that you plan on a budget and stick to it, this article will help you select the genuine leather from the fake one and will also help you save money on leather apparels. There is an increase in demand real leather that will get used to distinguish artificial leather. There are many types of true leather there quality are different, therefore their prices vary greatly. The prices vary greatly if the product is genuine, but some dealers sell fake leather jackets at original price, hence it is our job to find out if the jacket bought is it worth or no; is it genuine or fake.

    The very first way to differentiate between genuine leather and artificial leather is the touch, genuine and original leather is soft, supple and stretches up to a certain extent. The second best way is to watch and learn, take a nice look at your leather jacket. Just by looking at it you will come to know about the leather jacket that you are planning to buy. Towards the true leather, you will find noticeable pore and attractive pattern under the surface area of genuine leather. While even though the artificial leather also has pores, they will not be that clear. Artificial leather used a lining inside to improve its strength. Nevertheless, in the reverse aspect of true leather, there is no this coating of textile. This is actually the most easy and useful way to tell the difference.

    The third way is to smell the meat. Generally, high quality leather has no peculiar smell. So long as the true leather, they’ve the smell associated with leather. If a leather jacket has a stinky peculiar smell, after that it might be bad outcomes of processing. The last method is to observe the lit leather. The same goes with the leather furniture as well, the retailers claim that it is genuine original leather and later you come to know that its fake, but by the time its too late.

    There is a huge racket for faux leather and sometimes you cannot tell for sure what you really are paying for. A final tip that will help you determine the difference is the price, it is not possible for you to find a genuine leather jacket at a price of few hundred dollars, so use your head and save yourself from buying a faux.

  • Posted :   Oct 11th, 2011

    Leather fashion is for everyone if you are busty, slim and slender, have huge arms or wish to hide your tummy or if you are petite then these leather wear can definitely help you look just perfect and you strut a professional walk like a professional model.

    Leather updates for women who want to hide their flaws with leather apparels, leather being one of the most versatile fabric has everything what it takes to make you look attractive and savvy.

    If you’re Busty…


    The soft body hugging leather is for women who are curvy and are ready to flaunt their assets. This butter soft leather is the perfect way to enhance your sex appeal as it is not stiff. Tough leather is the perfect choice for busty women, leather jackets made of cow hide leather are tough and rugged, its better to buy a leather jacket that is roomier to accommodate your hard to fit chest rather buying a tight fit that will make you uncomfortable.







    If you wish to Slim your Thighs…
    The best way to hide those big thighs is by wearing leather dresses. The A line leather dresses is the best option that you have, opt for a thicker leather as it will not cling to your legs and will provide a very natural tenting to your curves. One suggestion, when wearing leather dresses try to keep things simple and avoid zippers or any kind of pulls and please stay away from accessories, let leather dress alone do the talking. These minute corrections will definitely help you create an impression.







    If you wish to cover a Tummy…


    The biggest glitch that comes with bigger tummies is that even though you want to hide it is still seen; the best way to reduce it is definitely by work out or dieting but if you wish to look leaner then wear dresses with vertical paneling; it will not only camouflage your belly but will also lengthen your torso giving you slender look. If you wish to wear leather apparels then see to it that leather is cut closely to the body.

  • Posted :   Oct 10th, 2011

    Hollywood movies have seen lot many styles in Leather jackets. That’s where most of the inspiration comes from. Leather jackets have always been trendy and in vogue. They look really cool and hot. The ones you see in movies are really fashionable and mouth watering. Those jackets are like a dream-have for every fashion enthusiast.

    One movie that immediately comes to anyone’s mind is X-men where Hugh Jackman was seen wearing some awesome and trendy leather jackets. In one of the scenes he wore a brown color leather jacket with small patterns on the sleeves. The front portion had pockets with zippers. These trends are really something to be watched out for. Movies like Ghost rider, the matrix, the departed etc has seen many actors wear some really chic leather jackets.

    These stars wear leather jackets not just on-screen but also off screen. Because not only does it make a style statement but also provides comfort.  To buy a leather jacket that is typically like A Hollywood style might cost you a heavy amount. But it doesn’t really matter because the quality offered would be high. And because of the high quality it will stay longer.

    Another trend followed by celebrities is the skinny leather jacket. Earlier girls were seen wearing this jacket. But now even men are opting for this stylish trend. The skinny leather jackets are the ones that are tight fitting and that looks damn sexy. Be it a man or a woman it does look charming.

    The only way to follow these style and celebrities with their leather jackets is to watch lot of movies, fashion shows and read lot many fashion magazines. Or else I am sure you will have a favorite celebrity, keep a close eye on their styles and designs and look just like them. You do not have to be in movies to look like a celebrity. Another thing to follow would be how to accessorize it if you accessories your leather jackets way too much the whole show can be spoiled. So keep it simple and classy.

  • Posted :   Oct 9th, 2011

    Leather jackets have always reined the fashion world. Right from Elvis Presley to Brad Pitt, everybody has been spotted wearing leather jackets. Not just celebrities in fact even the common man has worn leather jackets. Earlier only bikers were seen wearing typical biker leather jackets. But now it is more of a fashion statement along with comfort.

    Leather jackets come in many unimaginable styles and designs. One of the famous and the latest in fashion market is the one with zippers and pockets. These leather jackets look like a typical hardcore rugged style. Carrying the rough and rugged look is the latest in trend that is followed by many.

    This red color leather jacket is one of its kinds with the feature that it has. Gone are the days when everyone wore the typical and same old black color leather jacket that was extremely simple. This red color jacket looks hot with a zipper at the front and it is made of lamb leather. Any leather apparel made of lamb is going to be like a trusted friend and will stay longer. Only that you have to take little extra care towards your leather jacket.

    This jacket has studs all over the neckline, sleeves and also at the pockets in front. The studs are in a different color and that adds glamour to the jacket. The jacket has front pockets and at the sides of the chest. All these features will help you grab attention and steal limelight. You can wear this jacket to any occasion. You don’t have to plan out a long ride to wear this one.

    A night party would be the perfect place to wear such leather jackets. Pair it with casual denims that are rugged or ripped and wear formal black shoes. You can also wear a scarf around the neck and tuck in your shirt to finish the look.

  • Posted :   Oct 6th, 2011

    A leather jacket is one trend that is here to stay just like your girlfriend. This is one trend which has been adorned by celebrities strutted by models on the ramp. It’s versatile; it’s trendy; its soft and glamorous, guess these are good enough reasons for you to have at least one in your wardrobe. This outfit guarantees to get you maximum attention and accentuate your personality. If you need inspiration then you now who to look up to our classy celebrities….they have been rocking in these rugged outfits since centuries.

    The Mike & Chris version of hooded leather jackets is doing rounds of the fashion market. Its one of the latest trends but the upbeat style is the cropped leather jackets, the vintage styles and the rocker chic styles will always be in fashion. The nonchalant looks are in and will always look sexy.

    Leather clothing you choose be it a leather jacket or leather pants, it must be haughty as well as attractive. Buy from designer showrooms you never know or can personalize your leather clothes with the help of a professional designer. The updated style can be on your shoulders just with a little customization and all you need to do is walk like a diva.

    You can always go for polished leather outfit and opt for a leather jacket with zippers and metals.  The color brown is favorite among celebrities so dazzle I a brow color leather jacket, there are various shades of leather available like dark brown, sand, dust, camel, desert etc. If it’s the jacket that you are utilizing then pairing it with jeans is the optimum choice, but try to keep it subtle and stylish and avoid making it look flashy.  A tee shirt with a black leather jacket is what is considered as the celebrity style, the stylish aura they create is awesome.

    Leather gloves and leather boots are an addition to get the celebrity style statement. The winter hats and a gown can be paired with a classy leather jacket to make you look like a diva. The hat and shoes should especially be very very cool.

    Leather vest and motorcycle leather jackets will definitely help you achieve that style.

  • Posted :   Oct 5th, 2011

    Motorcycle leather jackets are the most wanted leather apparels which are always in demand. This is one leather apparel that that every biker has and if not then he is definitely looking for one. Motorcycle leather jackets have always dominated the fashion markets and they continue to do so. Bikers and leather jackets is one attire which always gives you a picture of a tattooed biker wearing a leather jacket and leather pants.

    The motorcycle leather jacket looks after the motive force from frost, air flow and abrasions. Anyone trying to get the jackets may hit upon 2 main types of motorcycle leather jackets, multi colored and single colored, the first one can be viewed at racing tracks while the later ones can be viewed everywhere. The metal studded motorcycle leather jackets are the one that is famous for its well know attire. Zippered is a common leather jacket is zippered which is multi-pocketed as well as comprises an anchored waist.

    A first-rate motorcycle jacket will comprise padding even on the upper body and back that must be semi-rigid padding. This protection feature is offered so that the leather apart form looking good on the rider also protects the rider from mishaps or incase of accidents. Motorcycle leather jackets are available in various forms like weather proof leather jackets, they can tackle rain but not for very long time. If any one wants a proper motorcycle leather jacket, then it’ll come with more practical pocket gap, exceptional weather protection as well as adjustability. Millimeter thick leather must be used in overcoats to offer it lightweight as, it is only the actual thickness of a jacket that clears what sort of safety it offers to the motorcyclists.

    Genuine leather is expensive but its worth buying products designed using genuine leather. Motorcycle leather jackets provide protection against abrasion and cold winds and are favorite among the motorcyclists. A genuine leather motorcycle jacket will last longer than the fake leather jacket. Many companies provide high-quality and genuine leather jackets for both men and women, which are available in all sizes and colors.

  • Posted :   Oct 4th, 2011

    Leather jackets are always in trend, no matter what. This fall should be no exception too. Get a leather jacket for yourself this fall season and remain fashionably updated.

    One of the famous styles for a leather jacket is the bomber jacket. It is the best so far and for ladies these leather jackets work wonders. A black leather bomber jacket is the best. No other color can look as hot as a black leather jacket. But for people who wish to come out of their black fixation can always go for other colors like brown or grey. Ladies have wider options, they can wear a red or even a blue bomber jacket and it does look sexy and out of the world.

    If a lady knows the knack of fashion she can definitely look chic in a bomber jacket that initially was worn by only men. And considering it is leather it will pr on the pricey end, but every buy would be worth because it is going to stay longer.

    Wear your fall leather jacket with denims and boots and trust me every single person on road is sure 2 catch a glimpse of you.

    The other style jacket would be the skinny leather jacket this fall. In fact the fall skinny leather jacket is the trendiest of all. It looks highly fashionable and hot. During winters and extremely chilling climate you can wear gloves, a winter cap with your sexy skinny leather jacket. It is the best to way show the world that you are probably one of the biggest fashion-craving ladies.

    The motorcycle leather jacket is another style that has seen a demand this fall season. It can give you a smart look and also a rough look. For the biker chicks, this leather jacket does come handy. Yes, we have hardcore lady bikers and some of them are also high fashion believers. So for ladies like theses, you can also avail stylish motorcycle leather jackets.

    An amazing thing about leather jackets of any type is that considering it is fall, it will keep you warm and simultaneously in vogue. Play with leather jackets as much as you can and team it up with anything.

  • Posted :   Oct 3rd, 2011

    The latest fall 2011 runways trends is definitely leather this year, leather is the fabric which has been redesigned and being introduced in its most fascinating looks ever this year. You can view leather apparels in all the fashion weeks, whether it’s Paris, New York or Milan, leather is every where and ruling the fashion industry in style. The luxury fabric has been seen in its shiniest avatars. He natural shades of brown, caramel, cognac and clay have been favorite among designers.

    The New York fashion week noticed the awe inspiring designs in leather which featured a flowery leather coat, cropped slim leather pants, the basic idea was inspired by the retro 70s and 80s and leather was seen on every runway worn by our favorite skinny models who look beautiful and elegant in almost anything.

    If you wish to include these runway looks into your fall wardrobe then you need to plan on a budget, you can save a lot with vintage leather apparels and by leather apparels like leather jackets, overcoats, dresses without spending a fortune. The first place to visit should be the thrift stores. If you do not find anything there don’t be disappointed check your mother’s closet and see if there is anything in leather. A 90s leather look can also be called a vintage though its not technically correct but it will work.

    The leather trends this year should not be given a miss and they should be included in every wardrobe. If you plan on donning the latest trends in cropped leather jackets, leather dresses then avoid going for vintage leather as they will be seen worn by many.

    Leather pants is one leather item that can take you ahead in fashion by a million miles, but you need to aware of your body type before you indulge in one. Leather pants do not look good on every women and her are few suggestions.

    Since original leather is expensive women tend to opt for latex pants, which will make you go down in dressing and will definitely not get you any points. Latex is tight and will reveal your curves up to a level that it will penetrate into your skin.

    Leather pants suit skinny women as they are gifted to carry any attire in style, as skinny leather pants emphasizes on revealing your curves, you have to be very careful if you wish to opt for one.

    Cropped leather jackets, flowery leather coats, skinny leather pants are the latest trends for the fall/winter collection 2011.

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