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  • Posted :   Oct 20th, 2011

    Leather clothing has always existed.  It did go missing in between but it is back with a bang.  The best part about leather outfits are that they are very trendy and at the height of fashion. You opt for a leather outfit anywhere and anytime it will never go wrong.

    The main reason why leather is back is mainly because of movies. These days many movies see a lot of leather apparel especially leather jacket. Many stars have worn a leather jacket on screen for their respective roles. They look really cool. If you belong to the category who believe that leather jackets look good only on stars, then you are absolutely wrong. Because if you have a knack of fashion you too can look good in a leather jacket. Leather jackets have been worn by many movie stars since many years.

    Hugh Jackman in one of his movies was seen wearing a leather jacket. The way he carried it off, it looked really cool.  In one of the scenes he wore a brown color leather jacket with a long zipper at the sides.

    Brad Pitt, Arnold, Will smith and many more actors have worn leather jackets in a unique way. Each one of them looked distinct from each other. They pulled off really well. The look of the leather jacket depends on how you carry it and what you team it up with. It does wonders to a person’s personality. Suddenly you will feel like you

    Even pop stars in their music videos have worn leather jackets. Be it a lady or a man, everybody these days wears them. One of the best types in leather is the skinny leather jacket. They are tight fitting and it looks cool and funky. Movie leather jackets are in a great demand these days. Almost every college girl or boy can be seen in those sexy fashion outfits.

    So look cool in a leather jacket and take your inspiration from movie stars. You are sure to rock and look cool. Be high on fashion with these outfits and invest in them.

  • Posted :   Oct 19th, 2011

    Leather pants and leather skirts are the most fascinating celebrity leather outfits which are not only trendy but also classy. The flouncy skirts are designed in leather and are doing the rounds around the most fashionable streets; these skirts are very popular among celebrities and are on the fashion lists of various leather enthusiasts. The flouncy look to the skirt is given by the tutu while cutting the skirt short into a mini. The best thing about these skirts is that it can be paired with any outfit as they are versatile and sexy.

    Leather fashion is not only limited to celebrities they are adorned by many leather enthusiasts; leather is one fashion which strictly focuses on being savvy and stylish. The fall/winter 2011 leather fashion included various leather apparels like leather dresses, leather jackets, leather shorts, leather skirts and many more. Celebrities like Nicole Kidman was recently spotted wearing a leather dress and many other celebrities like Kate Moss, Catherine Zeta Jones, Nicole Richie have been spotted wearing body hugging leather dresses, they look great on celebrities as they have amazing bodies to strut body fit leather dresses.

    If leather dresses is on your mind then its better you opt for a leather dress that suits your body type and makes you look classy and glamorous, leather pants, cropped leather jackets and leather vest have already created a market for themselves, the best way to don a leather pant is to pair it with a classy shit and high heeled footwear as this outfit will make you look class apart and give you the look a of a diva. Leather pieces like the polished glossy leather pants to short leather jackets will always remain in fashion and will continue to dominate the fashion world with their rugged and stylish looks

    For the fall/winter season leather apparels is the best outerwear that you can always opt for without giving it a second thought. They are versatile and can be paired easily with any other fabric; the leather is just your second skin which can be paired with any clothing. Rachel Zoe featuring leather jacket over a long maxi and Sienna Miller wearing skinny leather pants are some amazing outfits that can be worn during the cold winter months.

  • Posted :   Oct 18th, 2011

    Wearing leather jacket and riding a bike can make you look like a member of the biker gang and it also has the ability to make you look classy and stylish. The motorcycle leather jacket is one outfit that will speak for you and will make you stand out from the crowd by leaps and bounds. It is very important that you select a leather jacket that suits your taste and makes you stand out in the crowd. It’s like selecting a second skin for yourself so it should be the one that suits and matches your style and personality.

    An efficient motorcycle leather jacket will always have a fitting that will comprise of comfortable stuffing which is fitted efficiently o the chest, shoulder, arms and back, these padding are made of fiber which will protect the rider in case he/she meets with an accident, thus saving the riders life. These padding are so comfortable that the wearer will not even feel it when wearing it though they do make the leather jacket a bit heavier. Weather protection is another major concern for the rider; the motorcycle leather jacket should be more flexible and survive the harmful weather condition thus protecting the rider.

    Leather is one favorite material when it comes to selecting a jacket for a biker. The classy designs and rugged finish is what makes this the most favored item in the motorcycle industry. Enough has already been said that the leather jacket protects the wearer from cold winds and abrasion because of the rugged nature of leather. These jackets are designed with a little bit longer back to protect the back as the rider’s tilts in front. The designer leather jackets have always attracted many leather enthusiasts and they continue to do say.

    The color of the leather jacket is very important as this is what will separate you from the masses; there are various options available apart from black leather jackets. The desert brown, sand brown and bark brown are the latest trendsetters in the leather industry.

    Select your motorcycle leather jacket carefully and dominate the fashion highway in style.

  • Posted :   Oct 17th, 2011

    Its time to update your closet this fall season with leather apparels, if you do not wish to be left behind. The fall fashion was created in the summer when you were busy decorating your summer wardrobe.  The fashion runways were all strutted with magnificent and vibrant leather wear. Leather jackets, strapless leather dresses, halter neck leather tops, leather skirts with leather leggings were on the display.

    Its time to add some spice to your wardrobe with fashionable leather clothing which is available in eye catchy colors, take a plunge this fall season with some of the hottest leather trends. The tough girl look is the fashion of the bygones, welcome to the world of chic leather fashion.

    Leather coats can be seen in tangy orange, sky blue and crimson red. The solid colors can be seen in pencil leather skirts with slim patterns and the embroidery on the skirt looked amazing, the leather embroidery is the next fashionable trend that is being introduced, you can be the first one to don this to your favorite club and be the cynosure of all eyes. This cutting edge trend will set your records right and you will have people to follow.

    Leather accessories are the best with other outfits but leather accessories with leather dresses is big no…it is not a fashion statement but will make you dress down. The fall leather collection includes trendy leather dresses; the fur leather dresses are doing the rounds to keep you warm and protect you from cold chilly winds.

    Leather has been around for a long time now and are available in various colors and designs, the smooth touch of leather against the skin is the most fascinating feeling that one can enjoy, the colorful leather apparels is the latest trend that will not only make you look hot but will also make you stand out in the crowd.

    This years leather designs is the feminine looks and its time to say goodbye to the rocker chic and biker chic fashion. No doubt leather is the furor this fall season, don the luxurious fabric and create a style statement of your own.

  • Posted :   Oct 16th, 2011

    Leather is one word that would set anyone off in goose bumps. Who doesn’t love leather? It has always been there and always will. Every girl or a woman should have at least one leather outfit in her wardrobe. Most importantly a leather pant and a leather skirt is what everybody, I mean every fashion lover should possess. Here are a few reasons as to why be it so necessary to have a leather skirt in your closet.

    The appearance a leather skirt gives:
    In today’s world looks matter a lot. So wearing anything that looks displeasing on you is definitely a bad option. One good thing about leather skirt is that it cannot make anyone look bad. They look sexy and hot. The length of the leather skirt can be decided by you. It can be a mini leather skirt or a knee-length skirt. It can never go wrong.

    A leather skirt is versatile:
    When it comes to versatility leather skirts will top the charts. Whatever your body type, size or color might be, there is a leather skirt for everybody. There are so many styles for casual wear, professional wear. Pick the right style for the right event and look elegant or hot. You can also find leather skirts with zippers and flip-flap pockets. They are the best bet for a casual wear.

    Shades of leather skirts:
    You do not have to stick to the stereotypical black color when picking a leather skirt. Make the most of what you are being offered and see how it works wonders for you. Pink, red, brown, grey are many of the colors available in leather skirts. Pick a color or shade that will suit you the most.

    Leather skirts also have different materials:
    When you are out shopping for a leather skirt, pick a skirt of the highest material. Even leather has types like lambskin, cowhide or even suede. Lamb leather is soft and shiny; cowhide is more rugged and rough. Invest your money in the perfect skirt and remain happy forever. It is worth every penny.

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