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  • Posted :   Sep 29th, 2011

    If you wish to be covered in all leather this fall season then look further than leather trench coats. This is one outfit which continues to remain in news generating good and bad reviews, some say that the matrix era is over and trench coats make you look more like a shooter from a mafia gang rather that creating a fashion statement, but the truth is this is one and single piece of clothing which has remained in fashion for many years. It is considered a one of the most versatile accessory that can e worn to office protecting your formals from getting dirty in case you use the public transport for your daily travel.

    This is one piece of clothing which separates boys from men giving the men an edge over boys to score more than the boys can ever do in their hoodies. During earlier days the leather trench coats used heavy leather like cow hide to make it look more rugged giving the wearer a raw appeal. It’s a perfect shield to protect you from cold winds and rain. These days the latest designs include double breasted leather trench coats making the wearer look trendier and providing insulation as compared to the high neck buttoned collars and the belt patterns of the past.

    The color of the trench coat is important, when selecting a trench coat black is the color that will hit your mind first but there are various shades of brown that will make you more appealing. The sales of these leather overcoats have sky rocketed after their stint in the movies as they were donned by celebrities. Trench coats have been popular since World War 1; they get their name form the war field which mentions their usage in trenches. These trench coats were only available to officers and their superiors as they were available in few numbers.

    During the Second World War these trench coats were seen in abundance worn by officers and their superiors. The leather trench coats have been getting maximum attention and they became the most sought after fashion items all over the world.

  • Posted :   Sep 26th, 2011

    Leather skirts, leather shorts have always been in the showbiz and have claimed their importance in the fashion world, but ever trendy leather pants have always been associated with bikers and motorcyclists. This article is here to make you aware of the latest leather trend…and this is one fashion that no fashionista will give a miss, the trendy leather pants. This upcoming season is going to be full of velvets, metallic color accessories and footwear and red color leather pants…yes you got that right, red color leather pants. These designer pants were first seen on the runways worn by skinny models strutting the new fashion in style. Designers like Balmain, Isabel Marant are some of the designers who created this beautiful fabric in classy bold red and gave it a whole new meaning to leather pants.

    Whenever a new fashion is showcased, they are always available in two looks, first of course the designer look and second the affordable look. The red leather pant can be paired with innumerous options, but try to keep jewelry to minimum; the classy bold red leather pants looks great with white or black top paired with classy black leather boots.

    Some people are not comfortable wearing red leather pants as it gets the wearer maximum attention and if you are one of them then you can always opt fro pleather as this is an affordable yet trendy option. If red leather pants are not your forte then go for other accessories designed in red leather like leather hand bag or leather boots or materials like a clutch or a buckle, but if you wish to make a bold fashion statement then red leather pants or red leather jackets is a must have in your wardrobe.

    Resolve the fashion mystery this fall season and don classy red leather jackets; if you are looking forward to turn heads and grab some attention then leather is one fabric that will definitely help and designed in color red will make you look savvy and stylish. This is a must have fashion trend for your wardrobe.

  • Posted :   Sep 22nd, 2011

    Leather skirts are always associated with one fear and that is the excess of sweating that takes place beneath leather, this is one perception that has been drawn from the famous sitcom called friends, where Ross is seen wearing his faux leather pants…that scene had been hilarious, but if this particular happened to you in the real world, you would probably be embarrassed, to say the least. However, leather-based skirts have nothing related to leather pants. Given that they are skirts, they’ll let your skin inhale, which means that they are ideal for this summer.

    Actually, there is probably little else that is so comfortable and enables you to look sophisticated simultaneously.  It is every women’s dream to have at least one leather skirt in her wardrobe, since this is assumed as the latest trend of this gray season. If there is any reason that you do not believe in what I have mentioned here then please log on to the Internet and Google. I am sure you will be convinced.

    When it comes to the option of leather skirts, be aware that this will not be a simple decision because there is a multitude of them. Leather skirts are available in various colors, different length, styles and patterns are available in abundance. This means that if there is a specific type of skirt that you simply prefer, you’ll have no problems getting a leather one which suits your requirements perfectly.

    However, there are certain restrictions as to when you can put them on and what you should mix them with. First of all, small leather skirts are most likely inappropriate for function, but they are definitely the best choice when going out is in query. Work requires a modern-day look, which can be easily achieved by wearing leg length skirts.

    Loose, trendy color tees or tops are the best attire s to combine with leather skirts, leather skirts go well with leather boots and hence you cannot avoid them or neglect them. To conclude, in case you are searching for something comfortable which will make you look elegant and trendy.

  • Posted :   Sep 20th, 2011

    Leather jacket is one piece of clothing that does not go unnoticed and is always in fashion. His is one item which is in fashion throughout the year and especially when they are donned by the silver screen stars; it difficult to resist stars wearing leather jackets; if you have a rebel in you then leather jacket is one outfit that should be present in your wardrobe.

    Today’s movie world stars take great pride and care as to what they wear and how they look, leather jacket is one outfit which has the ability to save their skin. The soft supple nature of leather with its raw rugged looks is perfect to create a fashion statement.

    Leather jacket have been associated with the bikers and rock stars but the movies tars are not far behind in donning the latest fashion of the industry, this is one reason as to why people of different ages and regions of the country find it so very appealing.  Leather jacket worn by bikers protect them from abrasion and cold winter winds of the season. Some of the most fascinating leather jackets worn by the movies stars are, the G1 bomber worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, The red and black thriller leather jacket worn by the King of Pop and I forgot to mention the most famous movie leather jacket worn by Marlon Brando in the movie The Wild One, since then these leather jackets have been in fashion and are named after the stars who have worn them. Everyone wishes to associate themselves with these famous silver screen stars and hence wearing a leather jacket donned by your famous movie star will also get you attention.

    The bomber leather jackets are associated with aviators who wore these bomber jackets to protect them from cold weather conditions at high altitudes and hence the name bomber leather jackets. The ever popular leather trench coat which have gained immense popularity because of the movies like Matrix, they are a perfect wear to protect you from cold, chiller weather condition. The length of these trench coats depends on the wearer’s preference.

  • Posted :   Sep 18th, 2011

    Lets get this right guys, that there are much bolder woman out there who can actually make you men go weak on your knees, you may even bow down to beauty and would be hypnoticised when you watch a woman walking down the fashion street in style wearing a red cropped leather jacket, you just cannot ignore….she is dressed to get a second look from you….this is a warning guys beware of the lady on the prowl wearing a red leather jacket, you might just be her next victim…

    Here is a good news for you ladies, I thought I should just warn the male fraternity of the gorgeous looking women wearing red leather…Well! Ladies we all know that leather is a fabric that it does not go unnoticed and if designed in red then you have the right weapon but now you should know how to use it.

    Lets get out of that regular black and brown color leather jacket, the latest style for this coming fall season is cropped leather jackets which features a ¾ sleeve pattern or short lengths leather jackets with long sleeves, this is one asymmetric style which is bound to get you noticed and will get you maximum attention. This style can be donned by any woman who is willing to get attentions and is comfortable with accepting compliments.

    The red leather jackets are your visa to the fashion world’s highest destination and that is the red carpet events. If you have plans going the more classic way then you can opt for colors like black and brown and since this is what you have thought then opt for brown bomber leather jackets.

    Leather jackets have that spark and versatility that they can go with any outfit and you do not have to work that hard thinking as to what to pair you leather jacket with, the option that you have are, little black dresses, denims and a tee, full length gowns…and many more

    If you are bold then get bolder and drop the regular brown and black leather jackets and go for cropped red leather jacket and prowl the fashion streets in style.

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